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a-streccan ; ic -strecce, ðú -strecest, he -strecþ ; p. -streahte, -strehte ; impert. -strece ; pp. -streaht, -streht; v. a. To stretch out, to extend, prostrate, or lay low, to prostrate oneself, bow down; extendere, expandere, prosternere, se prosternere, adorare :-- Ðe leas he astrecce his hand ne forte mittat manum suam, Gen. 3, 22 : 22, 12. He neowol astreaht feól on ða flóre he fell stretched prostrate on the floor, Bt. Met. Fox 1, 159; Met. 1, 80. Ðá feóll Abram astreht to eorþan cecidit Abram pronus in faciem, Gen. 17, 3. Astrehte hine to eorþan adoravit in terram, Gen. 18, 2 : Mt. Bos. 18, 26, 29: Mk. Bos. 3, 11.

a-stregdan; p. -stregde; pp. -stregd [a, stregdan to sprinkle] To sprinkle, scatter, strew; aspergere :-- Ðú astregdest me mid hysopon asperges me hyssopo, Ps. Spl. T. 50, 8.

astreht, astrehte prostrated; pp. and p. of a-streccan.

astrengd Malleable; ductilis, Ælfc. Gl. 115; Som. 80, 46; Wrt. Voc. 61, 24.

a-strícan; p. -strác, pl. -stricon; pp. -stricen To strike; percutere. v. strícan.

a-striénan, -strýnan; p. -strýnde; v. a. To engender, procreate, beget; gignere :-- Hie ðá ongunnon bearn astriénan they began then to beget children, Cd. 46; Th. 59, 19; Gen. 966. He bearn astrýnde he begat children, 57; Th. 70, 5; Gen. 1148. v. streónan, strýnan.

astrihilthet [astre a house, hold a master, þeowet a fine? Mann.] A fine levied on a householder; compensatio facta a domino mansionis, L. Ed. C. 26; Th. i. 454, 2, MS. L.

a-stundian To ASTOUND, grieve, suffer grief, to bear; dolere, R. Ben. 36, Mann.

a-stýfecigan to exterminate, Bt. 27, 1 ; Fox 94, 23, note 9. v. a-stífician.

a-styltan to astonish; stupescere. v. styltan.

a-stynt made dull; h&e-short;b&e-short;t&a-long;tus, Cot. 101. v. a-stintan.

a-styrfan; p. de; pp. ed To cause death, kill, slay; necare :-- Stánum astyrfed slain with stones, Exon. 10 b; Th. 12, 27; Cri.192. v. a-sterfan.

a-styrian, -stirian; p. ode, ede; pp. od, ed To remove, move, agitate, stir violently, stir up, raise; amovere, removere, movere, commovere : Astyre fram me wítu ðíne amove a me plagas tuas, Ps. Spl. 38, 13: 118, 29 : Rood Recd. 59; Kr. 30. Drihten astyrede ða wéstan stówe commovit Dominus desertum, Ps. Th. 28, 6: 17, 7. Simle ðonne ðæ-acute;r án tweó ofadón biþ, ðonne biþ ðæ-acute;r unrím astyred always when there is one doubt removed, then is there an innumerable multitude raised, Bt. 39, 4; Fox 216, 19.

a-styrred starred; stellatus, Scint. 58.

a-styrung, e; f. A motion; motus, Lye. v. stirung.

a-suand = a-swand weakened. v. a-swindan.

a-súcan, -súgan; p. -seác, -seág, pl. -sucon, -sugon; pp. -socen, -sogen To suck; sugere :-- Asogen wæ-acute;re sugeretur, Cot. 193. Sina beóþ asocene [Exon. asogene] the sinews shall be sucked, Soul Kmbl. 217; Exon. 99 b ; Th. 373, 19; Seel. 111. v. súcan.

a-sudon seethed; p. pl. of a-seóðan.

a-súgan to suck, Exon. 99 b; Th. 373, 19; Seel. 111. v. a-súcan.

asundran, asundron; adv. ASUNDER, apart, alone, privately; seorsum :-- Eall he hys leorning-cnihtum asundron rehte seorsum discipulis suis disserebat omnia, Mk. Bos. 4, 34. v. sunder.

a-sundrian, -syndrian; p. ode, ade; pp. od, ad [a from, sundrian to sunder] To put asunder, to sunder, separate, disjoin, sever; separare :-- Se deáþ asundraþ líc and sáwle death separates body and soul, Exon. 98 a ; Th. 367, 7 ; Seel. 4 : 50 a ; Th. 172, 27; Gú. 1150. Asundrod fram synnum separated from sins, Elen. Kmbl. 2615; El. 1309. Asundrad, Exon. 59 a; Th. 214, 20; Ph. 242.

