Germanic Lexicon Project
Note to Internet Explorer users







In Microsoft Internet Explorer, there are two different ways to save the .txt file.

One way works. The other way will screw up the file.

The bad way (DON'T DO THIS):

Click on the [.txt] link to display the contents of the file in an Internet Explorer window.
Then choose Save from the file menu to save the contents of the window.

Why it doesn't work: Internet Explorer converts entities such as &aacute; to single characters such as á. It also removes all of the the italic <I> and bold <B> tags.

The good way (DO THIS):

Windows: Right-click the link, and choose Save Target As from the pop-up menu.
Macintosh: Hold down the control key while you click the link, and choose Download Link To Disk from the pop-up menu.

Why it works: This command saves the file just as it is, without converting it.