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bandja, wm. prisoner, 208, 354.
bandwa, sf. sign, token, 192.
bandw, wf. sign, token.
bandwjan, wv. I, to give a sign, signify. O.Icel. benda.
bansts (acc. pl. banstins), sm. barn.
barizeins, aj. of barley, 395. From *baris, OE. bere, barley.
barms, sm. bosom, lap, 197. OE. bearm, OHG. barm.
barn, sn. child, 14, 25, 122, 158, 161, 182, 354; barna ussatjan, to beget children to. OE. bearn, OHG. barn.
*barnahs, aj. see un-barnahs.
barnil, wn. little child, son, 33, 214, 354.
barniski, sn. childhood, 354.
barnisks, aj. childish, 227, 396. O.Icel. bernskr.
batists, aj. best, 107, 245. OE. bet(e)st, OHG. beisto.
batiza, aj. better, 122, 245. OE. bet(e)ra, bettra, OHG. beiro.
bauáins, sf. dwelling, dwelling-place, abode, 200.
bauan, wv. III, to dwell, inhabit, 11, 80, 101, 200, 328 and note 1. OE. OHG. ban.
baúhta, wv. I bought, 321. OE. bohte.
baúr, sm. son, child, 122, 175, 196 note 1, 354. OE. byre.
*baúrd, sn. board, see ftu-baúrd.
baúrgja, wm. citizen, 208, 354.
baúrgs, f. city, town, 87, 158, 169, 220, 353. OE. OHG. burg.
baúrgs-waddjus, sf. town-wall, 389.
*baúrs, sf. see ga-baúrs.
báus, aj. deaf, dumb; báus wairan, to become insipid.
beidan, sv. I, c. gen. to await, expect, look for, 49, 173, 299. OE. bdan, OHG. btan.
beist, sn. leaven.
beitan, sv. I, to bite, 6, 48, 68, 93, 132, 300. OE. btan, OHG. ban.
brusjs, sm. pl. parents, 5, 33, 122, 354.
bi, prep. c. acc. and dat. by, about, concerning, around, against, according to, on account of, for, at, after, near, 350. OE. b, be-, OHG. b, bi-.
bi-áukan, sv. VII, to increase, add to, 407.
bi-áuknan, wv. IV, to become larger, 331.
bida, sf. request, prayer, 192, 354. OHG. beta.
bidjan, sv. V, to ask, beg, entreat, pray, 68, 173, 286 note 2, 306 and note. OE. biddan, OHG. bitten.
bi-faíh, wf. covetousness, 360.
bi-gitan, sv. V, to find, meet with, 286 note 3, 308, 407, 426. OE. be-gietan, OHG. bi-gean.
bi-háit, sn. strife, 360. OHG. bi-hei.
bi-háitja, wm. boaster.
bi-hlahjan, sv. VI, to deride, laugh to scorn.
bi-láikan, sv. VII, to mock.
bi-leiban, sv. I, to remain, 161, 300, 407. OE. be-lfan, OHG. bi-lban.
bi-leian, sv. I, to leave, leave behind, forsake.
bi-máit, sn. circumcision, 360.
bi-máitan, sv. VII, to circumcise.
bi-nah, pret.-pres. it is permitted, is lawful, 336. OE. be-neah, OHG. gi-nah, it suffices.
bi-naúhts, pp. sufficient. 336.

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