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eal-gréne, eall-gréne, æl-gréne; adj. All-green; omn&i-long;no v&i-short;r&i-short;dis :-- Geségun eorþan ealgréne they saw the earth all-green, Exon. 24 b; Th. 69, 31; Cri. 1129.

eal-gylden, eall-gylden; adj. All-golden; omn&i-long;no aur&e-short;us :-- Swýn eal-gylden the all-golden swine, Beo. Th. 2227; B. 1111.

ealh a residence, temple, v. alh, healh.

eal-hálig all-holy; omn&i-long;no sanctus. v. eall-hálig.

ealh-stede, alh-stede, eolh-stede, es; m. A protecting or sheltering place, city, temple; l&o-short;cus qui præbet t&u-long;t&e-long;lam, arx, templum :-- In ðære wídan byrig, ealhstede eorla in the wide city, the sheltering place of men, Cd. 208; Th. 258, 11; Dan. 674.

eal-hús an ale-house, Som. Ben. Lye. v. eala-hús.

eal-hwít all-white, v. eall-hwít.

eá-lifer, e; f. [eá water, lifer liver] Liverwort? eup&a-short;t&o-short;rium cann&a-short;b&i-short;num, Lin :-- Eálifer hátte wyrt gníd on ealaþ rub in ale the herb called liverwort, L. M. 1, 22; Lchdm. ii. 64, 21: 2, 24; Lchdm. ii. 216, 14.

eal-íren all of iron, v. eall-íren.

eal-ísig all-icy; omn&i-long;no glaci&a-long;lis. v. eall-ísig.

eá-líðend, es; m. A wave-sailor, sailor; qui æequor nav&i-short;gat :-- Wæ-acute;ron eorlas onlíce eálíðendum the men were like sailors-over-the-wave, Andr. Kmbl. 502; An. 251.

eall; adj. All; t&o-long;tus :-- Eall t&o-long;tus, Ælfc. Gr. 18; Som. 21, 10. Eall ðín líchama all thy body, Mt. Bos. 6, 22. Eall ðeós woruld all this world, Cd. 29; Th. 38, 9; Gen. 604: Exon. 20 a; Th. 52, 34; Cri. 843: Lk. Bos. 23, 18: Jn. Bos. 11, 50: Mk. Bos. 4, 34: Andr. Kmbl. 652; An. 326: 2294; An. 1148: 2867; An. 1436: Bt. Met. Fox 26, 121; Met. 26, 61: 28, 9; Met. 28, 5: Beo. Th. 4091; B. 2042: 4181; B. 2087: Exon. 22 a; Th. 60, 5; Cri. 965: Salm. Kmbl. 2; Sal. 1: Bt. 38, 4; Fox 204, 9: Bd. 1, 12; S. 480, 35: 1, 26; S. 487, 37: Ors. 2, 4; Bos. 45, 15. v. eal.

ealla, an; m. Gall, bile; fel :-- Hym man drincan mengde myd eallan and myd ecede one mingled him a drink with gall and with vinegar, Nicod. 26; Thw: 14, 18. Wid ðæs eallan [geallan MS. H.] togotennysse for effusion of the bile, Herb. 146, 2; Lchdm. i. 270, 4: 141, 2; Lchdm. i. 262, 12. v. gealla.

eall-beorht, æll-beorht, æl-beorht; adj. All-bright; p&e-short;n&i-short;tus splend&i-short;dus, fulgentiss&i-short;mus :-- Englas eall-beorhte angels all-bright, Cd. 224; Th. 297, 23; Sat. 522.

eall-cyn; adj. Of every kind, universal; omn&i-short;g&e-short;nus, un&i-short;versus :-- Eallcyn sæ-acute;d getreówfulra [Iacobes MSS. C. T.] un&i-short;versum semen Iacob, Ps. Spl. 21, 22.

eallenga, eællenge; adv. Altogether, utterly; prorsus, omn&i-long;no :-- Ðonne wæs se óðer eallenga sweart then was the other utterly black, Cd. 24; Th. 30, 35; Gen. 477.

Ealleríca, an; m. Alaric, king of the Goths :-- Rædgota and Ealleríca Rómáne burig abræ-acute;con Rhadgast and Alaric broke into the city of Rome, Bt. 1; Fox 2, 2. v. Alríca.

eall-geador; adv. Altogether, Andr. Kmbl. 2196; An. 1099. v. eal-geador.

eall-gearo; adj. All-ready; omn&i-long;no promptus :-- Ic beóm eall-gearo I am all-ready, Exon. 106 b; Th. 405, 19; Rä. 24, 4. v. eal-gearo.

eall-geleáflic; adj. [geleáflíc believed] Believed by all, catholic; cath&o-short;l&i-short;cus = GREEK :-- Ðæt monega cyricean on Hibernia, læ-acute;rendum Athamnano, ða eallgeleáflícan Eástran onféngon ut plur&i-short;mæ Scott&o-long;rum ecclesiæ, instante Adamnano, cath&o-short;l&i-short;cum Pascha susc&e-long;p&e-short;rint, Bd. 5, 15; S. 635, 10.

