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bisceop-líc, biscop-líc; def. se -líca, seó, ðæt -líce; adj. BISHOPLIKE, episcopal, belonging to a bishop; episcopalis, pontificalis :-- He ðæt biscoplíce líf be-eóde episcopalem vitam exercebat, Bd. 5, 18; S. 635, 23. On bisceoplícum gerece pontificali regimine, 2, 15; S. 519, 13.

bisceop-ríce, biscop-ríce, es; n. [bisceop a bishop, ríce a region] A BISHOPRIC, diocese, province of a bishop; episcopi provincia, diœcesis = διo&iota-tonos;κησιs :-- Mellitus féng to ðam bisceopríce Mellitus succeeded to the bishopric, Bd. 2, 7; S. 509, note 8. Seaxulf his biscopríce onféng Saxulf succeeded to his bishopric, 4, 6; S. 573, 35.

bisceop-roc, -rocc a bishop's rochet. v. biscop-roc.

bisceop-scír, biscop-scír, e; f. [bisceop a bishop, scír a province]. I. the province of a bishop, a diocese; episcopi provincia, diœcesis = διo&iota-tonos;κησιs, parochia = παρoικ&iota-tonos;α :-- Bisceopscír diœcesis vel parochia, Ælfc. Gl. 68; Som. 69, 123; Wrt. Voc. 42, 4. Ðæt næ-acute;nig bisceop óðres bisceopscíre onswóge ut nullus episcoporum parochiam alterius invadat, Bd. 4, 5; S. 572, 32: 4, 13; S. 582. 1: 4. 6; S. 573. 39. He todæ-acute;lde on twá biscopscíre West-Seaxna mæ-acute;gþe he divided the province of the WestSaxons into two dioceses, 3, 7; S. 530, 6, 10. II. the office of a bishop, episcopate; episcopatus :-- Seó biscopscír Wihte ðæs eálondes belimpeþ to Daniele Wintan ceastre bisceope episcopatus Vectæ insulæ ad Danihelem pertinet episcopum Ventæ civitatis, 5, 23; S. 646, 22. Se forlét ða bisceopscíre he left the episcopate; relicto episcopatu, 3, 21; S. 551, 38.

bisceop-seld a bishop's seat or residence, an episcopal see. v. biscop-seld.

bisceop-seðel a bishop's seat or residence, an episcopal see. v. biscop-seðel.

bisceop-setl, biscop-setl, biscep-setl, es; n. [bisceop a bishop, setl a seat]. I. a bishop's seat or residence; sedes episcopalis :-- Sæt he ðæt bisceopsetl xxxvii wintra and six mónaþ and feówertyne dagas he occupied the episcopal residence thirty-seven [of] years [winters] and six months and fourteen days, Bd. 5, 23; S. 646, 9. He ðam Wine gesealde biscop-setl on Wintan ceastre Vino in civitate Venta sedem episcopalem tribuit, 3, 7; S. 530, 7, 14. Se eádiga Petrus se apostol gesæt biscepsetl on Róme the blessed Peter the apostle occupied the episcopal residence in Rome, Chr. 45; Erl. 6, 19. II. a bishopric; episcopatus :-- Wine wæs adrifen of his bisceopsetle Wine was driven from his bishopric; pulsus est Vini de episcopatu, Bd. 3, 7; S. 530, 13.

bisceop-stól, biscop-stól, es; m. [stól a stool, seat] A bishop's seat or residence, an episcopal see, bishopric; sedes episcopalis, episcopatus, pontificatus :-- He ne mihte ðone Rómániscan bisceopstól eallunge forlæ-acute;tan he could not altogether neglect the Roman episcopal see, Nat. S. Greg. Els. 28, 8. Agefen to Wigorna cestre ðam bisceopstóle given to the episcopal see at Worcester, Th. Diplm. A. D. 883; 131, 27. Augustinus cyrde to his bisceopstóle Augustine returned to his bishopric, Nat. S. Greg. Els. 37, 5. Seó on setl biscopstóles wæs to ætýced quæ in sedem pontificatus addita est, Bd. 5, 23; S. 646, 32.

bisceop-þénung, e; f. [þénung duty, office] The duty or office of a bishop; episcopi officium :-- Þegnode se árwurþa bisceop Willferþ on ðám dæ-acute;lum ða bisceopþénunge árwurþlíce fif geár the venerable bishop Wilfrith exercised the office of a bishop in those parts honourably five years, Bd. 4, 13; S. 583, 15. Féng Eádulf to ðære bisceopþénunge Eadulf succeeded to the bishop's office, 5, 23; S. 645, 19.

