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driugan, sv. II, to serve as soldier, 302. OE. drogan.
driusan, sv. II, to fall, fall down, fall upon, press against, crowd upon, 9, 172. OE. drosan.
drius, wf. slope, 211.
drbjan, wv. I, to cause trouble, stir up, excite to uproar. OE. drfan, OHG. truoben.
drbnan, wv. IV, to become anxious, troubled.
drugkanei, wf. drunkenness, 212, 354.
drus, sm. fall, 175, 196 note 1, 354. OE. dryre.
du, prep. c. dat. to, towards, against, in, 350; du-maúrgina, to-morrow, 347; du amma ei, to the end that, because.
du-at-gaggan, sv. VII, to go to, come to, 409.
du-at-rinnan, sv. III, to run to.
du-at-sniwan, sv. V, to hasten towards, 5.
*dugan, pret.-pres. to be good for, profit, 334. OE. dugan, OHG. tugan.
du-ga-windan, sv. III, to entangle.
du-ginnan, sv. III, to begin, undertake, 34, 304, 409, 430. OE. be-ginnan, OHG. bi-ginnan.
du-, av. why, wherefore.
duls, sf. feast, 221 and note. OHG. tuld.
*dumbnan, wv. IV, see af-dumbnan.
dumbs, aj. dumb, 161, 227. OE. dumb, OHG. tumb.
du-rinnan, sv. III, to run to, 409.
du-stdjan, wv. I, to begin, 409.
du-, du, cj. therefore, because, besides, on that account, 351; du ei, to the end that, because.
-di-, suffix, 382.
dwala-waúirdei, wf. foolish talking, 389.
dwalia, sf. foolishness, 382.
dwalmn, wv. II, to be foolish, 325. OE. dwolma, OHG. twalm, chaos, bewilderment, stupefaction.
dwals, aj. foolish, 149, 227. Cp. OE. ge-dwola, OHG. ga-twola, error.
ei, cj. that, so that, 351; interr. part. whether; rel. part. used as suffix, 270-2; also used alone, for saei, sei, atei; du amma ei, to the end that, because.
-eiga-, suffix, 394.
-eina-, suffix, 395.
-eini-, suffix, 388.
eisarn, sn. iron, 182; eisarna bi ftuns gabugana and ana ftum eisarna, fetters. OE. sen, sern, ren, OHG. san, sarn.
eisarneins, aj. iron.
ei-an, cj. therefore, 351.
fadar, m. father, 15, 16, 41, 55, 65, 87, 91, 136, 158, 160, 173, 216. OE. fæder, OHG. fater.
fadrein, sn. paternity; pl. parents, 173; with masc. attribute and pl. v. as ái fadrein is jah qun, and his parents said.
fadreins, sf. family, race, lineage, 199.
faginn, wv. II, to rejoice, be glad, 137, 325, 425. OE fægnian, OHG. faginn.
fagrs, aj. beautiful, suitable, fit, 227, 390. OE. fæger, OHG. fagar.
fhan, sv. VII, to seize, catch, grasp, lay hands on, 4, 59, 142, 313. OE. fn, OHG. fhan.

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