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iz-ei, iz-, rel. pr. masc. who, which, 5, 175 note 2, 271 note 3.
izwar, poss. pr. your, 263.
ja, jái, av. yea, yes, verily, 349. OHG. j.
jabái, cj. if, even if, although, 351; jabái ... aíáu, either ... or.
jah, cj. and, also, even, 18, 164, 351; jah ... jah, both ... and, 351; ni atáinei ... ak jah, not only ... but also; nih ... ak jah, not only ... but also. OHG. ja.
jáinar, av. yonder, there, in that place, 348.
jáind, jáindr, av. thither, 348.
jáins, dem. pr. that, yon, 268, 430.
jáinr, av. thence, 348.
ja- cj. and if, 265 note 1; a ... ja, whether ... or, 351.
ja-u, interrogative particle, whether; in indirect questions, if so, so then, 349.
jr, sn. year, 5, 20, 152, 182. OE. gar, OHG. jr.
jiukan, wv. III, to contend, 328.
ju, av. already, now, 347. OHG. j, gi.
jugga-láus, sm. a youth, young man.
juggs, aj. young, 20, 72, 82, 95, 102, 136, 137, 152, 227, 243, 390. OE. geong, OHG. jung.
jhiza, aj. younger, 137, 243.
juk, sn. yoke, 20, 21, 70, 87, 88 note, 89, 95, 129, 152, 162, 182, 353. OE. geoc, OHG. joh.
junda, sf. youth.
jus, pers. pr. ye, 260, 261.
ju-an, aj. already.
káisar, sm. Caesar, emperor, governor. OE. csere, OHG. keisar, Lat. Caesar, Gr. .
káisara-gild, sn. tribute-money.
kalb, wf. calf, 161, 211. OE. cealf, OHG. kalb, sn.
kalds, aj. cold, 15, 129, 134, 162, 227, 390. OE. ceald, OHG. kalt.
kalkinassus, sm. adultery, fornication.
kalkj, wf. harlot.
kann, pret.-pres. I know, 22, 158 note, 335. OE. can(n), OHG. kan.
kannjan, wv. I, to make known, 158 note. OE. cennan, OHG. kennen.
kara, sf. care, anxiety, 192, 426; ni hara uk, there is no care to thee, thou carest not. OE. cearu, OHG. chara.
karkara, sf. prison, 192. Lat. carcer.
karn, wv. II, to care for, be concerned about, 325, 400.
kas, sn. vessel, pitcher. OHG. kar.
katils, sm. kettle, vessel for water. OE. cietel, OHG. cheil.
káupatjan, wv. I, to buffet, cuff, strike with the palm of the hand, 138, 321, 424.
káupn, wv. II, to traffic, 325. OE. capian, OHG. coufn.
kaúrbn, gift. Gr. .
kaúria, sf. weight, burden, 384.
kaúrn, sn. corn, 21, 182. OE. corn, OHG. korn.
kaúrn, sn. corn, a grain of corn, 214.
kaúrus, aj. heavy, 129, 146, 236.
káusjan, wv. I, to prove, test, taste.

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