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bersting, e; f. A BURSTING, rent; ruptura. DER. múþ-bersting, q. v.

berþ a birth. v. berþ-estre, berþ-ling, beorþ.

Berþa Bertha; Bercta, Lat. f. the queen of Æðelbryht, king of Kent. v. Berhte.

berðen, e; f. A burthen, load; sarcina :-- Seám vel berðen sarcina, Wrt. Voc. 16, 27. v. byrðen.

berþ-estre, an; f. A bearer of children; genetrix, Leo 110. v. -estre.

berþ-ling, es; m. Child-birth. v. hyse-berþling.

berþor child-birth. v. beorþor, hyse-beorþor.

bert-hwíl a moment; momentum, R. Ben. 5. v. beorht-hwíl.

berwe; dat. of bearo a grove, q. v.

be-rýfan [ = be-reófan] to bereave; spoliare, privare :-- Ðá hí þohton þeóden-stóles rícne berýfan then they thought to bereave the powerful of his throne, Exon. 84 a; Th. 317, 9; Mód. 63. DER. reófan to reave, rob, bereave.

be-rýpan; p. -rýpde, -rýpte, pl. -rýpton; pp. -rýped, -rýpt To spoil; spoliare :-- Berýpton, Bt. Met. Fox 2, 23; Met. 2, 12. v. rýpan to rip, tear.

be-sacan; p. -sóc, pl. -sócon; pp. -sacen To dispute about anything; in controversiam vocare. DER. un-besacen. v. sacan.

be-sæncan; p. -sæncte; pp. -sænct to sink; mergere, L. Ælf. P. 13; Th. ii. 368, 27. v. sencan.

be-sænct sunk; mersus; pp. of be-sæncan.

be-sæt, be-sæ-acute;ton besieged, Ors. 1, 14; Bos. 37, 15; p. of be-sittan.

be-sanc sank; submersit, Ors. 3, 11; Bos. 75. 32; p. of be-sincan.

be-sárgian; p. ode; pp. od To lament, bewail, to mourn or be sorry for, to condole; lamentari, condolere, compati, deflere :-- Ic besárgige compatior, Ælfc. Gr. 29; Som. 33, 52 : Ælfc. T. 42, 1 : Scint. 45. 50.

be-sárgung, e; f. A sorrowing, Hymn. Surt. 126, 24. v. sárgung.

be-sárigende condoling. v. be-sárgian, sárgian.

be-sáwan to sow; conserere. v. sáwan.

be-sáwe, pl. -sáwen looked, Bt. 35, 6; Fox 170, 9; p. subj. of be-seón.

be-scær,-scear, pl. -scæ-acute;ron,-sceáron sheared, shaved; p. of be-sceran.

be-sceadan; p. ede; pp. ed To shadow; obumbrare :-- For hwám besceadeþ heó múntas and móras why shadoweth it mountains and moors? Salm. Kmbl. 680; Sal. 339. v. sceadian, ofer-.

be-sceáden separated, L. E. I. 32; Th. ii. 430, 9; pp. of be-sceádan.

be-sceáf cast, Andr. Kmbl. 2384; An. 1193; p. of be-scúfan.

be-sceát shot into, precipitated one's self, Ors. 3, 3; Bos. 56, 5; p. of be-sceótan.

be-sceáwian; p. ode; pp. od To look round upon, look on, consider, regard, watch; circumspicere, intueri, considerare, respicere, perscrutari, providere :-- Hí besceáwigende circumspiciens eos, Mk. Bos. 3, 5. Ic onlócige, oððe ic besceáwige intueor, Ælfc. Gr. 27; Som. 29, 60. Besceáwiaþ æcyres lílian considerate lilia agri, Mt. Bos. 6, 28. Ðú ne besceáwast nánes mannes hád non respicis personam hominum, Mt. Bos. 22, 16. Ðæt he Alexandres [wisan] besceáwode that he might watch Alexander's conduct, Ors. 4, 5; Bos. 82, 22 : R. Ben. 55. DER. sceáwian.

be-sceáwigere, be-sceáwere a beholder; spectator, Som.

be-sceáwodnes, -ness, e; f. A seeing, vision, sight; visio, Ps. Spl. T. 9, 11.

be-scencan to give to drink. v. bi-scencan.

be-sceoren shorn, Bd. 5, 7; S. 621, 15, = be-scoren; pp. of be-sceran.

