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skalkinassus, sm. service, 381.
skalkinn, wv. II, to serve, 325, 425.
skalks, sm. servant, 162, 180, 425. OE. scealc, OHG. skalk.
skaman sik, wv. III, to be ashamed, be ashamed of, 139, 328, 427. OE. scamian, OHG. scamn.
skanda, sf. shame, 139. OE. sc(e)and, OHG. scanta.
*skapjan, sv. VI, to shape, make, 138, 160. See ga-skapjan.
skattja, wm. money-changer.
skatts, sm. money, coin, penny. OE. sceatt, OHG. scaz; O. Bulgarian skot, cattle.
skajan, sv. VI, to injure, 130, 310. OE. scean, OHG. skadn.
skáuda-ráips, sm. leather thong, shoe-latchet. OE. rp, OHG. reif, rope.
skáuns, aj. beautiful, 234. OE. scene, OHG. scni.
skáuts, sm. the hem of a garment, OE. scat, OHG. sc.
*skawjan, wv. I, see us-skaw-jan
skeinan, sv. I, to shine, 128, 300. OE. scnan, OHG. sknan.
*skeirjan, wv. I, see ga-skeirjan.
skeirs, aj. clear, 175, 234. OE. scr.
skwjan, wv. I, to walk, go, go along.
skildus, sm. shield, 203. OE. scield, OHG. skilt.
skip, sn. ship, 23, 160, 182. OE. scip, OHG. scif.
*skiuban, sv. II, see af-skiuban.
skhs, sm. shoe. OE. sch, sc, OHG. scuoh.
skhsl, sn. evil spirit, demon.
*skreitan, sv. I, see dis-skreitan.
*skritnan, wv. IV, see dis-skritnan.
skuft, sn. the hair of the head. O.Icel. skopt.
skuggwa, wm. mirror, 151, 208. OE. scwa, OHG. scwo, shadow.
skula, aj. owing, in debt, guilty, 428; wm. debtor, 208, 354. OE. ge-scola, OHG. scola.
*skulan, pret.-pres. to owe, to be about to be, shall, to be one's duty, to be obliged, must, 22, 336, 432; skulds ist, it is lawful, 336, 340, 400, 428. OE. OHG. sculan.
skra, sf. shower; skra windis, storm. OE. OHG. scr.
slahan, sv. VI, to smite, strike, beat, hit, 124, 125, 137, 138, 143, 292, 309. OE. slan, OHG. slahan.
slahs, sm. stroke, stripe, plague. OE. slege, OHG. slag.
slalhts, aj. smooth. OHG. sleht.
slaúhts, sf. slaughter, 125, 199, 354.
*sláunan, wv. IV, see af-sláunan.
slawan, wv. III, to be silent, be still, 149, 328.
sleideis (or ? sleis), aj. fierce, dangerous, perilous. OE. sle.
slpan, sv. VII, to sleep, fall asleep, 5, 23, 97, 129, 160, 174, 313. OE. slpan, OHG. slfan.
*slindan, sv. III, see fra-slindan.
sliupan, sv. II, to slip, 129, 302. OE. slpan, OHG. slioffan.
smakka, wm. fig, 208.

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