bisceop-wíte a bishop's fee for visiting. v. biscop-wíte.

bisceop-wyrt, biscop-wyrt, biscep-wyrt, e; f. [wyrt a wort, herb, plant] BISHOP'S-WORT, bishop's weed, betony, vervain, marsh-mallow; ammi = &alpha-tonos;μμι [ammi majus, Lin.], betonica, verbena, hibiscum = &iota-tonos;β&iota-tonos;σκos :-- Wyrc to drence æscþrotu, betonice, bisceopwyrt make into a drink ash-throat, betony, bishop's-wart, L. M. 1, 47; Lchdm. ii. 120, 10: 1, 23; Lchdm. ii. 66, 2, 10. Genim bisceopwyrt ða súðernan take the southern bishop's-wort, L. M. 2, 54; Lchdm. ii. 274, 27. To monnes stæmne nim biscopwyrt for a man's voice take bishop's-wort, Lchdm. iii. 46, 26: Ælfc. Gl. 40; Som. 63, 93; Wrt. Voc. 30, 43. Genim ða brádan biscopwyrt take the broad bishop's-wort, Lchdm. iii. 46, 2. Betonice, ðæt is, biscopwyrt betony, that is, bishop's-wort, Herb. cont. 1; Lchdm, i. 2, 1. Seó læsse biscopwyrt betonica, Ælfc. Gl. 43; Som. 64, 49; Wrt. Voc. 31, 59. Biscopwyrt [MS. biscopwyrtil] verbena, 41; Som. 64, 1; Wrt. Voc, 31, 14. Biscepwyrt hibiscum, Wrt. Voc. 286, 15.

biscep a bishop, Chr. 110; Erl. 8, 11: 636; Erl. 24, 14: 690; Erl. 42, 15, v. bisceop.

biscep-dóm the province of a bishop, a bishopric, Chr. 660; Erl. 34, 7. v. bisceop-dóm II.

biscep-setl an episcopal see, Chr. 45; Erl. 6, 19. v. bisceop-setl.

biscep-wyrt marsh-mallow, Wrt. Voc. 286, 15. v. bisceop-wyrt.

bi-scerian, -scirian, -scyrian; p. ede; pp. ed To deprive, separate; privare, separare :-- Wilna biscirede from desires separated, Exon. 48 b; Th. 166, 24; Gú. 1047. Dreámum biscyred from joys separated, 88 a; Th. 330, 23; Vy. 55. Faraþ nú, awyrgde, willum biscyrede engla dreámes, on éce fír go now, accursed, wilfully deprived of the joy of angels, into eternal fire, 30 a; Th. 93, 3; Cri. 1520: 95 a; Th. 355, 28; Reim. 84: 42 b; Th. 142, 17; Gú. 645. v. be-scerian.

bi-scirian to separate, Exon. 48 b; Th. 166, 24; Gú. 1047. v. bi-scerian.

biscop a bishop, Chr. 910; Erl. 100, 9, 10. v. bisceop.

biscop-dóm the province of a bishop, a bishopric, Bd. 3, 7; S. 530, note 10. v. bisceop-dóm II.

biscopgan to confirm, L. Ælf. C. 18; Wilk. 155, 51. v. bisceopian.

biscop-gegyrelan; pl. m. [gegyrela a garment, robe] Episcopal robes; indumenta episcopalia :-- He sende him biscopgegyrelan he sent him episcopal robes, Bd. 1, 29; S. 498, 10.

biscop-hád the office or state of a bishop, the episcopate, Cot. 86: Ps. Spl. 108, 7. v. bisceop-hád.

biscop-heáfod-lín a bishop's head linen, an ornament which bishops wore on their heads; infula :-- Biscop-heáfod-lín infula, Ælfc. Gl. 64; Som. 69, 10.

biscop-líc episcopal, Bd. 5, 18; S. 635, 23. v. bisceop-líc.

biscop-ríce a bishopric, Bd. 4, 6; S. 573, 35. v. bisceop-ríce.

biscop-roc, -rocc, es; m. [roc, rocc a tunic] A bishop's rocket; dalmatica :-- Mid biscoprocce scrýdan to clothe with a bishop's rocket, Lchdm. iii. 202, 26.

biscop-scír a diocese, Bd. 3, 7; S. 530, 6, 10. v. bisceop-scír.

biscop-seld, es; n. [seld a seat, residence] A bishop's seat or residence, an episcopal see; sedes episcopalis :-- Se cyning sealde him stówe and biscopseld on Lindesfearona eá rex locum sedis episcopalis in insula Lindisfarnensi tribuit, Bd. 3, 3; S. 525, 35.