be-sceótan; he -sceóteþ, -scýt; p. -sceát, pl. -scuton; pp. -scoten To shoot into, inject, precipitate one's self, to be sent, go; injicere, se præcipitare, mitti, ire :-- Ne bescýt se deófol næ-acute;fre swá yfel geþóht in to ðám

men nunquam diabolus tam pravas cogitationes in hominem injicit, Alb. resp. 40. Curtius besceát Curtius se præcipitavit, Ors. 3, 3; Bos. 56, 5. Ðæt hí on grúnd ne bescuton ut in abyssum ne irent, Lk. Bos. 8, 31.

be-sceran, bi-sceran, -sciran, -scyran; p. -scær, -scear, pl. -scæ-acute;ron, -sceáron; pp. -scoren To shear off, to shave, cut off; attondere, amputare, præcidere :-- Hý eall heora heáfod besceáron they all shaved their heads, Ors. 4, 11; Bos. 96, 37; capitibus rasis, Ors. Hav. 4, 20; p. 270, 5. Ðæt he to preóste bescoren beón mihte that he might be shorn as a priest, Bd. 4, 1; S. 564, 24. Iulianus ðeáh to preóste bescoren wæ-acute;re though Julian had been shorn for a priest, Homl. Th. i. 448. 29. Ic næs næ-acute;fre ge-efsod ne næ-acute;fre bescoren, and gif ic beó bescoren, ðonne beó is unmihtig óðrum mannum gelíc ferrum nunquam ascendit super caput meum, si rasum fuerit caput meum, recedet a me fortitudo mea et deficiam eroque sicut ceteri homines, Jud. 16, 17. Man ne mót hine besciran a man must not shear him, Jud. 13, 5. Gif he hine to preóste bescire [bescyre MSS. B. H.], mid xxx scillinga gebéte if he shave him like a priest, let him make amends with thirty shillings, L. Alf. pol. 35; Th. i. 84, 7, 9. Biscær, Reim. 26. v. sceran.

be-scerian, -scirian, -scyrian, -scyrigan; p. ede; pp. ed To deprive, separate, defraud; privare, separare, fraudare :-- Hér, A. D. 821, wærþ Ceolwulf his ríces bescered here Ceolwulf was deprived of his kingdom, Chr. 821; Erl. 63, 10. Ðonne ic bescired beó fram túnscíre when I am deprived of my stewardship, Lk. Bos. 16, 4. Ðone we sceoldan bescyrian ðære onfangenan ealdorlícnysse quem nos privare auctoritate percepta debemus, Bd. 1, 27; S. 492, 14. Ne syndon hí to bescyrianne gemæ-acute;nsumnysse Cristes líchoman and blódes non corporis ac sanguinis Domini communione privandi sunt, 1, 27 S. 491, 27. He bescyraþ hine sylfne fram ðære écan méde he separates himself from the everlasting reward, Homl. Th. ii. 534, 34. Ná bescyreþ of gódum hí ða gangendan on unscyldignysse non privabit bonis eos qui ambulant in innocentia, Ps. Spl. 83, 13. Mec bescyrede Scyppend eallum the Creator deprived me of all, Exon. 111 b; Th. 427, 34; Rä. 41, 101. He wæs eallra his lima þénunge bescyred he was deprived of the use of all his limbs, Bd. 5, 5; S. 617, 38. He hæfþ us ðæs leóhtes bescyred he hath deprived us of the light, Cd. 21; Th. 25, 12; Gen. 392 : 21; Th. 25, 16; Gen. 394. Ðæt ic meahte ongitan Godes ágen bearn, scyldum bescyredne that I might comprehend God's own child, separated from protections [shields], Exon. 83 b; Th. 314, 2; Mód. 8. Wuldre bescyrede from glory separated, Andr. Kmbl. 3235; An. 1620 : Cd. 221; Th. 285, 26; Sat. 343 : Exon. 8 a; Th. 3, 7; Cri. 32 : 45 b; Th. 155, 29; Gú. 867 : Ps. Th. 77. 29. Syndon hí to bescyriganne Cristes líchoman and blódes corporis et sanguinis Domini privandi sunt, Bd. 1, 27; S. 491, 34. Híg ne synt bepæ-acute;hte oððe bescyrede fram heora gewilnunge non sunt fraudati a desiderio suo, Ps. Lamb. 77, 30; thei weren not defraudid of her desier, Wyc. v. bi-scerian.

be-scerwan to deprive; privare :-- Ne ðínra árna me bescerwe do not deprive me of thy mercy, Ps. C. 50, 98; Ps. Grn. ii. 279, 98.