eall-gréne; adj. All-green; omn&i-long;no v&i-short;r&i-short;dis :-- Hwá furðum teóde eorþan eall-gréne who first produced the earth all-green, Andr. Recd. 1599; An. 799. v. eal-gréne.

eall-gylden; adj. All-golden; omn&i-long;no aur&e-short;us :-- He geseah segn eall-gylden he saw an ensign all-golden, Beo. Th. 5528; B. 2767: Judth. 10; Thw. 22, 3; Jud. 46. v. eal-gylden.

eall-hálig; adj. All-holy; omn&i-long;no sanctus :-- Drihten, ðú earce eart eall-háligra O Lord, thou art the ark of the all-holy, Ps. Th. 131, 8.

eall-hwít; adj. All-white; omn&i-long;no albus :-- On eallhwítre þryh in an all-white coffin, Th. Diplm. A.D. 970; 241, 11.

eal-líc universal, general, catholic, Som. Ben. Lye. v. al-líc.

ealling; adv. Always; semper :-- Ealling byb, ymb tyn niht ðæs, tiid [ = tíd] geweorþad Barþolomeus the time of Bartholomew is always honoured about ten nights from hence, Menol. Fox 304; Men. 153: 344; Men. 173. v. ealneg.

eallinga; adv. Altogether, wholly; prorsus, omn&i-long;no :-- He eallinga ne adiligaþ eów he will not altogether destroy you, Deut. 4, 31: Salm. Kmbl. 835; Sal. 417. v. eallunga.

eall-íren; adj. All of iron; omn&i-long;no ferr&e-short;us :-- He héht gewyrcean eall-írenne wígbord wrætlíc he commanded a wondrous battle-shield, all of iron, to be made, Beo. Th. 4665; B. 2338.

eall-ísig; adj. All-icy; omn&i-long;no glaci&a-long;lis :-- Saturnus is se cealda eall-ísig tungel Saturn is the cold all-icy star, Bt. Met. Fox 24, 45; Met. 24, 23. Se is eall-ísig it is all icy, Bt. 36, 2; Fox 174, 13.

eall-mægen, al-mægen, es; n. All-power, all-might; omnis vis :-- Gif hí, eall-mægene, ne þiówoden Þeódne mæ-acute;rum if they, with all might, served not the illustrious Lord, Bt Met. Fox 29, 193; Met. 29, 98.

eall-mihtig, -meahtig, -mehtig, -mihteg [el-, æl-, sell-]; adj. All-mighty; omn&i-short;p&o-short;tens :-- Drihten eallmihtig Dom&i-short;nus Deus, Ps. Th. 93, 22.

eall-nacod; adj. Entirely naked; omn&i-long;no n&u-long;dus :-- Ic eom eallnacod I am all naked, Cd. 42; Th. 54, 3; Gen. 871.

eallneg; adv. Always; semper :-- Ðú eallneg siófodest ðæt hí eallneg næ-acute;ron on wíte thou always didst lament that they were not always punished, Bt. 38, 4; Fox 204, 10, 11. MS. Cot. v. ealneg.

eall-niwe; adj. All-new; omn&i-long;no n&o-short;vus :-- He wearþ gebunden mid eallniwum rápum n&o-short;vis fun&i-short;bus vinctus est, Jud. 16, 11.

eallnunge; adv. Altogether; omn&i-long;no, C. R. Ben. 55. v. eallunga.

eall-reord foreign speaking, barbarous, Bd. 1, 23; S. 485, 32. v. el-reord.

Eallríca, an; m. Alaric, king of the Goths :-- Eallríca Gotona cyning Alaric, king of the Goths, Ors. 2, 1; Bos. 39, 37. v. Alríca.

eall-rúh; adj. All-rough; omn&i-long;no hirs&u-long;tus :-- Se wæs reád and eall rúh he was red and all hairy, Gen. 25, 25.

eall-swá; adv. Also, so, so as, likewise, even as, even so; s&i-long;cut :-- Eallswá he sæ-acute;de s&i-long;cut dixit, Mk. Bos. 14, 16. v. eal-swá.

eall-tela; adv. Quite well; omn&i-long;no b&e-short;ne, Cd. 91; Th. 114, 17; Gen. 1905.

eallunga, allunga, eallenga, eællenge, eallinga, eallnunge; adv. Altogether, entirely, quite, indeed, at all, assuredly, utterly; prorsus, omn&i-long;no, profecto :-- Ðæt ge eallunga ne swerion non jur&a-long;re omn&i-long;no, Mt. Bos. 5, 34: Exon. 21 b; Th. 57, 23; Cri. 923: Bt. Met. Fox 25, 131; Met. 25, 66: Bt. 10; Fox 30, 3. Eallunga Godes ríce on eów becymþ profecto perv&e-long;nit in vos regnum Dei, Lk. Bos. 11, 20.

