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uf-haban, wv. III, to hold up, bear up.
uf-háuseins, sf. regard, obedience, 374.
uf-háusjan (c. dat.), wv. I, to submit, obey, listen to, 417.
uf-hrpjan, wv. I, to cry out.
uf-kunnan, wv. III, (but pret. ufkuna), to recognize, know, acknowledge, 417.
uf-kuni, sn. knowledge, 34, 374.
uf-ligan, sv. V, to lie under, faint, 417.
-ufni, suffix, 386.
uf-rakjan, wv. I, to stretch forth, stretch up, lift up.
uf-sneian, sv. I, to slay.
uf-swgjan, wv. I, to sigh deeply.
ufta, av. often, 8.
uf-anjan sik, wv. I, to stretch oneself. OE. ennan, OHG. dennen.
uf-wpjan, wv. I, to cry out, 165 note.
*ugkar, poss. pr. of us two, 263.
-uh, -h, enclitic cj. (like Lat. que, and), but, and, now, therefore. In composition with pronouns it often adds intensity to the signification. The h is often assimilated to the initial consonant of a following word, 73 note, 164 note, 266, 351. See note to Matth. vi. 7.
hteig, av. seasonably, opportunely, 344.
htiugs, aj. at leisure, 9.
htw, wf. early morn, 8, 62, 82, 211. OE. ht(a).
ulbandus, sm. camel. OE. olfend, OHG. olbanta.
un-agands, aj. fearless, 338.
un-agei, wf. fearlessness, 376.
un-aírkns, aj. unholy. OHG. erkan, cp. OE. eorc(n)an-stn, precious stone.
un-áiwisks, aj. blameless.
un-bairands, pres. part. not bearing, sterile, 376.
un-barnahs, aj. childless, 393.
und, prep. c. acc. unto, until, up to; c. dat. for, 350; und atei, while; und a, how long.
undar, prep. c. acc. under, 350. OE. under, OHG. untar.
undar, prep. c. dat. under, 89, 344, 350.
undaúrni-mats, sm. breakfast, dinner. OE. undern-mete.
und-greipan, sv. I, to seize, lay hold of, 421.
und-rdan, sv. VII, to provide, furnish, grant, 421.
und-rinnan, sv. III, to run to one, fall to one, fall to one's share, 421.
un-fagrs, aj. unfit, unsuitable, 376, 391.
un-frdei, wf. without understanding, foolishness, folly, 376.
un-ga-habands sik, pres. part. incontinent.
un-ga-aírbs, aj. unruly, disobedient.
un-ga-láubeins, sf. unbelief.
un-ga-láubjands, pres. part. unbelieving.
un-háili, sn. want of health, sickness, disease, 376.
un-handu-waúrhts, aj. not made by hands.
un-hráins, aj. unclean.
un-hula, wm. devil, evil or unclean spirit, 376. OE. un-holda, OHG. un-holdo.
un-hul, wf. devil, evil or unclean spirit.
un-hunslags, aj. without offering, truce-breaking, implacable, 392.
un-apnands, pres. part. unquenchable.

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