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áiweins, aj. eternal, everlasting, 227, 395
áiws, sm. time, lifetime, age, world, eternity; ni áiw (347), never; in áiwins, du áiwa, for ever. OE. , w, OHG. ewa.
áiz, sn. brass, coin, money, 47. OE. r, OHG. r.
áiza-smia, wm. coppersmith, 389.
ak, cj. but, however (after negative clauses), 351 OE. ac, OHG. oh.
akei, cj. but, yet, still, nevertheless, 351.
akeit (akt), ?sn. or akeits, ?sm. vinegar. OE. eced, OHG. eih, from Lat. actum.
akran, sn. fruit, 182; akran baíran, to bear fruit. OE. æcern, acorn.
akrana-láus, aj. unfruitful, barren, 34, 397
akrs, sm. field, 4, 21, 25, 36, 88, 91, 129, 159, 162, 175, 180, 354. OE. æcer, OHG. ackar.
ajukds, sf. time, eternity, 382
ala-brunsts, sf. burnt-offering, holocaust. OHG. brunst.
alakj, av. together, collectively
alan, sv. VI, to grow, 310. OE. alan, Lat. alere, to nourish.
ala-arba, w. aj. very needy, very poor.
alds, sf. age, life, generation, OE. ieldu, OHG. alt, elt
aleina, sf. ell, cubit, OE. eln, OHG. elina.
alw, sn. olive oil.
alws, aj. of olives; fairguni alwj, Mount of Olives.
alhs, sf. temple, 221. OE. ealh, OHG. alah.
alja, cj. than, except, unless, save; prep. c. dat, except, 350.
alja-kuns, aj. foreign, strange, 398.
alja-leiks, av. otherwise, 345.
aljan, wv. I, to bring up, rear, fatten.
aljar, av. elsewhere, 348. OE. ellor.
alja, av. elsewhere, in another direction, 348; afleian alja, to go away.
aljar, av. from elsewhere, from all sides, from every quarter, 348.
aljis, aj. other, another, 36, 229. OE. elles (gen.) else; ele-lande, OHG. eli-lenti, foreign.
allis, av. in general, wholly, at all, 346; ni allis, not at all; cj. for, because, 351; nih allis, for neither, for not; allis ... i, indeed ... but. OE. ealles, OHG. alles.
alls, aj. all, every, much, 227, 390, 427, 430 OE. eall, OHG. al.
all-waldands, sm. the Almighty, 34, 218, 389.
*alan, sv. VII, see us-alan.
aleis (comp. aliza), aj. old, 175, 231, 243. OE. eald, OHG. ald, alt.
amn, av. verily, truly, from Hebrew through Gr. .
ams, ?sm. or amsa, ?wm. shoulder.
an, interrog. particle, then, 349. Gr. .
ana, prep. c. acc. and dat. in, on, upon, at, over, to, into, against, 350; av. on, upon. OE. on, OHG. ana.
ana-áukan, sv. VII, to add to, 404.
ana-biudan, sv. II, to bid, command, order, 51, 122, 127, 138, 173, 286 notes 2, 3, 301, 404. OE. bodan, OHG. biotan.

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