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cere, laxari :-- Næ-acute;fre ic lufan sibbe forlæ-acute;te asánian never will I permit the love of my kin to languish, Exon. 50a; Th. 172, 23; Gú. 1148.

asaru Asarabacca, folefoot, hazelwort; as&a-short;rurn Europæum = GREEK, L. M. 2, 14; Lchdm. ii. 192, 7.

a-sáwan; p. -seów, -siów, pl. -seówon; pp. -sáwen To sow; seminare, obserere, Bt. Met. Fox 20, 499; Met. 20, 250. v. sáwan.

asca dust; pulvis, Mk. Lind. Rush. War. 6, 11. v. asce.

asca, ascas, ascum :-- Asca of ash spears, Exon. 78a; Th. 292, 15; Wand. 99. v. æsc.

a-scacan to shake off, to shake, brandish; excutere, Ps. Th. 67, 10. v. asceacan.

a-scádan to separate, L. Wih. 3; Th. i. 36, 19. v. asceádan.

a-scæcan to shake, Exon. 58a; Th. 207, 20; Ph. 144: Ps. Spl. 7, 13. v. a-sceacan.

a-scære; adj. [a, scær; p. of sceran to cut, shear] Without tonsure, untrimmed; intonsus, incultus, Peccatorum Medicina 8. v. æ-scære.

a-scafan; p. -scóf, pl. -scófon; pp. -scafen, -scæfen To shave; abradere, obradere :-- Ascæfen obrasus, Cot. 148. v. scafan.

a-scamian; p. ode; pp. od To be ashamed, to make ashamed or abashed; erubescere, pudore confundere :-- Ná ascamien on me non erubescant in me, Ps. Spl. 68, 8. Hí ascamode swíciaþ on swíman they wander abashed in giddiness, Exon. 26b; Th. 79, 31; Cri. 1299. v. scamian.

Ascan mynster Axminster, Chr. 755; Th. 86, 13, col. 1. v. Acsan mynster, Axan mynster.

ASCE, æsce [g. æscean], acse, ahse, axe, axse, æxe, an; f. ASH, ashes; cinis :-- On ðære ascan in the ashes, Exon. 59a; Th. 213, 27; Ph. 231: 60a; Th. 217, 24; Ph. 285. Gebreadad weorþeþ eft of ascan it becomes formed again from [its] ashes, 61a; Th. 224, 9; Ph. 373. Ascan and ýslan ashes and embers, 64a; Th. 236, 18; Ph. 576: 65a; Th. 240, 33; Ph. 648. [O. H. Ger. asca, f. cinis: Goth. azgo, f: O. Nrs. aska, f.]

a-sceacan, -scacan, -scæcan; he -sceaceþ, -sceacþ, -scæceþ, -scaceþ; p. -sceóc, -scóc, pl. -sceócon, -scócon; pp. -sceacen, -scacen. I. to shake off, remove; excutere :-- Asceacaþ ðæt dust of eówrum fótum excutite pulverem de pedibus vestris, Mk. Bos. 6, 11. II. to be removed, forsake, desert, flee; excuti, fugere, aufugere, deserere :-- Asceacen [Lamb. ofascacen] ic eom excussus sum, Ps. Spl. C. 108, 22. Ðæt Iacob wæs asceacen quod fugeret Jacob, Gen. 31, 22. He asceacen wæs fram Æðelréde he had deserted from Æthelred, Chr. 1001; Ing. 174, 15. III. to shake, brandish, to be shaken; vibrare, quatere, concuti, labefieri, infirmari :-- His swurd he acwecþ oððe asceacþ gladium suum vibrabit, Ps. Lamb. 7, 13. He ascæceþ feðre it shakes its plumage, Exon. 58a; Th. 207, 20; Ph. 144: Ps. Spl. 7, 13. Offa æscholt asceóc Offa shook his ashen spear, Byrht. Th. 138, 35; By. 230. Wilsumne regn wolcen brincgeþ, and ðonne ascaceþ God sundoryrfe pluviam voluntariam segregabis, Deus, hereditati tuæ, etenim infirmata est, Ps. Th. 67, 10.

