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be-tweonan; prep. dat. acc. Between; inter :-- Unc betweonan between us two, Cd. 91; Th. 114, 10; Gen. 1902. v. be-tweonum.

be-tweonum, be-tweonan, be-twinum, be-twinan, be-twynan, bi-tweon, bi-tweonum; prep. I. dat. II. acc. [be, bi by, with, tweo two; dat. tweonum, twinum, tweon, twin, twyn] BETWEEN, betwixt, among, amid, in the midst; inter, in medio. I. dat. Betweonan ðám between them, Ps. Th. 102, 12. Betweonum ðissum þingum amid these things, Bd. 1, 27; S. 488, note 26. Ðá Iudeas cwæ-acute;don betweonan him sylfum then the Jews said among themselves, Jn. Bos. 7, 35. II. acc. Ðú hí betweonum wætera weallas læ-acute;ddest thou ledest them between waterwalls, Ps. Th. 105, 9. Ðá seó cwén ongan læ-acute;ran ðæt hie sybbe swá same sylfra betweonum freóndræ-acute;denne gelæ-acute;ston then the queen began to teach that they should hold peace also amid their friendly band, Elen. Kmbl. 2412; El. 1207. III. sometimes betweonum follows its case, or is separated from it :-- Ðá gewearþ hí him betweonum they then agreed between themselves, Ors. 6, 30; Bos. 126, 24. Léton him ða betweonum tán wisian they let the lot decide between them, Andr. Kmbl. 2199; An. 1101. Ne sceólon unc betweonan teónan weaxan injury shall not wax between us two, Cd, 91; Th, 114, 10; Gen. 1902. Hluton hell-cræftum, hæ-acute;ðengildum teledon betwinum they cast lots, counted, with hellish arts, amid heathen gods, Andr. Kmbl. 2207; An. 1105. Gif ge habbaþ lufe eów betwynan si dilectionem habueritis ad invicem, Jn. Bos. 13, 35. Friþ freóndum bitweon peace between friends, Exon. 32 a; Th. 101, 15; Cri. 1659. IV. sometimes the case is placed between be and tweonum, as, - Be sæ-acute;m tweonum between the seas, Cd. 163; Th. 205, 28; Exod. 442 : 170; Th. 214, 1; Exod. 562. v. bi-tweonum.

be-tweonum; adv. Between; inter, in medio :-- Ne sí lang fæc be-tweonum ne sit longum spatium in medio, Bd. 4, 9; S. 577, 27.

be-tweox between; inter :-- Nú ic eów sende swá swá lamb betweox wulfas ecce ego mitto vos sicut agnos inter lupos, Lk. Bos. 10, 3 : 11, 51 : Ps. Th. 87, 4 : 88, 5 : Bt. Met. Fox 11, 90; Met. 11, 45 : 11, 168; Met. 11, 84 : 24, 25; Met. 24, 13, v. be-tweoh.

be-twih between. v. betwih-licgan, be-tweoh.

betwih-licgan, he -ligeþ To lie between; interjacere :-- Gif mycel feornys síþfætes betwihligeþ si longinquitas itineris magna interjacet, Bd. 1, 27; S. 491, 39. v. be-tweoh.

be-twinan; prep. dat. Within, among; intra, inter :-- Cwæ-acute;don sume bóceras him betwinan some scribes said among themselves, Mt. Bos. 9, 3. v. be-tweonum III.

be-twinum between, amid; inter, in medio, Andr. Kmbl. 2207; An. 1105. v. be-tweonum.

be-twion; adj. [be by, with; twám, twæ-acute;m, dat. of twá two] Double, folding, twofold; duplex :-- Mid betwion mentle with a folding mantle; diploide, Ps. Spl. T. 108, 28.

be-twuh; prep. dat. acc. Between, among; inter :-- He gewícode betwuh ðæ-acute;m twám hergum he encamped between the two armies, Chr. 894; Th. 164, 23, col. 1. He betwuh him wunaþ he dwells among them, Bt. 39, 13; Fox 234, 10 : Bt. Met. Fox 29, 8; Met. 29, 4. v. betweoh.

be-twuht; prep. dat. Between; inter :-- Betwuht him between them, Bt. 39, 13; Fox 234, 5. v. be-tweoh.

be-twux between, among; inter :-- Nis betwux wífa bearnum, nán mæ-acute;rra wítega, ðonne Iohannes se Fulluhtere major inter natos mulierum propheta nemo est Ioanne Baptista, Lk. Bos. 7, 28 : Gen. 3, 14. v. be-tweoh.

