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ana-bsns, sf. command, commandment, order, 121, 138, 199, 357.
ana-filh, sn. a thing committed, tradition, recommendation, 357.
ana-filhan, sv. III, to commit to, entrust, let out, hand down as tradition.
ana-fulhan, pp. n. of ana-filhan, used as a noun, tradition; ata ana-fulhan izwar, ` ^.
ana-haban, wv. III, to take hold of; in pass. (Luke iv. 38), to be taken (with fever).
ana-háitan, sv. VII, to call on, 404, 428.
ana-hnáiwjan, wv. I, to lay, lay down.
ana-hneiwan, sv. I, to stoop down, 404.
anaks, av. straightway, at once, suddenly.
ana-kumbjan, wv. I, to lie or sit down, sit at table, recline. Lat. ac-cumbere.
ana-lageins, sf. a laying on, 357.
ana-lagjan, wv. I, to lay on, 404.
ana-láugniba, av. secretly, 344.
ana-láugns, aj. hidden, secret, 234.
ana-leik, av. in like manner, 344 MHG. ane-lche.
ana-mahtjan, wv. I, to do violence, injure, damage, revile.
ana-mljan, wv. I, to enroll.
ana-minds, sf. supposition, 357.
*anan, sv. VI, see us-anan.
ana-nanjan, wv. I, to dare, have courage, be bold. OE. nan, OHG. nenden.
ana-niujan, wv. I, to renew, 319.
ana-praggan, sv. VII, to oppress, 313 note 1.
ana-qiman, sv. IV, to come near, approach.
ana-qiss, sf. blasphemy, 357.
ana-qiujan, wv. I, to arouse, make alive.
ana-silan, wv. III, to be silent, be quiet, grow still, 328 Lat. silre.
ana-siuns, aj. visible, 234, 357, 391. Cp. OE. an-sen, face.
ana-stdeins, sf. beginning, 357.
ana-stdjan, wv. I, to begin, 404.
ana-trimpan, sv. III, to tread on, 304.
ana-rafstjan, wv. I, to comfort.
ana-waírs, aj. future, 357. OHG. -wert, related to waíran
and, prep. c. acc. along, throughout, towards, in, on, among, 350 OE. and-, ond-, OHG. ant-
-and-, suffix, 339.
anda-baúhts, sf. ransom, 358.
anda-hafts, sf. answer, 33, 199, 358.
anda-láus, aj. endless, 397.
anda-nahti, sn. evening, 358.
anda-neis, aj. contrary, hostile, 428.
anda-nms, aj. pleasant, acceptable, 33, 234, 358, 391, 394.
anda-stajis, sm. adversary, 185, 358.
anda-hts, aj. circumspect, 321 note 1, 358.
and-ugi, sn. face, 358.
and-áugj, av. openly, 344.
anda-waúrdi, sn. answer, 358. OE. and-wyrde, OHG. ant-wurti.

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