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u, pers. pr. thou, 128, 260, 261, 262. OE. , OHG. d.
ugkjan, wv. I, to seem, 62, 82, 138, 321 OE. yncan, [OHG] dunken.
hta, pret. it seemed, 321. OE. hte, OHG. dhta.
uláins, sf. sufferance, suffering, patience, 200.
ulan, wv. III, to tolerate, suffer, put up with, endure, 200. OE. olian, OHG. doln.
sundi, sf. thousand, 8, 26, 82, 102, 194, 247, 427. OE. send, OHG. dsent.
sundi-fas, sm. leader of a thousand men, captain, high captain (), 389.
-wa, suffix, 387.
wahan, sv. VI, to wash, 149, 310. OE. wan, OHG. dwahan.
waírhs, aj. angry. OE. weorh, OHG. dwerah, crooked.
-u, interrog. particle (attached enclitically to the first word of its clause), 297, 349.
ubilaba, av. badly, evilly, 344.
ubils, aj. evil, bad, 8, 227, 245, 390; as noun, ata ubil or ubil, the evil; ubil haban, to be ill; ubil qian, to speak evil of, curse. c. dat. OE. yfel, OHG. ubil.
ubiltjis, aj. evil-doing, as noun, evil-doer. 229.
ubil-waúrdjan, wv. I, to speak evil of.
ubil-waúrds, aj. evil-speaking, railing, 398.
-ubni, suffix, 386.
ubuh = uf + enclitic particle uh.
uf, prep. c. dat. and acc. under, beneath, in the time of, 350.
uf-áieis, aj. under an oath, 374.
ufar, prep. c. acc. and dat. over, above, beyond, 16, 106, 160, 350. OE. ofer, OHG. ubar.
ufarassus, sm. abundance, superfluity, 381; dat. ufarassáu, used as av. in abundance, greatly, enough and to spare.
ufar-fullei, wf. overfullness, abundance, 375.
ufar-fulls, aj. overfull, abundant, 375.
ufar-gaggan, sv. VII, to go too far, transgress, 420.
ufar-gudja, wm. chief-priest, 375.
ufar-hafnan, wv. IV, to be exalted, 331.
ufar-mleins, sf. superscription.
ufar-mli, sn. superscription, 187, 375.
ufar-mljan, wv. I, to write over, 420.
ufar-munnn, wv. II, to forget, 325, 420, 428.
ufar, av. above; 119, 344. prep. c. dat. and acc. above, upon, over,
ufar-skadwjan, wv. I, to overshadow, 149, 420.
ufar-steigan, sv. I, to spring up, mount up, 420.
uf-báuljan, wv. I, to puff up.
uf-blsan, sv. VII, to blow up, puff up, 313 note, 417. OHG. blsan.
uf-blteins, sf. entreaty, 374.
uf-brikan, sv. IV, to reject, despise, 417.
uf-brinnan, sv. III, to burn up, scorch.
uf-dáupjan, wv. I, to baptize, 417.
uf-gaírdan, sv. III, to gird up, 304.
uf-graban, sv. VI, to dig up.

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