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*aúrsnan, wv. IV, to become dry, 122, see ga-aúrsnan.
aúrstei, wf. thirst, 212. OE. yrst, OHG. durst.
aúrsus, aj. withered, 122, Cp. OE. yrre, OHG. durri.
-ei, cj. that, because that, for that, 265 note 1, 351; ni -ei, not because.
ei, cj. that, so that; rel. part. that, as; used with saazuh, isaduh, isah, ataah, where it gives the force of a relative, 265 note 1, 351.
eihan, sv. I, to thrive, prosper, increase, 60, 92, 124, 142, 164, 300. OE. on, OHG. dhan.
ei, wf. thunder, 211.
eins, poss. pr. thy, 263, 430. OE. n, OHG. dn.
*insan, sv. III, see at-insan.
is-hun, av. chiefly, especially.
is-aduh, adei, av. whithersoever.
is-ah, pr. whatsoever, whatever, 276.
is-aruh, av. wheresoever.
is-az-uh sa-ei, indef. pr. whosoever, 276.
iubi, sn. theft, 187. OHG. diuba.
iubj, av. secretly, 89, 115, 344.
iuda, sf. people; pl. heathens, Gentiles, 9, 192. OE. od, OHG. diot, diota.
iudan-gardi, sf. kingdom, palace, 34, 194.
iudann, wv. II, to reign
iudans, sm. king, 180. OE. oden.
iudinassus, sm. kingdom, 33, 203, 381.
iudisk, av. after the manner of the Gentiles, 396. OE. odisc.
iufs (iubs), sm. thief. OE. of, OHG. diob.
iu-magus, sm. servant.
*ius, sm. servant, 89, 188. OE. ow, OHG. deo.
iu, aj. good, 171. Cp. OE. ge-ede, virtuous.
iueigs, aj. good, blessed, 394.
iui-qiss, sf. blessing, 389.
iujan, wv. I, to do good, bless, praise.
iu-spilln, wv. II, to tell or bring glad tidings.
iwi (gen. iujs), sf. maid-servant, handmaid, 89, 149, 150, 195. OE. owu, owe, OHG. diu, gen. diuwi.
*láihan, sv. VII, see ga-láihan.
laqus, aj. soft, tender, 236.
laúhs, sm. flight, 197.
liuhan, sv. II, to flee, 302. OE. flon, OHG. fliohan.
rafstjan, wv. I, to console, comfort; rafstjan sik, to take courage, be of good cheer.
ragjan, wv. I, to run, 318.
ramstei, wf. locust, 212.
reihan, sv. I, to press upon, throng, crowd, 300.
*reis (neut. rija), num. three, 28, 87 note, 128, 152, 247, 251, 256, 258. OE. r, OHG. dr.
*reis tigjus, num. thirty, 247.
ridja, num. third, 253. OE. ridda, OHG. dritto.
ridj, av. for the third time, 344.
riskan, sv. III, to thresh, 304. OE. erscan, OHG. dreskan.
*riutan, sv. II, see us-riutan.
rts-fill, sn. leprosy. OE. rst-fell.
rts-fills, aj. diseased with leprosy, leprous.

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