be-sciered deprived, Chr. 821; Erl. 62, 11, = be-scired; pp. of be-scirian.

be-scínan; p. -scán; pp. -scinen To shine upon, illuminate; collustrare, illuminare :-- Mec heaðosigel bescíneþ the glorious sun shines upon me, Exon. 126 b; Th. 486, 18; Rä. 72, 17.

be-sciran to shear, shave, Jud. 13, 5 : L. Alf. pol. 35; Th. i. 84, 7, 9. v. be-sceran.

be-scirian to deprive, Lk. Bos. 16, 4. v. be-scerian.

be-scítan; p. -scát; pp. -sciten To bedaub; cacare :-- Besciten caccabatum, Cot. 189. v. scítan.

be-scofen thrust off, precipitated, Mk. Bos. 5, 13; pp. of be-scúfan.

be-scoren shorn, shaved, Jud. 16, 17; pp. of be-sceran.

be-screádian to cut off; descindere. DER. screádian.

be-screopan; p. -scræp, pl. -scræ-acute;pon; pp. -screpen To scrape, BESCRAPE, make level; radere. v. screopan.

be-scrifen; part. Confessed, that hath undergone confession; confessus. v. scrífan.

be-scúfan; p. -sceáf, pl. -scufon; pp. -scofen; v. a. To shove, thrust, cast, hurl or throw, to precipitate; intrudere, immittere, detrudere, præcipitare :-- Hét hine ðá niman, and ðæ-acute;r on bescúfan then ordered to take him, and to shove him in there, Ors. 1, 12; Bos. 36, 38. Wá biþ ðæ-acute;m, ðe sceal sáwle bescúfan in fýres fæðm woe shall be to him, who shall thrust a soul into the fire's embrace, Beo. Th. 371; B. 184. Se mihtiga cyning niðer bescúfeþ in súsla grúnd the mighty king casteth thee down into the abyss of sulphur, Elen. Kmbl. 1883; El. 943. Ðé se Ælmihtiga heolstor besceáf the Almighty cast thee into darkness, Andr. Kmbl. 2384; An. 1193. Seó heord wearþ on sæ-acute; bescofen grex precipitatus est in mare, Mk. Bos. 5, 13. v. scúfan, sceófan.

be-scuton went, Lk. Bos. 8, 31; p. pl. of be-sceótan.

be-scyldigian; p. ode; pp. od To accuse; accusare, criminari. v. scyldigian, ge-.

be-scylian; p. ede; pp. ed To look upon, to regard; intueri :-- Ðú bescylst mid óðre eágan on ða heofenlícan þing, mid óðre ðú lócast on ðás eorþlícan thou lookest with one eye on the heavenly things, and with the other thou lookest on these earthly [things], Bt. 38, 5; Fox 206, 18.

be-scyran to shave, L. Alf. pol. 35; Th. i. 84, 7, 9, MSS. B. H. v. be-sceran.

be-scyre should shave; attonderet, L. Alf. pol. 35; Th. i. 84, 7. 9; 3rd pers. pres. subj. of be-scyran.

be-scyred deprived, Bd. 5, 5; S. 617, 38; pp. of be-scyrian.

be-scyrednes, -ness, e; f. An abdication, a casting off, depriving; abdicatio, Cot. 14.

be-scyrian to deprive, separate, defraud, Bd. 1, 27; S. 492, 14 : 1, 27; S. 491, 27 : Homl. Th. ii. 534, 34 : Ps. Spl. 83, 13 : Exon. 111 b; Th. 427, 34; Rä. 41, 101 : Bd. 5, 5; S. 617, 38 : Cd. 21; Th. 25, 12; Gen. 392 : 21; Th. 25, 16; Gen. 394 : Exon. 83 b; Th. 314, 2; Mód. 8 : Andr. Kmbl. 3235; An. 1620 : Cd. 221; Th. 285, 26; Sat. 343 : Exon. 8 a; Th. 3, 7; Cri. 32 : 45 b; Th. 155, 29; Gú. 867 : Ps. Th. 77. 29 : Ps. Lamb. 77, 30. v. be-scerian.

be-scyrigan to deprive, Bd. 1, 27; S. 491, 34, v. be-scerian.

be-scyrþ shaves; 3rd pers. pres. of be-sceran.

be-scyrung, e; f. [be from, scerung from sceran to tonsure or consecrate] A deposing, degrading, putting from holy orders; exauctoratio, desecratio, exordinatio. DER. be-scyrian?

be-scýt injects, Alb. resp. 40; 3rd pers. pres. of be-sceótan.