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raihts, aj. right, straight, 25, 67, 128, 158, 227, 390. OE. reoht, riht, OHG. reht.
*ráips, sm. see skáuda-ráips.
*ráisjan, wv. I, to raise, 320, 420, see ur-ráisjan, OE. rran.
ráis, aj. see ga-ráis.
rakjan, wv. I, see uf-rakjan.
*rannjan, wv. I, to cause to run, 122, see ur-rannjan.
raiz, aj. easier, 428.
rajan, sv. VI, see ga-rajan.
raj, wf. number, account, 125, 211. OHG. redia.
ráupjan, wv. I, to pull out, pluck. OE. repan, OHG. rouffen.
ráus, sn. reed. OHG. rr.
ráus, aj. red, 52, 84, 133, 158. OE. rad, OHG. rt.
razda, sf. language, speech, OE. reord, OHG. rarta.
razn, sn. house, 158, 159. OE. ærn, ræn.
*rdan, sv. VII, to counsel, deliberate, 25, 125, 311 see ga-rdan. OE. rdan, OHG. rtan.
reiki, sn. rule, power, kingdom, 187. OE. rce, OHG. rhhi.
reikinn, wv. II, to rule, govern, 33, 325, 425.
reiks, aj. mighty, powerful; superl. reikista, the mightiest, prince. Cp. OE. rce, OHG. rhhi.
reiks, m. ruler, prince, 219.
reiran, wv. III, to tremble, 328.
reir, wf. trembling.
*reisan, sv. I, to rise; see ur-reisan. OE. OHG. rsan.
rign, sn. rain, 168. OE. regn, OHG. regan.
rikan, sv. V, to heap up, 308.
rinnan, sv. III, to run, hasten, 22, 122, 139, 158, 304. OE. rinnan, iernan, OHG. rinnan.
riqis, riqiz, sn. darkness, 24, 125, 163, 175 note 1, 182.
riqizeins, aj. dark.
riqizjan, wv. I, to become dark, be darkened.
rdjan, wv. I, to speak, 320, 428.
rhsns, sf. hall.
rms, sm. room, space, 82, 102. OE. OHG. rum.
rna, sf. secret, mystery, 192. OE. rn, OHG. rna.
runs, sm. running, issue, course, 122; run gawaúrkjan sis, to rush violently. OE. ryne.
sa (fem. s, neut. ata), dem. pr. this, that; pers. pr. he; def. art. the, 49, 87 and note, 89 and note, 114, 120, 175, 265.
sabbat, indeclinable, Sabbath; sabbatus, sm. Sabbath; pl. fluctuates between i- and u- declension. Gr. , .
sa-ei, rel. pr. who, he who, which, 271.
saggws, sm. song, music, 197, 354. OE. OHG. sang.
sagqjan (saggqjan), wv. I, to sink, go down. OE. sencan, OHG. senken.
sagqs (saggqs), sm. sinking, going down (of the sun), hence West, 354.
sah (fem. sh, neut. atuh), dem. pr. that, this, 266.
sa-az-uh saei or izei, indef. pr. whosoever, 276.
sái, interj. see! lo! behold! OHG. se, s-nu.
saian (saijan), sv. VII, to sow, 7, 10, 76, 98, 100, 122, 124, 314 and note. OE. swan, OHG. sen, swen.

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