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aba, wm. man, husband, 206, 208 note, 353. O.Icel. afe.
abraba, av. strongly, excessively, very, very much.
abrs, aj. strong, violent, great, mighty. O.Icel. afar.
af, prep. c. dat. of, from, by, away from, out of, 88, 350. OE. æf, of, OHG. aba, ab.
af-aikan, sv. VII, to deny, to deny vehemently, 313, 402
af-airzjan, wv. I, to deceive, lead astray; see airzeis, airzjan.
afar, prep. c. acc. and dat., av. after, according to, 350 OHG. avar, afar.
afardags, sm. the next day, 356
afargaggan, sv. VII, to follow, go after, 313 note 1, 403.
afar-láistjan, wv. I, to follow after, follow, 403
afar-sabbatus, sm. the day after the Sabbath; is dagis afar-sabbat, on the first day of the week, 356
afaruh = afar + uh.
af-dáubnan, wv. IV, to become deaf, 331
af-dáujan, wv. I, to kill, put to death; pass. to die, 402.
af-dbnan, wv. IV, to be silent.
*af-djan, wv. I, to fatigue, 80, 319 note.
af-dráusjan, wv. I, to cast down.
af-drugkja, wm. drunkard, 355.
af-dumbnan, wv. IV, to hold one's peace, be silent or still, 331
af-tja, wm. glutton, 355.
af-gaggan, sv. VII, to go away, depart, go to, come, 313 note 1.
af-gudei, wf. ungodliness, 355.
af-gus, aj. godless, impious, 355, 391. Cp. OHG. abgot, abgudi, idol, false god.
af-hlaan, sv. VI, to lade, load, 310 OE. OHG. hladan.
af-apjan, wv. I, to choke, quench.
af-apnan, wv. IV, to be choked, be quenched.
af-lageins, sf. a laying aside, remission, 355
af-leitan = af-ltan, see §5.
af-leian, sv. I, to go away, depart. OE. lan. OHG. ldan

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