a-sceádan, -scádan; p. -scéd, pl. -scédon; pp. -sceáden, -scáden; v. a. [a from, sceádan to divide] To separate, disjoin, exclude, distinguish; separare, segregare :-- Ic mec ascéd ðara scylda I separated myself from the guilt, Elen. Kmbl. 937; El. 470: 2623; El. 1313. And he hine from nýtenum ascéd and he distinguished him from beasts, L. E. I. 23; Th. ii. 420, 8. Hí of ciricean gemánan ascádene síen they from the church communion shall be excluded, L. Wih. 3; Th. i. 36, 19. Ðæt eálond is feor asceáden fram Hibernia insula ab Hibernia procul secreta est, Bd. 4, 4; S. 570, 40.

a-sceáf expelled, Cd. 55; Th. 68, 11; Gen. 1115; p. of a-scúfan.

a-scealian; p. ode; pp. od [a from, scealu a scale] To pull off the scales or bark, to scale, bark; decorticare, Cot. 79.

a-sceamian to be ashamed. v. a-scamian.

a-scearpan to sharpen, Ps. Surt. 63, 4. v. a-scirpan.

a-scéd separated, Elen. Kmbl. 937; El. 470; p. of a-sceádan.

a-sceofen expelled, = a-scofen, Bd. 4, 12; S. 581, 17; pp. of a-scúfan.

a-sceónung, e; f. Detestation, abomination; abominatio, Mk. Bos. 13, 14. v. a-scúnung.

a-sceóp gave, Cd. 161; Th. 201, 32; Exod. 381. v. a-sceppan.

a-sceortian, -scortian; p. ode; pp. od To be short, to grow short, shorten, elapse, diminish, fail; breviare, effluere :-- Ðæt wæter asceortode the water failed, Gen. 21, 15. Ten þúsend geára ascortaþ ten thousand years will elapse, Bt. 18, 3; Fox 66, 12.

a-sceótan; he -scýt, -scýtt; p. -sceát, pl. -scuton; pp. -scoten [a, sceótan to shoot] To shoot forth, shoot, shoot out, fall; jaculari, cum impetu erumpere :-- Hie ne mehton from him næ-acute;nne flán asceótan they could not shoot an arrow from them, Ors. 6, 36; Bos. 132, 8. Ne ascýtt Sennacherib flán into ðære byrig Hierusalem Sennacherib shall not shoot arrows into the city of Jerusalem, Homl. Th. i. 568, 31. Ða eágan of his heáfde ascuton, and on eorþan feóllan the eyes shot out of his head, and fell on the earth, Bd. 1, 7; S. 478, 38.

a-sceppan; p. -sceóp, -scóp, pl. -sceópon, -scópon; pp. -sceapen, -scapen To create, appoint, give; creare, designare :-- Him God naman niwan asceóp God gave him a new name, Cd. 161; Th. 201, 32; Exod. 381.

a-scerian to cut from, separate. v. a-scirian.

a-scerpan to sharpen. v. a-scirpan.

ASCIAN, acsian, ahsian, axian; p. ode; pp. od. I. to ASK, to ask for, to demand, inquire, to call, summon before one; interrogare, postulare, exigere :-- Ðe ðú me æfter ascast which thou askest about, Bt. 39, 4; Fox 216, 26, 29. Ne ascige ic nú ówiht bi ðam bitran deáþe mínum I demand now nothing for my bitter death, Exon. 29b; Th. 90, 16; Cri. 1475. He ongan hine ahsian he began to call him, Cd. 40; Th. 53, 18; Gen. 863. II. to obtain, experience; nancisci, experiri :-- He weán ahsode he obtained woe, Beo. Th. 2417; B. 1206: 851; B. 423. [Orm. asskenn: Laym. axien: O. Sax. éscón: O. Frs. askia, aschia: Dut. eischen: Ger. heischen: M. H. Ger. eischen: O. H. Ger. eiscón: Dan. äske: Swed, äska: O. Nrs. æskja optare: Sansk, ish to wish, desire.]

a-scilian; p. ede; pp. ed [a from, scel a shell] To take off the shell, to shell; enucleare, Cot. 171.

a-scínan; p. -scán, pl. -scinon; pp. -scinen To shine forth, to be clear, evident; clarescere, elucere :-- Hwylc wæ-acute;re his líf cúþlícor ascíneþ vita qualis fuerit certius clarescat, Bd. 5, 1; S. 613, 14. Ðá ðæ-acute;r ascán beáma beorhtast then there shone the brightest of beams, Exon. 52a; Th. 180, 20; Gú. 1282.

