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On ecgwæle [MS. ecgwale] amid the slaughter of swords, Cd. 96; Th. 126, 2; Gen. 2089.

ecilma, an; m. A chilblain; pernio, Som. Ben. Lye. v. æcelma.

écne great; acc. of écen.

éc-nes, -nis, -nys, -ness, -niss, -nyss, e; f. Eternity, everlasting; ætern&i-short;tas :-- Ðæt we wuldres eard in écnesse ágan mósten that we for ever might possess the abode in glory, Exon. 25 b; Th. 74, 9; Cri. 1204: Ps. Th. 118, 152. On écnisse for ever, Cd. 23; Th. 30, 18; Gen. 469. On écnysse for ever. Mk. Bos. 3, 29: Ps. Th. 110, 6: 118, 44.

écra of eternal, Elen. Kmbl. 1601; El. 802; gen. pl. of éce.

écre for continual, Homl. Blick. 127, 22; dat. f. of éce.

éc-sóþ, éc-sóþlíce but truly, but also; sed autem, v&e-long;re, Som. Ben. Lye.

éc-sóþlíce but truly. v. éc-sóþ.

éd [eád happiness] Safety, security, happiness; s&a-short;lus, as&y-long;lum :-- Éd monne safety of men, the ark. Cd. 70; Th. 84, 30, Mann. Some think ed signifies a renewing, restoration, regeneration; ren&o-short;vatio: then ed monne might be translated, regeneration of men. Grn. corrected ed monne into edniowne renewed :-- Ða he hine [égor-here] upp forlét edniowne [acc. referring to hine = égor-here] streámum stígan when he allowed it [the water-flood-'host'] renewed to mount up in streams, Gen. 1405.

ed-, prefixed to words, denotes anew, again, as the Latin re- meaning rursus, d&e-long;nuo, it&e-short;rum. Edniwian to renew, to make new again; ren&o-short;v&a-long;re. [Wyc. ed-: Plat. O. Frs. et- in etmal: M. H. Ger. ite-: O. H. Ger. it-, ita-: Goth. id-: O. Nrs. ið-.]

-ed used as a termination of pp. v. D 4, 5.

éd- = ád a funeral pile. v. éd-wylm.

ed-cenning, e; f. Regeneration; regen&e-short;r&a-long;tio :-- On edcenninge in regen&e-short;r&a-long;ti&o-long;ne. Mt. Bos. 19, 28.

ed-cer, -cir, -cyr, -cerr, -cirr. -cyrr, es; m. A return; reversio, r&e-short;d&i-short;tus :-- Ne hí edcerres æ-acute;fre móton wénan they may never think of return, Cd. 223; Th. 293, 7; Sat. 451. Edcir ðære ádle a return of the disease, Past. 33, 7; Cot. MS. Edcyr of wræcsiþe [MS. spræc-siðe] postl&i-long;m&i-short;nium, Ælfc. Gl. 15; Som. 58, 28; Wrt. Voc. 21, 22. DER. cyrr.

ed-c&oelig-acute;lness, e; f. A recooling, pleasant coolness; refrig&e-short;r&a-long;tio. Ps. Spl. 65, 11? Lye.

ed-cucian, -cwician; p. ode, ade; pp. od, ad To re-quicken, revive; revivisc&e-short;re, Greg. Dial. 1. 12, Lye. DER. ge-edcucian, -cwician.

ed-cwide, es; m. A relation, retelling; rel&a-long;tio. Lye.

ed-cyr, -cyrr, es; m. A return; r&e-short;d&i-short;tus. Wrt. Voc. 21, 22. v. ed-cer.

éde, es; n. A flock; grex :-- Wæs ðæ-acute;r éde erat ibi grex, Lk. Lind. War. 8, 32: 12, 32. v. eówde.

eder, es; m. A hedge, house; s&e-long;pes, d&o-short;mus :-- Hryðge ða ederas the houses [are] ruinous, Exon. 77 b; Th. 291, 5; Wand. 77. v. eodor.

eder-gong, es; m. A home-seeking; des&i-long;d&e-short;rium d&o-short;mus :-- Ðæ-acute;r næ-acute;fre cymeþ edergong there never comes a home, Exon. 32 b; Th. 102, 21; Cri. 1676.

edesc-hen an edish hen, a quail; c&o-short;turnix, Ps. Surt. 104, 40. v. edisc-hen.

ed-geong, ed-giong; adj. Growing young again; rejuv&e-short;nescens :-- Of ascan edgeong weseþ from ashes he becomes young again, Exon. 61 a; Th. 224, 10; Ph. 373.

ed-gifan; p. -geaf, pl. -geáfon; pp. -gifen To give again, restore; redd&e-short;re, Leo, A. Sax. Gl. 108.

ed-gift, e; f. A re-giving, restitution; rest&i-short;t&u-long;tio, Lye.

ed-gild, es; n. A re-payment; r&e-short;-s&o-short;l&u-long;tio, Leo, A. Sax. Gl. 250. v. gild.

ed-giong; adj. Growing young again; rejuv&e-short;nescens, Exon. 64 a; Th. 236, 28; Ph. 581. v. ed-geong.

