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us-bliggwan, sv. III, to beat severely, scourge.
us-bugjan, wv. I, to buy out, buy.
us-dáudjan, wv. I, to strive, be diligent, endeavour.
us-dáud, av. zealously.
us-dreiban, sv. I, to drive out, send away, 5, 422, 428.
us-drusts, sf. a falling away, a rough way.
us-filh, sn. burial, 34, 377.
us-filmei, wf. amazement.
us-films, aj. amazed, astonished.
us-fdeins, sf. food, nourishment, 377.
us-fratwjan, wv. I, to make wise. OE. frætw(i)an, fraetew(i)an, to adorn.
us-fulleins, sf. fulfilling, fullness, 377.
us-fulljan, wv. I, to fulfil, complete, 34.
us-fullnan, wv. IV, to be fulfilled, become full, come to pass.
us-gaggan, sv. VII, to go out, forth, away, 436.
us-gáisjan, wv. I, to deprive of intellect, strike aghast; pass. to be beside oneself.
us-geisnan, wv. IV, to be aghast, be amazed, be astonished, 331.
us-giban, sv. V, to give out, reward, repay, restore, show, 422.
us-gildan, sv. III, to repay, reward, 304. OE. gieldan, OHG. geltan.
us-graban, sv. VI, to dig out, pluck out, break through.
us-gutnan, wv. IV, to be poured out, be spilt, flow away, 331.
us-hafjan, sv. VI, to take up, lift up; ushafjan sik jáinr, to depart thence.
us-háuhjan, wv. I, to exalt.
us-háuhnan, wv. IV, to be exalted, 331.
us-hláupan, sv. VII, to leap up, rise quickly.
us-hramjan, wv. I, to crucify.
us-hrisjan, wv. I, to shake out, shake off. OE. hrisian.
us-keinan, sv. I, to spring up, grow up, put forth, produce, see keinan.
us-kiusan, sv. II, to choose out, prove, test; with instr. dat. to cast out, reject, 422, 428.
us-kuns, aj. well-known, evident, manifest, 377, 391.
us-lagjan, wv. I, to lay out, stretch out, lay, lay upon.
us-láubjan, wv. I, to permit, allow, suffer, 422.
us-leian, sv. I, to go away, pass by, come out.
us-lia, wm. one sick of the palsy, paralytic person.
us-lkan, sv. II, to open, unsheath (a sword),
us-luknan, wv. IV, to become unlocked, be opened, open, 331.
us-máitan, sv. VII, to cut down.
us-mrnan, wv. IV, to be proclaimed, 331.
us-mt, sn. behaviour, manner of life, 122. Cp. MHG. m, measure.
us-mitan, sv. V, figuratively, to behave; uswiss usmitan, to be in error, to err.
us-niman, sv. IV, to take out or away, take down.
us-qiman, sv. IV, c. dat. or acc. to kill, destroy, 428.
us-qiss, sf. accusation, charge, 377.
us-qistjan, wv. I, c. dat. and acc. to kill, 428.

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