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us-qian, sv. V, to proclaim, blaze abroad, 422.
us-saían, sv. V, to look up, look on, receive sight.
us-sandjan, wv. I, to send out, send forth, send away.
us-satjan, wv. I, to set on, place upon, set, plant.
us-siggwan, sv. III, to read.
us-skáus, aj. vigilant, 232.
us-skawjan (for *us-skáujan), wv. I, with refl. acc. sik, to awake; passive, to recover oneself.
us-standan, sv. VI, to stand up, rise up, rise again, come out or from, 138, 175 note 3.
us-stass, sf. resurrection, rising, 138, 198 note, 377.
us-steigan (usteigan), sv. I, to go up, mount.
us-stiurei, wf. excess, riot, 85.
us-stiuriba, av. licentiously, riotously.
us-táiknjan, wv. I, to show, prove.
us-tiuhan, sv. II, to lead out, lead or take up, drive forth, finish, perform, perfect, 422.
us-riutan, sv. II, to threaten, trouble, use despitefully, 302. OE. -rotan, to be weary.
us-ulan, wv. III, to endure.
us-wahsts, sf. growth, increase, 354. OHG. wahst.
us-waírpan, sv. III, to drive out, cast forth, overthrow, reject, 428.
us-wakjan, wv. I, to wake up, awake from sleep. OE. weccan, OHG. wecken.
us-walteins, sf. overthrow, a subverting.
us-waltjan, wv. I, to overthrow, overturn.
us-waúrhts, aj. right, just, righteous.
us-weihs, aj. unholy, profane.
us-windan, sv. III, to plait.
us-wiss, aj. dissolute, vain.
t, av. out, forth, 8; ta, out, without, 8, 348; tar, tana, c. gen. from without, 114, 348, 427.
uz-ta, wm. manger.
uz-n, see us-anan.
uz-uh, prep. whether from, 175 note 2.
*waddjus, sf. wall, 156, 204.
wadi, sn. pledge, earnest, 187. OE. wedd, OHG. wetti.
waggari, sn. pillow. OE. wangere, OHG. wangari.
wagjan, wv. I, to move, shake. OE. wecgan, OHG. weggen.
*whs, aj., see un-whs.
wahsjan, sv. VI, to grow, increase, 149, 310. OE. weaxan, OHG. wahsan.
*wahst, sf. see us-wahsts.
wahstus, sm. growth, size, stature.
wahtw, wf. watch, 211. OHG. wahta.
wái, interj. woe! OE. w, w, OHG. w.
waian, sv. VII, to blow, 10, 76, 98, 122, 314 and note. OE. wwan, OHG. wen.
*wáibjan, wv. I, see bi-wáibjan.
wái-ddja, wm. woe-doer, malefactor, thief.
wái-faírjan, wv. I, to lament loudly, wail greatly. OHG. w-verhen, w-veren.
waíhsta, wm. corner.
waíhts, f. thing, affair; mostly used along with the neg. particle ni, as acc. ni waíht, waíht ni, naught, nothing; ni waíhtái, ni in waíhtái, in nothing, not at all, 221 and note. OE. OHG. wiht.

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