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brád-æx, e; f. A broad axe, an axe; dolatura, dolabrum :-- Brádæx dolatura, Cot. 68: dolabrum, Ælfc. Gl. 51; Som. 65, 131; Wrt. Voc. 34, 59.

Brádan æ-acute;; indecl. f. [i.e. latus fluvius, Hist. Eccl. Petroburg. Bardanea, Gib. Chr. explicatio 15] Broadwater; Bradanea :-- Þurh án scýr wæter, Brádan æ-acute; hátte through a clear water called Broadwater, Chr. 656; Erl. 31, 17; per unam pulcram aquam, Bradanea nomine, Cod. Dipl. 984; A. D. 664; Kmbl. v. 5, 3.

Brádan-ford, es; dat. -forde, -forda; m. [brád broad, ford a ford] BRADFORD in Wilts; loci nomen vadum amplum vel latum significans, hodie Bradford in agro Wiltoniensi :-- Cénwalh gefeaht æt Brádanforda be Afne Kenwealh fought at Bradford near the Avon, Chr. 652; Erl. 26, 22.

Brádan-relic, Brádun-reolic, es; m: Brádan-reíg, -eíg = íg, e; f. [eíg, íg an island, broad island] Flat Holme, an island in the mouth of the Severn :-- Sæ-acute;ton hie úte on ðam íglande, æt Bræ-acute;danrelice they sat outward on an island, Flat Holme, Chr. 918; Ing. 132, 19.

bráddra broader, larger, Bd. de nat. rerum; Wrt. popl. science 14, 14; Lchdm. iii. 264, 26, = brádra; comp. def. m. of brád.

bráde; adv. Broadly, widely; late :-- Físon bráde bebúgeþ Pison widely encompasses it, Cd. 12; Th. 14, 23; Gen. 223: Exon. 13 a; Th. 24, 5; Cri. 380: Ps. Th. 106, 37.

Bráden, Bræ-acute;den, es; m. [Flor. Bradene: so called from its size, from brád, bræ-acute;d broad, open, spacious; dene, es; m. vallis, locus silvestris, v. denu] BREDON Forest, near Malmesbury, Wiltshire; silvæ nomen in agro Wiltoniensi :-- Hie cómon to Creccageláde, and fóron ðæ-acute;r ofer Temese, and námon, æ-acute;gðer ge on Brádene, ge ðæ-acute;r ymbútan, eall ðæt hie gehentan mehton they came to Cricklade, and there they went over the Thames, and took, both in Bredon, and thereabout, all that they could carry off, Chr. 905; Th. 180, 22, col. 1, 2.

bréd-hláf, es; m. [bræ-acute;dan to roast, hláf bread] A biscuit, parched or baked bread; paximatium = παξαμ&alpha-tonos;διoν, panis torrefactus :-- Brádhláf paximatium, Wrt. Voc. 288, 66.

brádiende; part. [brád broad, spread out] Stretching out, extending, reaching; amplificans, extendens, tendens :-- Fram ðam heofone brádiende niðer óþ ða eorþan reaching from the heavens down to the earth, Ors. 5, 10; Bos. 108, 25. v. bræ-acute;dan.

brád-nes, -ness, -nis, -niss, -nys, -nyss, e; f. [brád broad, large, -nes, -nis, -nys -ness] BROADNESS, extent, largeness, surface; latitudo, amplitudo, facies, superficies :-- Se ródor belýcþ on his bósme ealle eorþan brádnysse the firmament incloses in its bosom all the extent of the earth, Hexam. 5; Norm. 8, 27. Se wæ-acute;ta, gyf hit sealt byþ of ðære sæ-acute;, byþ þurh ðære lyfte brádnysse to ferscum wæ-acute;tan awend the moisture, if it is salt from the sea, is turned into fresh water through the extent of the atmosphere, Bd. de nat. rerum; Wrt. pop1. science 19, 3, 27; Lchdm. iii. 278, 11; 280, 14. Gehérde me on tobræ-acute;dednesse oððe on brádnesse Drihten exaudivit me in latitudine Dominus, Ps. Lamb. 117, 5. Salomone forgeaf God brádnysse heortan God gave Solomon largeness [or liberality] of heart, Homl. Th. ii. 576, 29. Þeóstru wæ-acute;ron ofer ðære niwelnisse brádnisse tenebræ erant super faciem abyssi, Gen. 1, 2. Ðære eorþan brádnis wæs adrúwod exsiccata esset superficies terra, 8, 13. Byþ ðære eorþan brádnys betweox us and ðære sunnan the surface of the earth is between us and the sun, Bd. de nat. rerum; Wrt. popl. science 5, 8; Lchdm. iii. 240, 14. Sumes þinges brádnyss the surface of something; superficies, Ælfc. Gr, 47; Som. 48, 47. Án wyll asprang of ðære eorþan, wætriende ealre ðære eorþan brádnysse fons ascendebat e terra, irrigans universam superficiem terræ, Gen. 2, 6.