eall-wealda; adj. All-ruling, almighty; omn&i-short;p&o-short;tens :-- Eallwealdan Gode to almighty God, Andr. Recd. 414; An. 205. v. eal-wealda.

eall-wihta, al-wihta, æl-wihta; pl. [eall all, every; wiht creature] All beings; omnia cre&a-long;ta :-- Cyning eall-wihta king of all creatures, Andr. Kmbl. 3204; An. 1605: Cd. 47; Th. 60, 7; Gen. 978: 5; Th. 7, 28; Gen. 113. v. wiht I, for wihta, nom. pl.

eall-wundor, es; n. [wundor a wonder] A very wonderful thing; res omn&i-long;no mir&a-long;b&i-short;lis :-- Weras fyrdleóþ gólon [MS. galan] eall-wundra fela the men sung a martial song of many very wonderful things, Cd. 171; Th. 215, 5; Exod. 578.

eal-mægen all power, all might, v. eall-mægen.

eal-mæ-acute;st, æl-mæ-acute;st; adv. ALMOST; totum fere, pene :-- Hit is eal-mæ-acute;st mid háligra manna naman geset sanct&o-long;rum h&o-short;m&i-short;num n&o-long;m&i-short;n&i-short;bus totum fere obs&i-short;tum est, Bd. Whelc. 448, 18; Homl. Th. ii. 466, 22.

eal-mihtig; adj. All-mighty; omn&i-short;p&o-short;tens :-- On Godes ealmihtiges naman in the name of almighty God, Th. Diplm. A.D. 886-899; 138, 34. v. eall-mihtig.

eal-myrca an Ethiopian, v. æl-myrca.

eal-nacod entirely naked, v. eall-nacod.

ealneg, ealnig, eallneg; adv. [ealne weg, Bt. 38, 4; Fox 204, 10, 11] Always, quite; semper, prorsus :-- Ýþ wið lande ealneg winneþ the wave contends always against the land, Bt. Met. Fox 28, 114; Met. 28, 57: Ors. 3, 7; Bos. 62, 36. Ðe æ-acute;fre biþ ealnig smylte which ever is quite calm, Bt. Met. Fox 21, 30; Met. 21, 15.

ealning; adv. Always; semper :-- Swá he ealning dyde æt Saltwíc as he always did at Saltwich, Th. Diplm. A.D. 886-899; 138, 15. v. ealling, ealneg.

eal-niwe all-new, quite new. v. eall-niwe.

eal-nósu, eall-nósu, eall seó násu, e; f. All nose or all the nose, a swelling of the uvula; columella, columna nasi :-- Eal ufweard nósu tota ascendens columna nasi, Ælfc. Gl. 71; Som. 70, 86; Wrt. Voc. 43, 18. Eall-nósu, Mann: eal-nósu the swelling of the uvula; columella. v. Som. Eall seó násu columna, Wrt. Voc. 282, 64.

ealo ale, Ors. 1, 1; Bos. 22, 17: Bt. 17; Fox 60, 5. v. ealu.

ealo-benc, e; f. An ale-bench :-- In ealo-bence on the ale-bench, Beo. Th. 2062; B. 1029. v. ealu-benc.

ealo-fæt, es; n. An ale-vat, vessel in which ale was left to ferment; l&a-short;cus :-- Under ðæt ealo-fæt under the ale-vat, L. M. 1, 67; Lchdm. ii. 142, 12.

ealo-gál; adj. Ale-drunk; cerv&i-short;sia inebri&a-long;tus :-- Ic gehýre ealogálra gylp I hear the boast of the ale-drunken, Cd. 109; Th. 145, 19; Gen. 2408.

ealo-geweorc, es; n. Ale-work, brewing; cerv&i-short;siæ coctio :-- On ðære byrig wæs æ-acute;rest ealo-geweorc ongunnen in that city ale-brewing was first begun, Ors. 5, 3; Bos. 103, 35.

eálond, es; n. An island; ins&u-short;la :-- Breoton is gársecges eálond Brittania est oce&a-short;ni ins&u-short;la, Bd. 1, 1; S. 473, 8: 1, 3; S. 475, 13. v. eáland.

ealoþ ale, L. In. 70; Th. i. 146, 17, MS. B. v. ealaþ.

ealo-wæ-acute;ge, es; n. The ale-cup :-- Se ðe bær hroden ealowæ-acute;ge who bare the ornamented ale-cup, Beo. Th. 995; B. 495. Ofer ealowæ-acute;ge over the ale-cup [during a drinking], Beo. Th. 966; B. 481. v. ealu-wæ-acute;ge.

ealo-wósa, an; m. Ale-wetter or drinker; cerv&i-short;siæ inebri&a-long;tor vel p&o-long;tor :--