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un-karja, w. aj. careless, neglectful.
un-kuns, aj. unknown, 428.
un-ls, aj. poor. OE. un-ld.
un-liuts, aj. unfeigned.
un-mahteigs, aj. weak, impossible.
un-mahts, sf. infirmity, weakness, 34, 376.
un-mana-riggws, aj. inhuman, fierce.
un-milds, aj. not mild, without natural affection, unloving. OE. un-milde, OHG. un-milti.
un-riurei, wf. immortality, incorruption.
un-rdjands, pres. part. not speaking, speechless dumb.
un-saltans, pp. unsalted.
unsar, poss. pr. our, 173, 263, 264. OE. ser, OHG. unsr.
un-slei, wf. wickedness, craftiness, injustice, unrighteousness.
un-sls, aj. evil, wicked, unholy.
un-sibjis, aj. lawless, impious; sb. transgressor, 229.
un-sweibands, pres. part. unceasing.
un-swrei, wf. dishonour, shame, disgrace.
un-swrs, aj. without honour.
un-tals, aj. unlearned, indocile.
unt, cj. for, because, since, until, 351.
un-tila-malsks, aj. rash, unbecomingly proud.
una-liuhan, sv. II, to escape, 421.
un-iu, sn. evil.
un-wahans, pp. unwashed.
un-hteig av. at an unfit time, inopportunely.
un-whs, aj. blameless, 74, 376. OE. wh, bent, wrong, bad.
un-weis, aj. unlearned, 122, 138, 227. OE. OHG. un-ws.
un-wrjan, wv. I, to be unable to endure, be displeased.
un-witi, sn. ignorance, folly, foolishness, 354. Cp. OE. witt, OHG. wizzi, understanding.
un-wits, aj. without understanding, foolish.
ur-ráisjan, wv. I, to raise, rouse up, wake, 137 note, 175 note, 422. OE. rran.
ur-reisan, sv. I, to arise, 73 note, 137 note, 175 note 3, 300, 322, 422. OE. OHG. rsan.
ur-rinnan, sv. III, to proceed, go out from, go forth, rise, spring up, 175 note 3, 422.
ur-rists, sf. resurrection, 199, 354, 377. OE. -rist, OHG. ur-rist.
ur-runs, sf. a running out, departure, decease, 73 note, 354.
ur-runs, sm. a running out, a rising, draught; hence East.
us, prep. c. dat. out, out of, from, 175 note 2, 350. OE. or-, OHG. ur-, ir-, ar-.
us-agjan, wv. I, to frighten utterly.
us-alan, sv. VII, to grow old, 313 note 1.
us-anan, sv. VI, to expire, 310, 422.
us-baíran, sv. IV, to carry out, bear, endure, suffer, answer (Mark xi. 14).
us-báugjan, wv. I, to sweep out.
us-beidan, sv. I, to await, look for, 422.
us-beisnei, wf. long-suffering.
us-beisneigs, aj. long-abiding, long-suffering, 394.
us-beisns, sf. long-suffering.

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