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be-cwyddod; part. p. [be, cwiddian to speak] Bespoken, deposited; &dash-uncertain;depositum, Ælfc. Gl. 14; Som. 58, 9.

be-cyme, es; m. A BY-COMING, an event or coming suddenly; eventus :-- Ðæs gehátes and ðæs wítedómes sóþ se æfterfyligenda becyme ðara wísena geséðde and getrymde cujus promissi et prophetiæ veritatem sequens rerum astruxit eventus, Bd. 4, 29; S. 607, 35.

be-cymþ happens, Bt. 39, 9; Fox 224, 29. v. be-cuman.

be-cýpan; ic -cýpe, ðú -cýpest, -cýpst, he -cýpeþ, cýpþ, pl. -cýpaþ; p. ic, he -cýpte, ðú -cýptest, pl. -cýpton ; pp. -cýped, -cýpt To sell; vendere :-- Ðú becýptest folc ðín vendidisti populum tuum, Ps. Spl. 43, 14. Gif hwá becýpþ his dóhtor si quis vendiderit filiam suam, Ex. 21, 7. Iosep becýped wæs venundatus est Ioseph, Ps. Spl. 104, 16 : Mt. Bos. 10, 29. v. cýpan.

be-cyrran; p. -cyrde; pp. -cyrred, -cyred, -cyrd; v. trans. To turn to, to give up, deliver, betray; vertere, transferre ad :-- Ælfmær hí becyrde Ælfmær betrayed it, Chr. 1011 ; Th. 266, 23, v. be-cerran.

BED, bedd, es ; n. I. a BED, couch, pallet; stratum, lectus :-- Hí ðá inasendon ðæt bed, ðe se lama on læg, Mk. Bos. 2, 4; thei senten doun the bedd, in whiche the sike man lay, Wyc. To ðínum bedde to thy bed, Gen. 16, 2. II. a bed in a garden; pulvillus vel areola in hortis : used in compounds, as Wyrt-bedd a wort bed, Herb, 7, 1; Lchdm. i. 96, 22 : Hreód-bedd a reed bed, 8, 1; Lchdm. i. 98, 13. [Plat. O. Sax. Dut. bed, n : Ger. bett, bette, n : M. H. Ger. bette, n : O. H. Ger. petti, n : Goth. badi, n : Dan. bed : Swed. bädd, n : O. Nrs. beðr, m. According to Grm. Wrtbch. i. 1722 connected with A. Sax. biddan : Goth. bidjan? for which he suggests the original meaning to lie on the ground; humi jacere.] DER, bed, bedd, -bolster, -clýfa, -cófa, -felt, -ian, -ing, -ling, -reáf, -reda [-rida], -rest, -stede, -þéen, -tíd : gebed, -clýfá, -scipe.

bed asked :-- Ic bed petii, Ps. Spl. 26, 7, = bæd; p. of biddan.

BÉD, es; nom. acc. pl. bédu, bédo; n. A prayer, supplication, re&dash-uncertain;ligious worship; oratio, supplicatio, Dei cultus :-- Ðæt he sceolde ða bédu [MS. B. byldo constancy] anescian that he should diminish [weaken] the prayers, Bd. 1, 7; S. 477, 43. Béd is chiefly found in composition, as in, - Béd-hús a place for prayer, béd-dagas prayer-days, Rogation-days. The original word béd a prayer was superseded by ge-béd a prayer, q.v. [Orm. bede a prayer; acc pl. bedess : Laym. acc. s. bede, bode a prayer; &dash-uncertain;dat. s. ibede ; nom. pl. beden : R. Glouc. acc. pl. bedes prayers : Piers acc. pl. bedes prayers, - 'if I bidde any bedes :' Piers and Chauc. also bedes, - 'a peire of bedes,' - a set of beads or small balls of glass etc. on a string, for counting prayers: O. Sax. beda ; gen. s. bede; dat. s. bedu : O. Frs. bede : M. H. Ger. bete : O. H. Ger. beta.] DER. béd-dagas, -hús, -ríp : gebéd, -dagas, -hús, -man, -ræ-acute;den, -stów. v biddan.