brádost broadest, Ors. 1, 1; Bos. 20, 45; superl. of brád.

brádre broader, Ors. 2, 6; Bos. 50, 22; comp. f. n. of brád.

brád-þistel; gen. -þistles; m. A thistle with long leaves, sea-holm, sea-holly; eryngium = &eta-tonos;ρ&upsilon-tonos;γγιoν, eryngium maritimum, Lin :-- Brádþistel eryngion, Cot. 212.

bræc, ðú bræ-acute;ce, pl. bræ-acute;con broke, didst break, Mt. Bos. 14, 19: Exon. 28 a; Th. 85, 20; Cri. 1394: Cd. 32; Th. 43, 5; Gen. 686; p. of brecan.

bræc, es; n. [bræc; p. of brecan to break] A breaking, flowing, rheum, catarrh; rheuma = ρευμα :-- Bræc rheuma, Ælfc. Gl. 10; Som. 57, 21; Wrt. Voc. 19, 27. DER. ge-bræc, fýr-ge-, hræ-acute;c-ge-, neb-ge-.

bræ-acute;c breeches; braccæ, Som. femoralia, Wrt. Voc. 81, 63, = bréc; pl. of bróc, f.

bræc-cóðu, e; f. [bræc a breaking, cóðu a disease] The breaking or falling disease, epilepsy; epilepsia = &epsilon-tonos;πιληψ&iota-tonos;α :-- Bræc-cóðu, fylle-seóc epilepsia vel caduca vel larvatio vel commitialis, Ælfc. Gl. 10; Som. 57, 20; Wrt. Voc. 19, 26.

bræ-acute;ce; adj. Breaking; violans. DER. æ-acute;w-bræ-acute;ce, un-. v. brecan.

bræc-seóc; adj. [bræc, seóc sick, diseased] Troubled with the falling sickness, epileptic, frantic, lunatic; epilepticus, phreneticus, lunaticus :-- Sum bræcseóc man becom ðyder phreneticus devenit ibi, Bd. 4, 3; Whelc. 267, 45, MSS. B. C. DER. ge-bræcseóc.

bræc-seócnes, -ness, e; f. Epilepsy; epilepsia. DER. bræc-seóc epileptic, frantic; -nes -ness.

bræd, bred, es; m. [ = brægd, bregd from bregdan to braid, weave, twist] Fraud, deceit; fraus, dolus :-- He hit dyde bútan brede [bræde MS. B.] and bigswíce he did it without fraud and guile, L. Ed. 1; Th. i. 160, 6. Ic spæce drífe bútan bræde and bútan bíswíce I prosecute my suit without fraud and without guile, L. O. 2; Th. i. 178, 13. Bred fucus, fraus, astus, Cot. 10.

bræd plucked, drew out, Byrht. Th. 136, 20; By. 154; p. of bredan.

bræ-acute;d, e; f: bræ-acute;do, bræ-acute;du; indecl. f. [brád broad; latus] BREADTH, width, latitude; latitudo, amplitudo :-- Biþ se arc fíftig fæðma on bræ-acute;de the ark shall be fifty fathoms in breadth; quinquaginta cubitorum erit latitudo arcæ, Gen. 6, 15. On bræ-acute;do his stealles latitudine sui status, Bd. 1, 1; S. 474, 29. Ic on bræ-acute;du [bræ-acute;de, Spl.] gange ambulabam in latitudine, Ps. Th. 118, 45. Drihten me gehýrde on heáre [ = heáhre, MS. hearr] bræ-acute;du exaudivit me in latitudine Dominus, 117, 5. Hí habbaþ ingang swá mycelre bræ-acute;do swá mon mæg mid liðeran geworpan habet ingressum amplitudinis quasi jactus fundæ, Bd. 4, 13; S. 583, 11. [Chauc. brede: Wyc. breede: O. Frs. brede, f: Dut. breedte, f: Ger. M. H. Ger. breite, f: O. H. Ger. breiti, f: Goth. braidei, f: Dan. brede, c: Swed. bredd, f: Icel. breidd, f. breadth.] DER. hand-bræ-acute;d.

bræ-acute;d broad; latus, Beo. Th. 4421, note. v. brád.

