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haúrds, sf. door, 199.
haúrn, sn. horn, skin, husk, 11, 87 note, 182, 353. OE. OHG. horn.
haúrnja, wm. horn-blower, 208.
haúrnjan, wv. I, to blow a horn, trumpet.
háuseins, sf. word, preaching, report (lit. = hearing), sense of hearing.
háusjan, wv. I, to hear, perceive, listen to, 320. OE. heran, OHG. hren.
háusjn, wv. II, to hear.
hawi, sn. grass, hay, 149, 187. OE. heg, OHG. hewi, houwi.
hazjan, wv. I, to praise, 30, 137 note, 154, 175, 318. OE. herian.
heit, wf. fever.
heiwa-fráuja, wm. master of a house. OE. hwa, member of a family, OHG. hwo, husband.
hr, av. here, hither, 77, 97, 348. OE. OHG. hr.
hj, wf. chamber, room, 211.
hidr, av. hither, 5, 117, 348. OE. hider.
hilms, sm. helmet, 66. OE. OHG. helm.
hilpan, sv. III, to help, 23, 66, 70, 93, 95, 124, 160, 280, 303, 427. OE. helpan, OHG. helfan.
himina-kunds, aj. heavenly, 397.
himins, sm. heaven, 180.
hindana, prep. c. gen. behind, on that side of, beyond, 348, 427. OE. hindan, OHG. hintana.
hindar, prep. c. acc. and dat. behind, over, beyond, among, 350. OE. hinder, OHG. hintar.
hindar-leian, sv. I, to go behind, 414.
hindar-weis, aj. deceitful, 368.
hindar-weisei, wf. deceitfulness, 368.
hindumists, aj. hindmost, outermost, 246.
*hinan, sv. III, see fra-hinan.
hiri (old imperative used as an interjection), come here!; dual hirjats, come here, ye two!; pl. hirji, come ye here! 69 note. See note to Mark xii. 7.
*his, dem. pr., preserved in the adverbial phrases himma daga, on this day, to-day, 267, 347; und hina dag, to this day; und hita, und hita nu, till now, hitherto; fram himma, from henceforth.
hiufan, sv. II, to mourn, weep, complain, 302. OE. hofan, OHG. hiufan.
hiuhma, wm. crowd, multitude, heap, 208, 429.
hiwi, sn. appearance. OE. hew, hw.
hlahjan, sv. VI, to laugh, 310. OE. hliehhan, OHG. hlahhen.
hláifs, sm. loaf, bread, 10, 18, 161, 164, 179, 180. OE. hlf, OHG. hleib.
hláins, sm. hill.
hláiw, sn. grave, tomb, 149. OE. hlw, OHG. hlo.
hláiwasna, sf. (only found in plural), tomb.
*hlaan, sv. VI, to load, lade. OE. hladan, OHG. (h)ladan.
*hláupan, sv. VII, to leap, 84, 313 note 5. OE. hlapan, OHG. hlouffan.
hláuts, sm. lot. OHG. hl.
hleiduma, aj. left; as subst. fem. the left hand or side, 246.

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