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bta, sf. advantage, 122, 192. OE. bt, OHG. buoa, remedy, atonement.
btjan, wv. I, to do good, avail, help, profit. OE. btan, OHG. buoen.
brhta, pret. I brought, 321. OE. brhte, OHG. brhta.
bráidei, wf. breadth, 354, 383.
*bráis (bráids), aj. broad. OE. brd, OHG. breit.
brakja, sf. strife, 192.
*brannjan, wv. I, see ga-brannjan.
briggan, wv. I, to bring, lead, 4, 17, 74, 96, 138, 158, 166, 321 and note 3, 340, 426; wundan briggan, to wound. OE. OHG. bringan.
brikan, sv. IV, to break, quarrel, fight, 21, 306. OE. brecan, OHG. brehhan.
brinnan, sv. III, to burn, 304. OHG. brinnan.
brinn, wf. fever, 211.
brar, m. brother, 7, 28, 33, 42, 79, 87, 88, 100, 106, 108, 122, 128, 132, 161, 171, 175, 215, 354. OE. bror, OHG. bruoder.
brrahans, m. pl. brethren, 393.
brru-lub, brra-lub, wf. brotherly love, 389.
*bruka, sf. see ga-bruka.
brkjan, wv. I, to use, partake of, 321, 427. OE. brcan, sv., OHG. brhhan.
brks, aj. useful, 234, OE. bráce, OHG. brhhi.
brunj, wf. breastplate, 211. OE. byrne, OHG. brunia.
brunna, wm. well, spring, fountain, issue, 208. OE. burn(n)a, brunna, OHG. brunno.
brusts, f. breast, 221. OHG. brust.
br-fas, sm. bridegroom, 34, 197, 389.
brs, sf. bride, daughter-in-law, 8, 28. OE. brád, OHG. brt.
bugjan, wv. I, to buy, 17, 138, 283, 321, 340. OE. bycgan.
*daban, sv. VI, see ga-daban.
daddjan, wv. I, to suckle, give suck, 156.
dags, sm. day, 4, 15, 17, 33, 65, 87-9, 106-7, 111, 114, 117, 122, 132, 169, 172, 175, 179, 353; dagis ammh or izuh, day by day, 347, 427; himma daga, to-day, 267. OE. dæg, OHG. tag.
dáiljan, wv. I, to deal out, divide, share, 320, 322, 400. OE. dlan, OHG. teilen.
dáils, sf. portion, share, 199, 322. OE. dl, OHG. teil.
daimnareis, sm. one possessed with a devil. From Gr. with Goth. ending -areis, 380.
dal, sn. dale, valley, ditch; dal uf msa, a ditch or hole for the wine-vat. OE. dæl, OHG. tal.
dala, av. down, 348; und dala, to the bottom; dalaa, below, 348; dalar, from below, 33, 348.
dáubia, sf. deafness, hardness, obduracy, 33, 384.
dáufs, aj. deaf, dull, hardened. OE. daf, OHG. toub.
dáug, pret.-pres. it is good for, profits, 334. OE. dag, OHG. toug.
daúhtar, f. daughter, 11, 71, 94, 132, 164, 172, 216, 354. OE. dohtor, OHG. tohter.
daúhts, sf. feast.
dáuns, sf. smell, odour, savour, Cp. OHG. toum.

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