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mi-gardi-waddjus, sf. partition wall, 373.
mi-ga-sina, wm. travelling companion, 373.
mi-skjan, wv. I, c. dat. to dispute.
mi-an-ei, cj. while, during, when, 5, 351.
mi-wissei, wf. conscience 373.
mizd, wf. reward, 22, 141, 175, 211. OE. meord.
mdags, aj. angry, wrathful, 227, 392, 428. OE. mdig, OHG. muotig, proud, brave.
mta, sf. custom, custom-house, 192. Cp. OHG. mta, Low Lat. mta.
*mtan, pret.-pres. to find room, 338.
mtareis, sm. toll-taker, publican, 185, 354, 380.
mta-stas, sm. toll-place, receipt of custom, 389.
*mtjan, wv. I, see ga-mtjan.
ms (mds), sm. anger, wrath. OE. md, OHG. muot, courage
mulda, sf. dust, 192. OE. molde, OHG. molta.
munan, wv. III, to consider, think, intend, 328. Cp. OE. mynnan, mynian, to intend.
munan, pret.-pres. to think, 336. OE. munan.
*munds, sf. 340, see ga-munds.
muns, sm. thought, intention, 122, 197.
muns, sm. mouth. OE. m, OHG. mund.
nadrs, sm. adder, viper. Cp. OE. nd(d)re, OHG. ntara.
nahta-mats, sm. supper, evening meal, 389.
nahts, f. night, 18, 22, 128, 158, 164, 221, 346, 353, 427. OE. neaht, niht, OHG. naht.
náiteins, sf. blasphemy.
*náitjan, wv. I, see ga-náitjan.
namnjan, wv. I, to name, 158 note, 320, 322, 400. OE. nemnan, OHG. nemnen.
nam, wn. name, 4, 22, 158 note, 214 note, 322. OE. nama, OHG. namo.
*nanjan, wv. I, see ana-nanjan.
naqas, aj. naked, 146, 163. OE. nacod, OHG. nachot.
nardus, sm. nard. Lat. nardus from Gr. , cp. OHG. narda, nartha.
naseins, sf. salvation, 153 note, 200.
nasjan, wv. I, to save, 87, 88, 89 note, 109, 114, 118, 137 note, 152, 153, 157, 173, 200, 240, 316, 317, 322, 400. OE. nerien, OHG. nerren, nerien.
nasjands, m. saviour, 218, 379. OE. ner(i)gend.
nati, sn. net, 187. OE. nett, OHG. nezzi.
natjan, wv. I, to make wet, wet, 318. OHG. nezzen.
náudi-bandi, sf. chain, fetter, 389.
naúdi-aúrfts, aj. necessary, 397.
naúh, av. still, yet; ni naúh or naúh ni, not yet, not as yet. OHG. noh.
*naúhan, pret.-pres., see bi-nah.
naúh-anu, av. still yet.
naúhu-an, av. and also.
náus, sm. corpse, 150, 196 note 1. Cp. OE. dryht-n, dead body of a warrior.
náujan, wv. I, to force, compel. OE. nedan, OHG. nten.
náus, sf. need, 199. OE. nad, ned, OHG. nt.

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