betwux-alegednes, -nyss, e; f. [betwux between; aleged, alegd laid] What is laid or placed between, an interposition, interjection; interjectio :-- Interjectio mæg beón gecweden betwuxalegednyss on Englisc, forðanðe he líþ betwux wordum an interjection may be called a laying between in English, because it lies between words, Ælfc. Gr. 48; Som. 48, 61. v. betwyx-aworpennyss.

betwux-aworpennys an interjection; interjectio. v. betwyx-aworpennyss.

be-twuxt among; inter :-- Ðá geseah Grég&o-short;rius betwuxt ðám warum, cýpecnihtas gesette then Gregory saw among their wares, youths set for sale, Nat. S. Greg. Els. 11, 14. v. be-tweoh.

be-twyh between, among; inter, in medio :-- Betwyh ðás þing between these things, in the mean while, whilst; interea, Bd. 1, 27; S. 488, 26. Betwyh him among them, Bt. 39, 12; Fox 230, 27. v. be-tweoh.

betwyh-geset interposed; interpositus, Bd. 4, 9; S. 576, 42.

be-twynan; prep. dat. Between, among; inter :-- Him betwynan among them, Mt. Jun. 9, 3 : Jn. Bos. 16, 17. Ge habbaþ lufe eów betwynan dilectionem habueritis ad invicem, Jn. Bos. 13, 35. v. be-tweonum.

be-twyx betwixt, between :-- Betwyx wífa bearnum inter natos mulierum, Mt. Bos. 11, 1l : Chr. 1126; Th. 377, 10. v. betwyx-sendan, betweoh.

betwyx-aworpennyss, e; f. An interjection; interjectio :-- Interjectio is betwyxaworpennyss. Se dæ-acute;l líþ betwux óðrum wordum, and geswutelaþ ðæs módes styrunge. Heu geswutelaþ módes sárnesse an interjection is a throwing between. This part of speech lieth between other words, and denotes a stirring of the mind. Heu denotes a soreness of mind, Ælfc. Gr. 5; Som. 3, 55. v. betwux-alegednes.

betwyx-sendan to send between; intermittere, R. Conc. Proœm.

be-twyxt betwixt, between; inter, Hemm. p. 403. v. be-tweoh.

be-tygen accused, L. In. 14; Th. i. 110, 16; pp. of be-tíhan.

be-týhþ accuses, L. In. 46; Th. i. 130, 12; pres. of be-teón.

be-týhtlian to accuse, L. Eth. i. 1; Th. i. 280, 8, 16. v. be-tíhtlian.

be-týnan, -tiénan, bi-týnan; p. -týnde, pl. -týndon; impert. -týn, -tiéne; pp. -týned, -tiéned, -týnd; v. a. [be, týnan to hedge in]. I. to inclose or surround with a hedge, inclose, close, shut, shut up; sepem circumdare, sepire, intercludere, claudere, occludere, concludere :-- Sum hírédes ealdor wæs, se plantode wíngerd, and betýnde hyne homo erat paterfamilias, qui plantavit vineam, et sepem circumdedit ei, Mt. Bos. 21, 33 : Mk. Bos. 12, 1. Ceorles weorþig sceal beón betýned a churl's close ought to be surrounded with a hedge, L. In. 40; Th. i. 126, 13. Hí hine betýndon in án nearo fæsten they inclosed him in a narrow fastness, Bd. 4, 26; S. 602, note 19. Háteþ heáhcyning helle betýnan the mighty king shall command to close hell, Salm. Kmbl. 348; Sal. 173. Ðæs heán biscopes leoma on ðysse byrigenne syndon betýnde [MS. betyned] pontificis summi hoc clauduntur membra sepulchro, Bd. 2, 1; S. 500, 22 : Exon. 110 b; Th. 422, 25; Rä. 41, 11. Wearþ se hálga wong bitýned the holy plain was closed, 61 b; Th. 227, 7; Ph. 419. He hine inne betýnan nolde he would not shut it in, L. Alf. 21; Th. i. 48, 31. He ðæt folc úte betýnde he shut the people out, Ors. 4, 5; Bos. 81, 40. Hý betýndon Ianes duru they shut the doors of Janus, 6, 7; Bos. 120, 5 : 5, 14; Bos. 113, 42. Gif hwá wæterpyt betýnedne ontýne, and hine eft ne betýne, gelde swelc neát swelc ðæ-acute;ron befealle if any one open a water-pit [that is] shut up, and close it not again, let him pay for whatever cattle may fall therein, L. Alf. 22; Th. i. 50, 6, 7. Betiéne togeánes híg conclude adversus eos, Ps. Spl. T. 34, 3. II. to end, finish, conclude; finire :-- Heó ðus ðæt word betýnde thus she ended the speech; ita sermonem conclusit, Bd. 4, 9; S. 577, 28.