a-sungen sung, Beo. Th. '2323; B. 1159 ; pp. of a-singan.

a-suond = a-swand languished, Cot. 101; p. of a-swindan.

a-súrian; p. ode; pp. od To be or become sour, tart, bitter; acescere, Cot. 10: 177. v. súrian.

a-swæ-acute;man to wander about; vagari, Exon. 52 b ; Th. 183, 12; Gú. 1326. [vide H. Z. x. 315.]

a-swæ-acute;pþ sweeps away, Past. 36, 8; Hat. MS. 48 b, 16; pres. of a-swápan.

a-swæ-acute;rnung,-swárnung, e; f. Bashfulness, confusion; verecundia :-- Aswæ-acute;rnung [aswæ-acute;rnunga MS. aswárnung Ps. Lamb.] mín ongeán me is verecundia mea contra me est, Ps. Spl. 43, 17. v. sceamu.

a-swáf wandered away; exorbitavi, exorbitavit; p. of a-swífan.

a-swámian; p. ode ; pp. od To languish, fail, cease; tabescere, deficere [H. Z. x. 315], Cd. 19; Th. 24, 12; Gen. 376.

a-swand languished away, Ps. Lamb. 106, 26; p. of a-swindan.

a-swáp, es; n; pl. a-swápa Sweepings, dust; peripsema, = περ&iota-tonos;ψημα, purgamentum. v. a-swápan.

a-swápan; he -swápþ, -swæpþ ; p. -sweóp, pl. -sweópon ; pp. -swópen To sweep off, clean; verrere, mundare :-- Hit aswæ-acute;pþ aweg ðæt yfel abstergat mala, Past. 36, 8 ; Hat. MS. 48 b, 16 : Exon. 106 b ; Th. 405, 21; Rä. 24, 5. Aswópen clæ-acute;ne mundatus, Mt. Rush. Stv. 12, 44. v. swápan.

a-swarcan To languish, consume; tabescere :-- Á-ýdlian oððe aswarcan oððe acwínan oððe aswindan ðú dydest swá swá æ-acute;tterloppan oððe ryngan sáwle his tabescere fecisti sicut araneam animam ejus, Ps. Lamb. 38, 12.

a-swarcian; p. ode; pp. od To confound, dismay, abash, fear; confundere, revereri :-- Ðon gescynde and aswarcode [MS. aswarcod] beóþ cum confusi et reveriti fuerint, Ps. Spl. 70, 26.

a-swárnian; p. ode; pp. od To be confounded; confundi :-- Ðæt hí aswárnian that they be confounded, Ps. Spl. 85, 16. v. a-swarcian.

a-swárnung, e; f. Bashfulness, Ps. Lamb. 43, 16. v. a-swæ-acute;rnung.

a-swearc languished, failed, Jos. 2, 11; p. of a-sweorcan.

a-sweartian; p. ode; pp. od To blacken, darken, to be made SWARTHY or black, obscured, darkened; denigrari :-- Ðæt gold biþ asweartod aurum obscuratur, Past. 18, 4; Hat. MS. 26 b, 8.

a-swebban; p. -swefede, pl. -swefedon; pp. -swefed; v. a. [a intensive, swebban to put to sleep] To sooth, appease, set at rest, put to death, destroy; sopire, sedare, necare, dolere :-- He ðone storm aswefede and gestilde tempestatem sopivit, Bd. 3, 15; S. 542, 5 : Exon. 58 b ; Th. 210, 15 ; Ph. 186. Sweordum aswebban to put to death with swords, Andr. Kmbl. 143; An. 72. He his ealdordóm synnum aswefede his eldership he had destroyed by sins, Cd. 160; Th. 199, 9; Exod. 336.

a-swefecian; p. ade; pp. ad To eradicate; eradicare :-- Aswefecad eradicatus, Cot. 75: 199.

a-swefed, -swefede, -swefedon; pp. and p. of a-swebban.

a-swellan; p. -sweall, pl. -swullon ; pp. -swollen To swell ; tumere :-- Se earm wæs swíðe aswollen the arm was much swollen, Bd. 5, 3 ; S. 616, 7. v. swellan.

a-sweltan; p. -swealt, pl. -swulton; pp. -swolten To die; mori, Cot. 147: 62. v. sweltan.

