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ahan, wv. III, to be silent, hold one's peace, 328. OHG. dagn.
h, wf. clay, 4, 74, 211. OE. , OHG. dha.
hta, pret. I thought, 321. OE. hte, OHG. dhta.
aírh, prep. c. acc. through, by, by means of, on account of, 171, 350.
aírh-baíran, sv. IV, to bear through, carry through, 419.
aírh-gaggan, sv. VII, to go or come through, 419.
aírh-leian, sv. I, to go through.
aírh-saían, sv. V, to see through, 419.
aírh-wakan, sv. VI, to keep watch, 165 note.
aírh-wisan, sv. V, to remain, 419.
aírk, wn. a hole through anything, 214; aírk nls, the eye of a needle.
*aírsan, sv. III, to be withered or parched, 122, see ga-aírsan.
an, rel. particle, when, as, then, as long as, 347; dem. (never stands first), then, at that time, thereupon; cj. but, indeed, and, however, therefore, as long as, 351. OE. an, on.
ana-máis, av. still, further.
ana-seis, av. further, more, still; with neg. no more, no longer. OE. s, OHG. sd.
and, cj. if, because, since, when, as long as, until, until that, 351
*anjan, wv. I, see uf-anjan.
an-nu, an-uh, cj. therefore, then, so, for, 351.
ar, av. there, 345.
arba, wm. a needy one, pauper, beggar.
arba, sf. poverty, need, want, 354. OE. earf, OHG. darba.
*arban, wv. III, see ga-arban.
ar-ei, av. where.
arf, pret.-pres. I need, 137, 335. OE. earf, OHG. darf.
ar-uh, cj. therefore, but, and, 351; av. there, now.
ata, pr. neut. that, this, the, 262, 265 note 2. OE. æt, OHG. da.
ata-ah, ei, pr. whatsoever, 276.
at-áin-ei, av. only.
at-ei, neut. of rel. pr., as cj. that, because, if, 271 note 1, 351.
ar, av. thence, from there, 89, 348.
a-rh, av. afterwards, thence.
áu, áuh, cj. and av. after a comp., also after a pos. standing for the comp., than: g us ist ... áu ( ... ), it is better for thee ... than; introducing the second part of a disjunctive interrogation, or; áu niu, or not; after an interrog. pr., then, in that case; still, perhaps, 349, 351.
áuh-jabái, cj. even though, 351.
aúrban, pret.-pres. to need, be in want, lack, 292, 335, 427. OE. urfan, OHG. durfan.
aúrfts, aj. needy, necessary, 335.
aúrfts, sf. need, necessity, 199. OHG. durft.
aúrneins, aj. thorny, 395. OE. yrnen, OHG. dornn.
aúrnus, sm. thorn, 171, 203. OE. orn, OHG. dorn.
aúrp, sn. field, 129. OE. orp, OHG. dorf, village.
aúrsjan, wv. I, to thirst, 320, 426.

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