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id-weit, sn. reproach, 369. OE. ed-wt, OHG. ita-w.
id-weitjan, wv. I, to reprove, blame, revile, reproach, 428.
iftuma, aj. next, the one after, the following, 246.
igqar, poss. pr. of you two, 263.
ik, pers. pr. 1, 6, 21, 88, 129, 162, 260, 261 OE. ic, OHG. ih.
im, def. v. I am, 342.
in, prep. c. acc. in, into, towards; c. gen. on account of; c. dat. in, into, among, by, 350. OE. OHG. in.
-n-, (-ein-), suffix, 383.
in-ahei, wf. soberness, sobriety, 370.
in-ahs, aj. wise, sober, 370.
-inassu-, suffix, 381.
in-brannjan, wv. I, to put in the fire, burn, 415.
in-drbnan, wv. IV, to become sad.
in-feinan, wv. IV, to be moved with compassion, have compassion on, pity, 331.
in-gardja, w. aj. used as subst. one of the same household, 370.
inil, wf. excuse, pretence, 370.
in-kil, w. aj. with child.
in-kunja, wm. one of the same country, countryman, 370.
in-máideins, sf. change, exchange, 370.
in-máidjan, wv. I, to change, exchange, transfigure.
inn, av. in, within; inn atgaggan, to enter, enter into, go into; inn gaggan, to go in, enter.
inna, av. within, 348.
inna-kunds, aj. of the same household, 371.
innana, av. within; prep. c. gen. within, inside, 348, 427. OE. innan, OHG. innana.
innar, av. within, 348.
innuma, aj. the inner, innermost, inmost, 246.
-inn, suffix, 425.
in-saian, sv. VII, to sow in, 415.
in-saían, sv. V, to look at, look upon, look round, behold, regard, 415.
in-sáiljan, wv. I, to bind with ropes, let down with cords. OE. slan.
in-sandjan, wv. I, to send send forth, 415.
in-standan, sv. VI, to persist.
in-swinjan, wv. I, to grow strong; inswinjan sik, to be strong.
in-tandjan, wv. I, to burn up.
inuh, inu, prep. c. acc. without, except, 350.
in-wagjan, wv. I, to stir up.
in-weitan, sv. I, to worship, reverence, salute, 300.
in-widan, sv. V, to reject, frustrate, deny, refuse.
in-winds, aj. turned aside, perverse, unjust, unrighteous, 370.
in-wisan, sv. V, to be present, be near at hand.
is, pers. pr. he, 88 note, 114, 129, 175 note 2, 260, 261, 263.
is, def. v. thou art, 342.
-iska-, suffix, 384.
itan, sv. V, to eat, 6, 43, 66, 129, 138, 170, 280, 308 and note. OE. etan, OHG. ean.
i, cj. but, however, if, 351.
-ia, suffix, 384.
iudaíwisks, aj. Jewish, 396.
iumj, wf. multitude.
iup, av. upwards; >iupa, above, 9, 348; iupana, iupar, from above, 348.

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