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waíla, av. well, rightly, excellently, 10, 66 note. OE. wel, OHG. wela, wola.
waíla-ds, sf. benefit, 389. OE. wel-dd; OHG. wola-tt.
waíla-mrjan, wv. I, to preach, bring good tidings.
wáips, sm. wreath, crown. O.Icel. veipr.
waír, sm. man, 175, 179 note 2. OE. OHG. wer.
waíril, wf. lip. OE. pl. weleras from *werelas by metathesis.
waírpan, sv. III, to throw, cast, 10, 134 note, 304, 428. OE. weorpan, OHG. werfan.
waírs, av. worse, 88, 149, 175, 345. OE. wiers, OHG. wirs.
waírsiza, aj. worse, 175, 245. OE. wiersa, OHG. wirsiro.
waíran, sv. III, to become, be, happen, come to pass, 67, 71, 73, 124, 128, 137 and note, 171, 284, 303, 322, 428, 433, 435, 436. OE. weoran, OHG. werdan.
waírida, sf. worthiness, dignity, 384. OHG. wirdida.
waírs, aj. worthy, 227, 427. OE. weor, OHG. werd.
wáit, pret.-pres. I know, 333. OE. wt, OHG. wei.
waja-mreins, sf. blasphemy.
waja-mrjan, wv. I, to blaspheme, slander.
wakan, sv. VI, to wake, watch, 310. OE. wacan, to awake.
*wakjan, wv. I, see us-wakjan.
*waknan, wv. IV, see ga-waknan.
waldan, sv. VII, to rule, govern, 313 note 1. OE. wealdan, OHG. waltan.
waldufni, sn. power, might, dominion, authority, 33, 158 note, 187, 386.
walis, aj. chosen, true, dear, beloved.
waljan, wv. I, to choose, 318. OHG. wellen.
waltjan, wv. I, to roll, beat upon, dash against. OHG. welzen.
walwisn, wv. II, to wallow.
*walwjan, wv. I, see af-, at-walwjan. 161, 192.
wamba, sf. belly, womb, 161, 192. OE. wamb, OHG. wamba.
wan, sn. want, lack; wan wisan, with dat. of person and gen. of thing, to lack.
wandjan, wv. I, to turn, turn round, 320, 400. OE. wendan, OHG. wenten.
waninassus, sm. want, 381.
wans, lacking, wanting, 427. OHG. wan.
*war (nom. pl. masc. warái), aj. wary, cautious, sober. OE. wær, OHG. gi-war.
wardja, wm. guard, 208, 223. Cp. OE. weard, OHG. wart.
*wardjan, wv. I, see fra-wardjan.
*wards, sm., see daúra-wards.
*wargjan, wv. I, see ga-wargjan.
*wargs, sm., see láuna-wargs.
warjan, wv. I, to forbid, 318. OE. werian, OHG. werren.
warmjan, wv. I, to warm, cherish, 133 note. OE. wierman, OHG. wermen.
wasjan, wv. I, to clothe, 175 note, 318. OE. werian, OHG. werien.
wasti, sf. clothing, raiment, dress, 194.
wat, wn. water, 170, 214 note.
waúrd, sn. word, 4, 11, 71, 89, 94, 114, 173, 181, 182, 353. OE. word, OHG. wort.

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