Germanic Lexicon Project

Please use the message board

The message board is the main conduit of communication for the project. You should post anything here related to the project unless there's some really compelling reason to send an email.

If you have a general question (e.g. about the etymology of a word, or about something having to do with the project), it's better if you post it to the Message Board (click tab above). Other people might be interested in the question and the answer.


If you have a problem which can't be solved by posting to the message board, write to Sean Crist:

If in doubt, post to the message board before writing to Sean. In particular, the Bosworth/Toller project isn't being managed by Sean; it's being managed by Ondrej Tichy and his team. The message board is the right way to post any concerns related to Bosworth/Toller (and most other concerns as well).