Beda, an; m. Venerable Bede, born at Monkton by Jarrow, near the &dash-uncertain;mouth of the Tyne, in A. D. 674. He wrote his Historia Ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum about A. D. 731, and died May 26, at the age of 61, in 735. - He gives the following account of himself, according to king Alfred's Anglo-Saxon version, made about 890 :-- Ic Beda, Cristes þeów, and Mæsse-Preóst ðæs Mynstres ðare eádigra Apostola Petrus and Paulus, ðæt is æt Wira-múþan [Wearmouth] and on Gyrwum [Jarrow], wæs acenned on sundor-lande ðæs ylcan Mynstres. - Mid ðý ic wæs seofon wintre, ðá wæs ic mid gýmenne mínra maga scald to fédanne and to læ-acute;ranne ðam árwurþan Abbude Benedicte, and Ceolfriþe æfter ðon and syððan ealle tíd mínes lífes on ðæs ylcan Mynstres eardunge, ic wæs dónde, and ealle geornnesse ic sealde to leornianne and to smeágianne hálige gewríto and betwyh gehald regollíces þeódscipes and ða dæghwám&dash-uncertain;lícan gýmenne to singanne on cyricean me symble swéte and wynsum wæs ðæt ic oððe [leornode oððe] læ-acute;rde oððe wríte. - And ðá ðý nigonteoðan geáre mínes lífes ðæt ic Deáconháde onféng; and ðý þrittigoðan geáre Mæsse-Preóst-háde. And æ-acute;ghwæðerne þurh þénunge ðæs árwurþan biscopes Johannes þurh hæ-acute;se and bebod Ceolferþes ðæs Abbudes. - Of &dash-uncertain;ðære tíde ðæs ðe ic Mæssepreóstháde onféng óþ nigon and fíftig wintra mínre yldo, ic ðás béc for mínre nýdþearfe and mínra freónda of geweorcum árwurþra Fædera wrát and sette ge eác swylce to mæ-acute;gwlite andgytes and gástlícra gerecenessa ic to ætýcte [Ego] Bæda, famulus Christi, et Presbyter Monasterii beatorum Apostolorum Petri et Pauli, quod est ad Viuræmuda et Ingyruum, natus sum in territorio ejusdem Monasterii. &dash-uncertain;- Cum essem annorum septem [A. D. 674 + 7 = 681] cura propinquorum datus sum educandus reverentissimo Abbati Benedicto, ac deinde Ceolfrido cunctumque ex eo tempus vitæ in ejusdem Monasterii habitatione peragens, omnem meditandis Scripturis operam dedi atque inter observantiam disciplinæ regularis et quotidianam cantandi in ecclesia curam semper aut discere aut docere aut scribere dulce habui. - Nonodecimo autem vitæ meæ anno [A. D. 674 + 19 = 693] Diaconatum, tricesimo gradum Presbyteratus [A. D. 674 + 30 = 704]. Utrumque per ministerium reverentissimi Episcopi Johannis jubente Ceolfrido Abbate suscepi. - Ex quo tempore accepti Presbyteratus usque ad annum ætatis meæ quinquagesimum no num [A. D. 674 + 59 = 733], hæc in Scripturam sanctam meæ meorumque necessitate ex opusculis venerabilium Patrum breviter adnotare sive etiam ad formam sensus et interpretationis eorum superadjicere curavi, Bd. 5, 23; S. 647, 18-35. Hér forþférde Beda here, A. D. 735 [MS- 734], Bede died, Chr. 734; Th. 77, 20, col. 1, 2, 3. Anno 735, Bæda Presbyter obiit, Bd. S. 224, 5. Sanctes Bedan bán restaþ on Gyrwa-wíc saint Bede's bones rest in Jarrow, L. Ælf. C. 6; Th. ii. 344, note 4, 3.

be-dæ-acute;lan, -délan, bi-dæ-acute;lan; p. -dæ-acute;lde, -délde; pp. -dæ-acute;led, -déled To deprive, bereave of anything, to deliver, release, free from anything; pri&dash-uncertain;vare, orbare, sejungere, liberare, expertem reddere :-- Wuldres bedæ-acute;led deprived of honour, Salm. Kmbl. 760; Sal. 379. Nele hí God æ-acute;fre góde bedæ-acute;lan Dominus non privabit eos bonis, Ps. Th. 83, 13. Be ðære lyfte bedæ-acute;led aere privatus, Bd. de nat. rerum ; Wrt. popl. scienc. 17, 11. Hí bióþ æ-acute;lces cræftes bedæ-acute;lde they are destitute of all ability, Bt, 36, 6; Fox 180, 28. Hwí sceal ic beón bedæ-acute;led æ-acute;gþer mínra sunena cur utroque orbabor filio? Gen. 27, 45. Gesæ-acute;lige sáwle sorgum bedæ-acute;lde happy souls released from cares, Cd. 220; Th. 282, 34; Sat. 296.

Beda-ford Bedford, Chr. 915 ; Th. 191, 26, col. 1. v. Bedan ford.

bédan to offer, Chr. 1011; Th. 267, 12, col. 1, v. beódan III.

Bedan ford, Beda-ford, Bedcan ford, Bede-ford, Bedican ford, Biedcan ford, es ; m : dat. -forde, -forda [Hunt. A. D. 1148 Bedeford : West. 1377 Bedford : Kni. 1395 Bedforde, Bedeforde : bedan = bedum lectis, ford vadum : lectos et diversoria ad vadum sonans, Camd.] BEDFORD; oppidi nomen :-- Ða yldestan men to Bedan forda hyrdon the first men belonged to Bedford, Chr. 918; Ing. 133, 2. Eádweard cyning fór to Bedan forda king Edward went to Bedford, 919; Ing. 133. 13. Hie gedydon æt Bedan forda pervenirent ad Bedanfordam, Chr. 921; Gib. 107, 40.