a-swengan; p. -swengde; pp. -swenged To shake out or off, to cast forth; excutere :-- He aswengde Pharaon in ðæm reádan sæ-acute; excussit Pharaonem in Mari Rubro, Ps. Surt. 135, 55.

a-sweorcan; p. -swearc, pl. -swurcon ; pp. -sworcen [a, sweorcan to dim, darken] To languish, fail; caligare, elanguere :-- Aswearc úre mód elanguit cor nostrum, Jos. 2, 11.

a-sweorfan; p. -swearf, pl. -swurfon ; pp. -sworfen To rub off, to file off, polish; expolire :-- To asworfenum óran, to gesworfenum óran sub expolita, Glos. Prudent. Recd. 142, 19. v. sweorfan.

a-sweotole; adv. Clearly; manifeste, Bt. 34, 4; Fox 138, 16. v. sweotol.

a-swerian; p. -swór, pl. -swóron; pp. -sworen; v.a. To swear; jurare :-- Ðæs deópne áþ Drihten aswór juravit Dominus veritatem, Ps. Th. 131, 11. Ðæt he hine for hóle æ-acute;r ne aswóre non frustrabitur eam, 131, 11. DER. swerian.

a-swícan; p. -swác, pl. -swicon; pp. -swicen; v. a. [a from, swícan to go] To go away from any one, to desert any one, to deceive, betray, offend; desciscere, deficere ab aliquo, prodere, scandalizare :-- Ne aswíc sundorwíne do not desert a particular friend, Exon. 80 b ; Th. 301. 34; Fä. 29. Eádríc aswác his cynehláforde Eadric betrayed his royal lord, Chr. 1016 ; Ed. 158, 5. Gif ðín swíðre hand ðé aswíce si dextra manus tua scandalizat te, Mt. Bos. 5, 30.

a-swician; p. ode ; pp. od To offend; scandalizare :-- Gyf ðín swíðre eáge ðé aswície [aswikie, Hat. MS.] si oculus tuus dexter scandalizat te, Mt. Kmbl. Rl. 5, 29.

a-swífan; p. -swáf, pl. -swifon; pp. -swifen To wander out of the way, to wander about ; exorbitare, Cot. 76 : 188. v. swífan.

a-swind, æ-swind; adj. Slothful, sluggish, idle; iners, Cot. 108.

a-swindan; p. -swand, pl. -swundon ; pp. -swunden [a away, swindan to languish] To languish away, to enervate, pine, consume away, to decay, perish, dissolve; tabescere, torpescere, consumi :-- Hwý ge swá aswundene sión why are ye so enervated? Bt. 40, 4; Fox 238, 31. Ðýlæs ealle gesceafta aswindaþ lest all creatures perish, Bt. 33, 4; Fox 130, 34. Aswindan me dyde anda min tabescere me fecit zelus meus, Ps. Spl. C. 118, 139: 111, 9: 106, 26. Aswunden reses, Ælfc. Gr. 9, 26; Som. 11, 11. A-ýdlian oððe aswarcan oððe acwínan oððe aswindan ðú dydest swá swá æ-acute;tterloppan oððe ryngan sáwle his tabescere fecisti sicut araneam animam ejus, Ps. Lamb. 38, 12.

a-swindung, e; f. Idleness, sloth; desidia. DER. aswind.

a-swógan; p. -swég, pl. -swégon ; pp. -swógen [a, swógan to rush] To rush into, invade, overrun, choke; irruere, invadere, occupare, suffocare :-- We witon ðæt we lufiaþ ðone æcer ðe æ-acute;r wæs mid þornum aswógen, and æfter ðæm ðe ða þornas beóþ aheáwene and se æcer biþ onered, bringþ gódne wæstm we know that we love the land which before was overrun with thorns, and after that the thorns are dug out and the land is ploughed up, brings good fruit, Past. 52, 9 ; Hat. MS. 81 b, 23.

a-swolcen idle; iners, Cot. 108. v. a-solcen.

a-swollen swollen, Bd. 5, 3 ; S. 616, 7. v. a-swellan.

a-swond = a-swand he weakened, enervated; enervavit, Cot. 71; p. of a-swindan.

a-swondennes, -ness, e; f. Slothfulness; inertia. v. a-swundennes.

a-swópen swept, cleaned :-- Aswópen clæ-acute;ne mundatus, Mt. Rush. Stv. 12, 44. v. a-swápan.

a-sworetan; p. te; pp. ed To sigh, draw a deep breath; suspirare :-- He hefiglice asworette graviter suspiravit, Bd. 3, 11 ; S. 536, 33. v. sworetan.