biscop-seðel; g. -seðles; n. [seðel a seat] A bishop's seat or residence; sedes episcopalis :-- Mellitus féng to ðam biscopseðle Contwara burge cirican Mellitus succeeded to the episcopal residence of Canterbury church; Mellitus sedem Doruvernensis ecclesiæ suscepit, Bd. 2, 7; S. 509, 8.

biscop-setl a bishop's residence, Chr. 604; Th. 38, 1. v. bisceop-setl.

biscop-stól an episcopal seat, Bd. 5, 23; S. 646, 32. v. bisceop-stól.

biscop-wíte, es; n. A bishop's fee for visiting, procuration; episcopo debita, Chr. 675; Erl. 38, 5.

biscop-wyrt bishop's-wort, betony, Lchdm. iii. 46, 26: Herb, cont. 1; Lchdm. i. 2, 1. v. bisceop-wyrt.

bi-scyrian to deprive, separate, Exon. 88 a; Th. 330, 23; Vy. 55: 30 a; Th. 93, 3; Cri. 1520: 95 a; Th. 355, 28; Reim. 84: 42 b; Th. 142, 17; Gú. 645. v. bi-scerian.

bi-seah looked about, Exon. 51 b; Th. 180, 8; Gú. 1276, = be-seah; p. of be-seón.

bísegu occupation, Bt. 33, 4; Fox 132, 28. v. býsgu.

bísen; gen. bísne, bísene; f. An example, similitude, command, precept, Bt. 22, 2; Fox 78, 13: 29, 1; Fox 102, 12: Exon. 40 a; Th. 133, 33; Gú. 499: Lk. Rush. War. 13, 6: Cd. 27; Th. 36, 13; Gen. 571. v. býsen.

bi-sencan to sink, Exon. 25 a; Th. 72, 8; Cri. 1168. v. be-sencan.

bi-seón; p. -seah to see, Exon. 23 b; Th. 67, 13; Cri. 1088. v. be-seón, seón.

bises; indecl. m. A leap year; bisextile, bisextus :-- Bútan bises geboden weorþe, feorþan geáre unless a leap year is appointed, [being] the fourth year, Menol. Fox 64; Men. 32.

bi-settan; p. -sette, pl. -setton; pp. -seted, -sett To set, beset, surround; inserere, circumdare :-- Ðonne gim in goldfate smiþa orþoncum biseted weorþeþ when a gem has been set in a golden vessel by the artifice of smiths, Exon. 60 a; Th. 219, 9; Ph. 304. Mid wyrtum se wilda fugel his nest biseteþ útan the wild bird surrounds its nest without with herbs, 63 b; Th. 233, 26; Ph. 530. v. be-settan.

bísgian to occupy, busy, Cd. 64; Th. 76, 29; Gen. 1264: Bt. proœm; Fox viii. 6. v. býsgian.

bísgu, e; f. Occupation, toil, affliction, care, Bt. proœm; Fox viii. 5, 6: Exon. 114 a; Th, 438, 14; Rä. 57, 7: 82 b; Th. 311, 6; Seef. 88: 74 b; Th. 280, 7; Jul. 625: Beo. Th. 3490; B. 1743: Bt. Met. Fox 22, 127; Met. 22, 64. v. býsgu.

bísgung, e; f. [ = a-bísgung = a-býsgung] Business, occupation; negotium, occupatio :-- Fint he ða ryhtwísnesse gehýdde mid his módes bísgunga he will find the wisdom concealed by the occupation of his mind, Bt. 35, 1; Fox 156, 12. Ne forlæ-acute;te se reccere ða inneran giémenne ðæs godcundan þiówdómes for ðære abísgunge ðara úterra weorca let not the ruler forsake the inner care of the divine ministration for the occupation of outer works, Past. 18, 1; Hat. MS. 25 a, 29, 27, 30. v. býsgu.

bísigu occupation, labour, Beo. Th. 567, note; B. 281. v. býsgu.

bisleásung, e; f. Fiction; figmentum, Ps. Spl. M. 102, 13. v. leásung.

bismærian; p. ede; pp. ed To revile; maledicere :-- Bismæredon uncit [Inscription, Bismærede ungket] men, bá ætgædre they [men] reviled us two, both together, Runic Inscrip. Kmbl. 354, 30. v. bysmerian.

bismær-word, es; n. [ = bismer-word: bismer opprobrium, contumelia; word verbum] A disgraceful or abusive word, reproach, insult; ignominiosum vel contumeliosum verbum, opprobrium, insultatio :-- Mid bismærwordum with insults, L. H. E. 11; Th. i. 32, 5.