be-tyran [be, tyrwa tar] To BETAR, to smear over, to stain a dark colour; pice liquida inficere, q. d. pullo vel bætico colore imbuere, Æqu. vern. 2.

be-ufan; adv. [be, ufan] Above; supra :-- Swá we hér be-ufan cwæ-acute;don as we here have said above, L. Ath. iv. 4; Th. i. 224, 4. v. búfan.

be-útan; prep. dat. [be, útan out] Without; extra :-- Wundorlíc is geworden ðín wísdóm eall, se is be-útan me mirabilis facta est scientia tua ex me, Ps. Th. 138, 4. Gif ic míne fiðeru gefó, fleóge æ-acute;r leóhte, óþ ðæt ic be-útan wese eallum sæ-acute;wum si sumpsero pennas meas ante lucem, et habitavero in postremo maris, 138, 7. Ða be-útan beóþ earce bordum who shall be without the boards of the ark, Cd. 67; Th. 81, 32; Gen. 1354. v. bútan.

be-waden; part. p. A quo aliquid abiit? - Of wombe bewaden, Exon. 130 b; Th. 499. 32; Rä. 88, 24. DER. be, wadan.

be-wæ-acute;fan; p. de; pp. ed [wæ-acute;fan to cover] To befold, wrap round, cover, clothe; obvolvere, amicire, operire, induere :-- Mid ánre scýtan bewæ-acute;fed amictus sindone, Mk. Bos. 14, 51 : Homl. Th. ii. 242, 24. Heó nam hyre wæ-acute;fels and bewæ-acute;fde híg illa sustulit pallium et operuit se, Gen. 24, 65. Martinus me bewæ-acute;fde mid ðyssere wæ-acute;de Martin clothed me with this garment, Homl. Th. ii. 500, 34. His cempan mid wolcnreádum wæ-acute;felse hine bewæ-acute;fdon his soldiers clothed him in a scarlet robe, ii. 252, 25. Ic eom réáde bewæ-acute;fed I am clothed with red, Exon. 126 a; Th. 484. 2; Rä. 70, 1 : Past. 14, 3; Hat. MS. 17 b, 19. [Goth. bi-wáibyan to wind, put round.]

be-wæg surrounded, Bt. 39, 4; Fox 216, 25; p. of be-wegan.

be-wæ-acute;gan; p. de; pp. ed To deceive, disappoint; frustrari :-- Ne bewæ-acute;gde him non frustratus est eum, Ps. Spl. C. 131, 11. v. bi-wæ-acute;gan.

be-wægnan; p. ede; pp. ed To offer; offerre :-- Him wæs freónd-laðu bewægned a friendly invitation was offered to him, Beo. Th. 2390; B. 1193.

be-wæ-acute;lan; p. de; pp. ed To afflict; undique vexare, affligere, cruciare :-- Wítum bewæ-acute;led afflicted with torments, Andr. Kmbl. 2721; An. 1363.

be-wæ-acute;pnian, -wépnian; p. ede; pp. ed [be, wæ-acute;pen a weapon] To take away arms, disarm; armis spoliare :-- Be ðam ðe óðerne bewépnaþ de eo qui alium armis spoliaret, L. C. S. 61, titl; Th. i. 408, 16. Gif man æt unlagum man bewæ-acute;pnige [bewepnie MS. B.] if any one unlawfully disarm a man, 61; Th. i. 408, 18.

be-wand wrapped, enwrapped, Bd. 3, 11; S. 536, 9 : Lk. Bos. 2, 7; p. of be-windan.

be-warenian, -warnian; p. ode; pp. od To guard, beware; custodire, cavere :-- He wel ne bewarenaþ wið ða unþeáwas he does not well guard against the vices, Bt. Met. Fox 16, 45; Met. 16, 23. Ða ðe hie wið ða læssan scylda bewareniaþ those who guard themselves against the lesser sins, Past. 57, 1; Hat. MS.

be-warian, -warigan; p. ode; pp. od To keep, guard, preserve; custodire, arcere :-- Bisceopas godcunde heorda bewarian and bewerian sceolon bishops ought to guard and defend their spiritual flocks, L. C. E. 26; Wilk. 133, 22; Th. i. 374, 24. Ðæt ðú meaht wíte bewarigan that thou mayest ward off punishment, Cd. 27; Th. 35, 31; Gen. 563. v. warian.