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ga-nists, sf. salvation, health, 199, 354. OHG. gi-nist.
ga-nijis, sm. kinsman.
ga-niutan, sv. II, to catch with nets, catch.
ga-nhs, aj. enough, sufficient, numerous, 430. OE. ge-nh, OHG. gi-nuog.
ga-qiman, sv. IV, to assemble, come together, 34, 436.
ga-qiss, sf. consent, 226 note, 354.
ga-qiss, aj. consenting, 226 note.
ga-qiujan, wv. I, to give life to, 319.
ga-qiunan, wv. IV, to be made alive, 331.
ga-qums, sf. assembly, synagogue, 87, 122, 199, 354, 367.
ga-raíhtei, wf. righteousness, 212.
ga-raíhteins, sf. righteousness.
ga-raíhts, aj. righteous, just.
ga-ráis (-ráids), aj. due, fixed, appointed. OE. ge-rde, OHG. bi-reiti, ready.
ga-rajan, sv. VI, to count, 310. Cp. OHG. redn, to speak.
ga-razna, wm. neighbour.
ga-razn, wf. female neighbour.
garda, wm. yard, fold, 208. OHG. garto, garden.
garda-waldands, m. ruler or master of the house, 389
gards, sm. house, household, court, 173, 197. OE. geard, OHG. gart.
ga-rdan, sv. VII, to reflect upon, 75, 314. OE. rdan, OHG. rtan, to advise.
ga-rinnan, sv. III, to run, hasten together, come together, 413, 436.
ga-rni, sn. consultation, counsel, 187. OE. ge-ráne, OHG. gi-rni, a secret.
ga-runs, sf. market-place, street, 199.
ga-sahts, sf. reproof.
ga-saían, sv. V, to see, behold, perceive.
ga-sakan, sv. VI, to rebuke, reprove.
ga-salbn, wv. II, to anoint.
ga-satjan, wv. I, to set, lay, place, add, appoint, restore; gasatjan nam, to surname.
ga-sigqan, sv. III, to sink.
ga-sinja (-sina), wm. companion, 208. OE. ge-s, OHG. gi-sind.
ga-sitan, sv. V, to sit, sit down.
ga-skafts, sf. creation, creature, 34, 138, 199, 354, 367. OE. ge-sceaft, OHG. gi-skaft.
ga-skáidnan, wv. IV, to become parted, 331.
ga-skapjan, sv. VI, to create, make, 310. OE. scieppan, OHG. skephen.
ga-skajan, wv. I, to injure.
ga-skeirjan, wv. I, to make clear, interpret.
ga-skhi, sn. pair of shoes.
ga-skhs, aj. shed.
ga-slawan, wv. III, to be still, be silent.
ga-sleijan, wv. I, to slight, injure; gasleijan sik, to be injured in, suffer loss of.
ga-smeitan, sv. I, to smear, 300. OE. be-smtan, OHG. bi-sman.
ga-sjan, wv. I, to fill, satisfy, 122.
ga-stagqjan, wv. I, to dash against.
ga-staldan, sv. VII, to possess, 312 note, 313. OE. stealdan.

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