bræ-acute;dan, brédan; to bræ-acute;danne, brédanne; part. bræ-acute;dende; he bræ-acute;deþ, bræ-acute;d; p. bræ-acute;dde, pl. bræ-acute;ddon; pp. bræ-acute;ded, bræ-acute;dd, bræ-acute;d [brád broad; latus]. I. v. trans. To make broad, BROADEN, extend, spread, stretch out; dilatare, propalare, expandere :-- Hí heora stówe bræ-acute;ddon they broadened their places, Bd. 1, 8; S. 479, 24. He gesihþ brimfuglas bræ-acute;dan feðra he sees sea-fowls spread their wings, Exon. 77 a; Th. 289, 13; Wand. 47. Ge wilniaþ eówerne hlísan to brédanne ye wish to spread your fame, Bt. 18, 1; Rawl. 38, 33, MS. Cot. Se wallenda lég hine bræ-acute;dde to ðam biscope the raging flame spread itself to the bishop, Bd. 2, 7; S. 509, 22. Bræ-acute;ddon æfter beorgum flotan feldhúsum the sailors spread [themselves] amongst the hills with their tents, Cd. 148; Th. 186, 1; Exod. 132. Ðæt hí his naman bræ-acute;den [MS. bræ-acute;dan] that they spread his name, Bt. 30, 1; Fox 108, 11. Se cyning his handa wæs uppweardes bræ-acute;dende wið ðæs heofones the king stretched [lit. was stretching] out his hands upwards towards heaven, Ors. 4, 5; Bos. 81, 36. II. v. intrans. To be extended or developed, grow or rise up; dilatari, adolescere :-- Leáf and gærs bræ-acute;d geond Bretene leaves and grass are extended [lit. leaf and grass is extended] over Britain, Bt. Met. Fox 20, 197; Met. 20, 99. Treó sceolon bræ-acute;dan trees shall rise up, Exon. 91 b; Th. 343. 20; Gn. Ex. 160. [Laym. breden: Scot. brade: Plat. breden, bredden: O. Sax. brédian, brédón: Kil. breeden: Ger. M. H. Ger. breiten: O. H. Ger. breitan: Goth. braidyan: Dan. brede: Swed. breda: Icel. breiða to broaden.] DER. ge-bræ-acute;dan, geond-, ofer-, to-.

BRÆ-acute;DAN, brédan, to bræ-acute;denne; part. bræ-acute;dende; p. bræ-acute;dde; pp. bræ-acute;ded, bræ-acute;dd; v. a. To roast, broil, warm; assare, fovere :-- We mágon bræ-acute;dan ða þing [þingc MS.] ðe to bræ-acute;denne synd nos possumus assare qua assanda sunt, Coll. Monast. Th. 29, 21. Brédan, weormian fovere, Cot. 86. Bræ-acute;dende assans, Cot. 195. [Laym. breden: Scot. brade: Plat. braden, braën: Frs. briede: O. Frs. breda: Dut. braden: Ger. braten: M. H. Ger. bráten: O. H. Ger. brátan assare.] DER. gebræ-acute;dan.

bræ-acute;de, es; m. [bræ-acute;dan to roast] Roasted meat; assatura :-- Bræ-acute;de assura vel assatura, Ælfc. Gl. 31; Som. 61, 85; Wrt. Voc. 27, 15. [Dut. ge-braad, n: Ger. brate, m. caro assa: M. H. Ger. bráte, m: O. H. Ger. bráto, m. assatura.]

bræ-acute;de, an; f. The breadth; latum. v. lenden-bræ-acute;de.

bræ-acute;ded-nes, -ness, e; f. [bræ-acute;ded; pp. of bræ-acute;dan to broaden, -nes -ness] Broadness, breadth, width, latitude; amplitudo, latitudo. DER. to-bræ-acute;dednes. v. brádnes.

bræ-acute;dels, es; m? [bræ-acute;dan to spread or stretch out] Anything spread or stretched out, a carpet, covering, garment, dress; palla, stragulum, velamentum, opertorium :-- Bræ-acute;dels stragulum, R. 4, Lye. DER. ofer-bræ-acute;dels.

Bræ-acute;den Bredon Forest :-- On Bræ-acute;dene ge ðæ-acute;r onbútan in Bredon and thereabout, Chr. 905; Th. 181, 23, col. 1, 2. v. Bráden.

bræ-acute;ding, e; f. [bræ-acute;dan to spread, extend] A spreading; ampliatio :-- Mæg hine scamian ðære bræ-acute;dinge his hlísan he may be ashamed of the spreading of his fame, Bt. 19; Fox 68, 24.

bræ-acute;ding-panne, an; f. [bræ-acute;dan to roast, broil, panne a pan] A frying-pan; sartago, Cot. 173. v. bræ-acute;d-panne.

bræd-ísen, bred-ísern, es; n. [bræd, p. of bredan; ísen, ísern iron] A scraping or graving tool, file; scalprum, scalpellum :-- Brædísen scalprum, scalpellum, Cot. 173. Bredísern scalpellum, Glos. Epnl. Recd. 162, 28.