An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary
by Joseph Bosworth and T. Northcote Toller


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Faculty of Arts
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Charles University in Prague

Jan Hus Educational Foundation

Welcome to the Electronic Application of An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary website!


  • 29/3/2010 — NEW ONLINE VERSION
  • 26/12/2008 — Application version 0.2c (minor update) released, thanks to Małgorzata Deroń
  • 18/4/2007 — Application version 0.2b released & a major website update
  • 1/3/2007 — Major hand corrections of the dictionary completed
  • 1/9/2006 — Application version 0.1b released

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Screenshots of ver. 0.2b - click to zoom :

Browse as you type — the application automatically scrolls the wordlist as you type in the search box and displays the first word.

Visually the entry looks almost like the printed original, but it allows you to select portions of the text and copy/past them anywhere you like



Full-text search — any string you enter is looked up anywhere in the text of the dictionary. You can look up parts of words, substitute variable characters by wildcards etc. (see instructions). The results are displayed as a filtered wordlist and the strings found an highlighted for your convenience.



Special characters — can be entered using the buttons and a drop-down menu in the upper right corner. Standard HTML entities (æ = æ) can be used in full-text search.



The printed original — can be easily referred to at any time. Clicking on an "Image" tab brings up the page corresponding to the currently viewed entry and the image can be zoomed by clicking.



Accessibility — has been on our mind; font, size and colours can be easily changed at any time, so that the text is readable for anyone.




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