a-scirian, -scyrian; p. ede; pp. ed, ud; v. a. [a, scirian to share] To cut from, separate, divide, part, sever; separare, sejungere, excommunicare, destinare :-- He ascirede Adames bearn he separated Adam's sons, Deut. 32, 8. Ascyrud beón fram mannum moveri ab hominibus, Somn. 280. Ascyred and asceáden scylda gehwylcre sundered and set apart from every sin, Elen. Kmbl. 2623; El. 1313: Exon. 31b; Th. 98, 16; Cri. 1608. Ðæt he scyle from his Scippende ascyred weorþan to deáþe niðer that he shall be separated from his Creator by death beneath, Exon. 31b; Th. 99, 2; Cri. 1618.

a-scirigendlíc disjoining, disjunctive, v. a-scyrigendlíc.

a-scirpan, a-scyrpan, a-scerpan, a-scearpan; p. te, tun; pp. ed To sharpen; exacuere :-- Swíðor ablendaþ ðæs módes eágan ðonne hí hí ascirpan they rather blind the eyes of the mind than sharpen them, Bt. 34, 8; Fox 144, 34. v. scerpan.

ascirred = ascired separated from, saved, Bt. 20; Fox 72, 6; pp. of a-scirian.

a-scofen banished, R. Ben. 63. v. a-scúfan.

a-scóp gave, Ors. 1, 8; Bos. 31, 16. v. a-sceppan.

a-scortian to shorten, Bt. 18, 3; Fox 66, 12. v. a-sceortian.

a-scræp he scraped; radebat, Job 2, 8; Thw. 166, 33; p. of a-screopan.

a-screádian; p. ode; pp. od To prune, lop; præsecare, Anlct. Gl. DER. screádian.

a-screncan; p. -screncte; pp. -screnct [a, screncan to supplant] To supplant :-- Ne eft sió þræsþing ðæs líchoman ðæt mód ne ascrence mid upahæfenesse ne aut istos afflicta caro ex elatione supplantet, Past. 43, 9; Hat. MS. 60b, 3.

a-screopan; p. -scræp, pl. -scræ-acute;pon; pp. -screpen To scrape off, scrape; radere :-- Ascræp ðone wyrms of his líce testa saniem radebat, Job 2, 8; Thw. 166, 33. v. screopan.

a-screpan, -scrypan; pp. en To bear, cast or vomit out; egerere, Cot. 71. v. a-screopan.

a-scrincan; p. -scranc, pl. -scruncon; pp. -scruncen To shrink; arescere. v. scrincan.

a-scrypan to cast out. v. a-screpan.

asc-þrotu fennel-giant. v. æsc-þrote, an; f.

a-scúfan, -sceófan; p. -sceáf. pl. -scufon; pp. -scofen, -sceofen [a from, scúfan to shove] To drive away, expel, banish, repel, shove away; expellere, pellere, abigere, extrudere, emittere :-- Forþ ascúfan to drive forward, Exon. 129b; Th. 498, 1; Rä. 87, 6. Me cearsorge of móde asceáf Þeóden usser our Lord has driven anxious sorrow from my mind, Cd. 55; Th. 68, 11; Gen. 1115. He wæs asceofen and adrifen of his biscop-setle pulsus est a sede sui episcopatus, Bd. 4, 12; S. 581, 17.

ascung, e; f. An asking, a question, an interrogation, inquiry, inquisition; interrogatio, inquisitio :-- Ðæs sæ-acute;des corn biþ simle aweaht mid ascunga the grain of this seed is always excited by inquiry, Bt. Met. Fox 22, 81; Met. 22, 41: Bt. 5, 3; Fox 12, 16. v. acsung.

a-scúnian; p. ode; pp. od; v. a. [a away, scúnian to shun]. I. to avoid, shun, fly from; evitare, reprobare :-- He mót þyllíc ascúnian he must shun the like, L. C. S. 7; Th. i. 380, 9: L. Ed. 4; Th. i. 162, 6. II. to hate, detest; odisse, detestari :-- Esau ascúnode Iacob oderat Esau Jacob, Gen. 27, 41. Ðá ascúnodon híg hine oderant eum, Gen. 37, 4. III. to accuse, reprove, convict; arguere :-- Hwylc eówer ascúnaþ me for synne quis ex vobis arguet me de peccato? Jn. Bos. 8, 46.

a-scúniendlíc; adj. Detestable, abominable; detestabilis :-- Befóran Gode ys ascúniendlíc abominatio est ante Deum, Lk. Bos. 16, 15.

a-scúnung, a-sceónung, e; f. An execration, abomination, a detesta&dash-uncertain;