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hlifan, sv. V, to steal, 88, 128, 160, 308.
hliftus, sm. thief, 128, 164, 203, 354.
hlijans, dec. pl.; nom. ? hleis, sm. or ? hlija, wm. tent, tabernacle.
hliuma, wm. hearing, 208.
hltrei, wf. purity, 212.
hltrs, aj. pure, 227. OE. hlt(t)or, OHG. hlt(t)ar.
hnáiwjan, wv. I, to abase, lower, 149, 320. Cp. OE. hngan, OHG. hneigen.
hnáiws, aj. low, humble, 149.
hnasqus, aj. soft, tender, 236. OE. hnesce.
hneiwan, sv. I, to bend downwards, decline, bow, 300. OE. OHG. hngan.
*hniupan, sv. II, see dis-hniupan.
hln, wv. II, to treat with violence, deceive, injure, 325. OE. hlian.
hrinassus, sm. whoredom, adultery, 381.
hrinn, wv. II, to commit adultery, 425.
hrinndei, pres. part. fem. adulteress.
hrs, sm. adulterer. OE. hre, wf.
hráineins, sf. purification.
hráinjan, wv. I, to make clean, cleanse, 320, 400. OHG. hreinen.
hráins, aj. clean, pure, 88, 164, 233. OHG. hreini.
hráiwa-db, wf. turtle-dove. OE. hrw, hrw, OHG. hro, corpse, carrion; OE. dfe, OHG. tba, dove.
*hrisjan, wv. I, see us-hrisjan.
hrpjan, wv. I, to call, cry out. OE. hrpan, sv., OHG. hruoffen.
hrt, sn. roof. O.Icel. hrt.
hreigs, aj. victorious, triumphant, 394. OE. hrig.
hrugga, sf. staff, OE. hrung.
hrukjan, wv. to crow.
huggrjan, wv. I, to hunger, 95, 137, 166, 320, 426. OE. hyngran, OHG. hungaren.
hugjan, wv. I, to think, consider, 72. OE. hycgan, OHG. huggen.
hhrus, sm. hunger, 82, 137, 203.
huljan, wv. I, to hide, conceal, cover, disguise, 318. OHG. hullen.
huls, aj. gracious, 227, 428. OE. OHG. hold.
-hun, particle, 278 note 1.
hund, sn. hundred, 53, 134, 136, 139, 143, 164, 172, 247. OE. hund, OHG. hunt.
hunda-fas, sm. centurion, 389.
hunds, sm. dog, hound, 40, 72, 128, 143, 180. OE. hund, OHG. hunt.
hunsl, sn. sacrifice, 159. OE. hsl, Eucharist.
hunsla-stas, sm. altar, 389.
hunsljan, wv. I, to sacrifice.
hups, sm. hip, loins, 197. OE. hype, OHG. huf.
*hs, sn., see gud-hs.
huzd, sn. treasure, 15, 30, 70, 141, 173, 175, 182. OE. hord, OHG. hort.
huzdjan, wv. I, to collect treasures, store up, hoard up.
adr, av. whither, 117, 348.
aírban, sv. III, to walk, 165, 304. OE. hweorfan, OHG. hwerban.
*aírbs, aj., see eila-aírbs, and cp. aírban.
aírnei, wf. skull.
áiteis, sm. corn, wheat, 185. OE. hwte, OHG. hweii.
áiwa, cj. and av. how, in what way, 351. OHG. hw.

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