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grba, sf. den, hole, cave, 122. OHG. gruoba.
*grundus, sm. ground. OE. grund, OHG. grunt.
grundu-waddjus, sm. and sf. foundation, 392.
guda-faúrhts, aj. devout, god-fearing.
guda-láus, aj. godless, 397.
gud-hs, sn. temple, 8, 26, 82, 174, 389. OE. OHG. hs, house.
gudisks, aj. divine, 396.
gudja, wm. priest, 208, 354, 381, 425.
gudjinassus, sm. office of a priest, ministration, 381.
gudjinn, wv. II, to be a priest, 381, 425.
gul, sn. gold, 353. OE. OHG. gold.
guleins, aj. golden, 227, 395
guma, wm. man, 33, 88, 133, 134, 158, 167, 208. OE. guma, OHG. gomo.
guma-kunds, aj. male, of the male sex, 397.
gumeins, aj. manlike, male, 395.
gunds, sm. or sf. cancer, canker. OE. gund, OHG. gunt, pus.
*gutnan, wv. IV, see us-gutnan.
gu, sm. God, 70; neut. pl. guda, heathen gods. See note to Mark ii. 7. OE. god, OHG. got.
gu-blstreis, sm. worshipper of God, 138, 389.
haban, wv. III, to have, possess, hold, take, esteem, count, consider, keep, observe, be able to do, 14, 76, 90, 112, 161, 164, 283, 326, 327, 432; ubil and ubilaba haban, to be ill; waírs haban, to be worse; gaf-hana haban, to hold captive; ei habáiddun ina gadaban, what things should happen unto him; aftumist haban, to lie at the point of death; faírra haban sik, to be far from; habái wisan at, to be held, be ready for. OE. habban, OHG. habn.
hafjan, sv. VI, to raise, lift, bear up, carry, 128, 134, 137, 164, 310. OE. hebban, OHG. heffen.
haftjan, wv. I, to join, cleave to. OE. hæftan, OHG. heften.
*hafts, sf. see anda-hafts. Cp. OHG. haft, captivity.
hhan, sv. VII, to hang, 74, 96, 142, 313. OE. hn, OHG. hhan.
háidus, sm. manner, way. OE. hd, OHG. heit.
háifstjan, wv. I, to strive, fight.
háifsts, sf. fight, strife. Cp. OE. hst, violence.
háihs, aj. half-blind, with one eye. Cp. Lat. caecus, blind.
háiljan, wv. I, to heal, 320, 322, 400, 427. OE. hlan, OHG. heilen.
*háilnan, wv. IV, see ga-háilnan.
háils, aj. whole, sound, safe, 22, 83, 227, 322, 390. OE. h1, OHG. heil.
háimli, sn. homestead, lands. OHG. heimdil.
háims, sf. village, town, country place, 199 note. OE. hm, OHG. heim.
haírda, sf. herd, flock, 192. OE. heord, OHG. herta.
haírdeis, sm. shepherd, 88, 110, 115, 152, 153, 154, 157, 184, 185. OE. hierde, OHG. hirti.

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