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smakka-bagms, sm. fig-tree.
smals, aj. small, 227. OE. smæl, OHG. smal.
*smeitan, sv. I, see ga-smeitan.
smyrn, sn. myrrh; wein mi smyrna, wine mingled with myrrh. Gr. .
snaga, wm. garment, 208.
snáiws, sm. snow, 29, 137, 149, 188 note. OE. snw, OHG. sno.
sneian, sv. I, to cut, reap 137, 299. OE. snan, OHG. sndan.
sniumjan, wv. I, to hasten, 320. Cp. OE. snome, OHG. sniumo, quickly.
sniumund, av. with haste, quickly 344; comp. sniumunds, with more haste, 345.
sniwan, sv. V, to hasten, 104, 149, 150, 307. OE. snowan.
snutrs, aj. wise, 227. OE. snot(t)or, OHG. snottar.
skareis, sm. disputer, 380.
skjan, wv. I, to seek, desire, long for, question with, dispute, 7, 110, 118, 152, 153, 154, 157, 162, 283, 316, 317, 322; skjan samana, to reason together, to discuss. OE. scan, OHG. suohhen.
skns, sf. search, inquiry, 199.
*sojan, wv. I, see ga-sojan.
spaíkultur, m. spy, executioner. Lat. speculator, Gr. .
sparwa, wm. sparrow, 149, 208. OE. spearwa, OHG. sparo
spaúrds, aj. stadium, furlong, race-course, 221. OE. spyrd, OHG. spurt.
spdumists, aj. last, 246.
*sps, aj. late. OHG. spti.
speiwan, sv. I, to spit, 5, 128, 300. OE. OHG. spwan.
spill, sn. fable, story. OE. spell, OHG. spel.
spilln, wv. II, to narrate, relate, bring tidings of, 325. OE. spellian.
spinnan, sv. III, to spin, 304. OE. OHG. spinnan.
spráut, av. quickly, soon, 344.
spyreida, wm. large basket. Gr. , gen. , fish-basket.
stáiga, sf. path, way. Cp. OE. stg, OHG. stga.
stáinahs, aj. stony, 393. OE. stnig, OHG. steinag.
stáineins, aj. of stone, stony, 395. OE. stnen.
stáins, sm. stone, rock, 10, 83, 87 note 1, 103, 180, 353; stáinam waírpan, to stone. OE. stn, OHG. stein.
staírn, wm. star, 211. OHG. stern, sterno.
*staldan, sv. VII, see ga-staldan.
stamms, aj. stammering, with an impediment in the speech. OE. stamm, OHG. stam.
standan, sv. VI, to stand, stand firm, 310. OE. standan, OHG. stantan.
stas (gen. stadis), sm. place, neighbourhood, 41, 197, 354; jáinis stadis, unto the other side (of the lake), e o` . OE. stede, OHG. stat.
stas (gen. stais), sm. land, shore. OE. stæ, OHG. stad.
staua, wm. judge, 80, 101, 208, 223.
staua, sf. judgment, 11, 80, 192. Cp. OHG. sta-tago, the day ofjudgment.
staua-stls, sm. the judgment-seat, 389.
*staúrknan, wv. IV, see ga-staúrknan.

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