Bedan ford-scír, Bæda-ford-scír, Beada-ford-scír, Bede-ford-scír, e ; f. BEDFORDSHIRE; comitatus nomen :-- Hí hæfdon ofergán Bedan fordscíre they had subjugated Bedfordshire, Chr. 1011; Th. 266, 5, col. 2. Wende him út into Bedan fordscíre egressus est in Bedanfordsciram, 1016; Th. 278, 16, col. 1.

Bedan heáfod, es; m. Beda's head, Bedwin? in Wiltshire, Chr. 675; Erl. 37, 6. v. Biedan heáfod.

bed-bolster; gen. -bolstres; m. A pillow, bolster; plumacium :-- Bed-bolster plumacium, Ælfc. Gl. 27; Som. 60, 103; Wrt. Voc. 25, 43.

Bedcan ford Bedford, Chr. 571; Th. 32, 27, col. 1. v. Bedan ford.

bed-clýfa, bedd-clýfa, bed-cleófa, bed-cófa, an; m. A bed-chamber, closet; cubile hominis, cubiculum :-- Gang into ðínum bedclýfan infra in cubiculum tuum, Mt. Bos. 6, 6.

bed-cófa, an; m. A bed place; cubiculum :-- Bed-cófa vel búr cubiculum, Ælfc. Gl, 27 ; Som. 60, 99 : Lk. Bos. 12, 3. v. bed-clýfa.

bedd a bed; stratum, lectus, Cd. 101; Th. 134, 33; Gen. 2234. v. bed.

bedd bid, command, Lev. 6, 20, = bid, bidd ; impert. of biddan.

béd-dagas; pl. nom. m. Prayer-days, Rogation-days; orandi dies, Rogationis dies, Wanl. Catal. 20, 12.

bedd-clýfa a bed-chamber; cubiculum, Gen. 43, 30. v. bed-clýfa.

beddian, beddigan; p. ode; pp. od To prepare or make a bed; sternere :-- Ic strewige, oððe beddige I make or prepare a bed, Ælfc. Gr. 28, 1; Som. 30, 34. Féde þearfan, and beddige him feed the needy, and make a bed for them, L. Pen. 14; Th. ii. 282, 16.

bedding, beding, e; f. I. BEDDING, covering of a bed; stra&dash-uncertain;mentum, stratum, Ælfc. Gl. 111; Som. 79, 60 :-- Mid mínum teárum míne beddinge ic beþweá lacrimis meis stratum meum rigabo, Ps. Lamb. 6, 7. II. a bed; lectus :-- Gyf ic astíge on bedinge stræ-acute;te mínre si ascendero in lectum strati mei, Ps. Spl. 131, 3.

bedd-reáf bed-clothes. v. bed-reáf.

bedd-redda, bedd-rida, an ; m. One bed-ridden; clinicus, Ælfc. Gl. 77; Som. 72, 28. v. bed-reda.

bedd-rest, bed-rest, e ; f. A bed-rest, a bed; lectus :-- Me Sarran bedd-reste gestáh Sarah ascended my bed, Cd. 129; Th. 164, 16; Gen. 2715 : 102; Th. 135, 25; Gen. 2248.

-béde exorable. DER. eáþ-béde, q. v.

be-deáglian, bi-deáglian; p. ode; pp. od To hide, cover, conceal, keep close or secret; occultare, abscondere :-- Me ne meahte monna æ-acute;nig bi-deáglian hwæt he hogde nobody could conceal from me what he meditated, Exon. 51 a ; Th. 177, 12; Gú. 1226. v. be-díglian.

be-deaht = be-þeaht covered, Judth. 11; Thw. 24, 29; Jud. 213; pp. of be-þeccan.

Bede-ford Bedford, Chr. 10l0; Th. 264, 12, col. 1. v. Bedan ford.

Bede-ford-scír Bedfordshire, Chr. 1011; Th. 266, 5, col. 1. v. Bedan ford-scír.

be-déglad, bi-déglad hidden, obscured, Exon. 57 a; Th. 204, 15; Ph. 98; pp. of be-díglian.

be-délan; p. -délde; pp. -déled To deprive; privare :-- Duguðum be-&dash-uncertain;déled deprived of dignity, Cd. 215; Th. 272, 19; Sat. 122. v. be-dæ-acute;lan.

be-delfan; p. -dealf, pl. -dulfon ; pp. -dolfen To dig in or around, to bury, inter; circumfodere, sepelire :-- Óþ i hine bedelfe usque dum fodiam circa illam, Lk. Bos. 13, 8. Bedealf hyt on eorþan he buried it in the earth, Mt. Bos. 25, 18. Bedolfen, Elen. Kmbl. 2159; El. 1081.

be-delfing, e; f. A digging about; ablaqueatio :-- Niðerwart treówes bedelfing a digging about the lower part of a tree, Ælfc. Gl. 60; Som. 68, 16; Wrt. Voc. 39, 2.

beden prayed, Bd. 3, 5 ; S. 527, 28 : Th. Diplm. A. D. 743-745; 28, 22; pp. of biddan.