ed-grówung, e; f. A re-growing; rec&i-short;d&i-long;va, Ælfc. Gl. 60; Som. 68, 26; Wrt. Voc. 39, 12.

ed-gyldend, es; m. A remunerator, rewarder; remun&e-short;r&a-long;tor, Scint. 33, Som. Ben. Lye.

ed-hwyrft, es; m. A returning, return; r&e-short;d&i-short;tio, r&e-short;d&i-short;tus :-- He ne wéneþ, ðæt him ðæs edhwyrft cyme he will not hope that its return may come. Exon. 89 b; Th. 336, 3; Gn. Ex. 42: Beo. Th. 2566; B. 1281.

edisc, es; n. [ed-, Lat. re- again; isc a termination, generally an adj. but also es; n.] I. EDISH or aftermath, pasture; pascua :-- Wæ-acute;run we his sceáp, ða he on his edisce afédde we were his sheep, which he fed in his pasture, Ps. Th. 94, 7: 99, 3. II. a park; v&i-long;v&a-long;rium, Cot. 207, Lye.

edisc-hen, -henn, e; f. An EDISH HEN, quail; c&o-short;turnix :-- Hí bæ-acute;don, and com edischen peti&e-long;runt, et v&e-long;nit c&o-short;turnix. Ps. Spl. 104, 38. Edeschen 'the edisse-henne,' Ps. Surt. 104, 40. v. ersc-hen.

edisc-weard, es; m. The keeper of edish, of a park, warren, etc; vivarii custos, Wrt. Voc. 288, 12, Som. Ben. Lye. v. edisc.

ed-læ-acute;can; p. -læ-acute;hte; pp. -læ-acute;ht To repeat, renew; rep&e-short;t&e-short;re, ren&o-short;v&a-long;re, Som. Ben. Lye.

ed-læ-acute;cung, e; f. A repetition; repet&i-short;tio :-- He sceal God biddan ðæt he hyne gehealde wið dara æ-acute;rgedónra yfla edlæ-acute;cunge he shall pray to God to preserve him against a repetition of the evils before committed, L. E. I. 21; Th. ii. 416, 42.

ed-leæ-acute;nian, ed-leánian; p. ode; pp. od To reward, recompense, renew, remit; retr&i-short;bu&e-short;re :-- He edleæ-acute;naþ me retr&i-short;buit mihi. Ps. Spl. T. 17, 26. DER. leánian,

ed-leæ-acute;nung, e; f. A rewarding; retr&i-short;b&u-long;tio :-- For edleæ-acute;nunge propter retr&i-short;b&u-long;ti&o-long;nem, Ps. Spl. T. 118, 112. v. ed-leánung.

ed-leán, ead-leán, æd-leán, es; n. [ed or ead; leán a loan] A reward, recompense, requital, retribution; præmium, retr&i-short;b&u-long;tio :-- Edleánes dæg retrib&u-long;ti&o-long;nis dies, Lk. Bos. 4, 19. Ðæt edleán, Bt. 3, 4; Fox 6, 19: Andr. Kmbl. 2457; An. 1230. For edleane propter retr&i-short;b&u-long;ti&o-long;nem, Ps. Spl. 118, 112.

ed-leánian to reward; remun&e-short;rare, Som. Ben. Lye. DER. leanian.

ed-leánung, e; f. A rewarding, recompense; retr&i-short;b&u-long;tio :-- Nylle ðú forgytan ealle edleánunga vel edleán his n&o-long;li obl&i-long;visci omnes retr&i-short;b&u-long;ti&o-long;nes ejus, Ps. Lamb. 102, 2. v. ed-leæ-acute;nung.

ed-lesende, ed-lesendlíc; adj. Reciprocal, relative; rel&a-long;t&i-long;vus :-- Gif ic cweðe, ðú wást hwá ðys dyde tu scis quis hoc f&e-long;cit, ðon biþ se [hwá] quis r&e-short;l&a-long;t&i-long;vum, ðæt is edlesendlíc, Ælfc. Gr. 18; Som. 21, 30: 38; Som. 40, 62.

ed-lesung, e; f. A relation, relating; rel&a-long;tio, Ælfc. Gr. 18; Som. 21, 58.

éd-mód; adj. Mild, obedient; ob&e-long;diens, m&i-long;tis. Ben. Lye.

éd-módian, -módigan; p. ode; pp. od To be humble, to obey; ob&e-long;d&i-long;re :-- Hi édmódigaþ him ob&e-long;diunt ei. Mk. Lind. War. 1. 27.

ed-neowe; adj. Renewed; ren&o-short;v&a-long;tus :-- Eart ðú edneowe ren&o-short;v&a-long;tus es, Ps. Th. 102, 5: Cd. 17; Th. 20, 25; Gen. 314. v. ed-niwe.

ed-niowunga; adv. Anew; d&e-long;nuo :-- Ðe eów eágena leóht bóte gefremede edniowunga who healed anew the light of your eyes, Elen. Kmbl. 599; El. 300.

ed-niwan; adv. Anew, again; de n&o-short;vo, d&e-long;nuo :-- Eów gebýraþ ðæt gé beón acennede edniwan &o-short;portet nos nasci d&e-long;nuo, Jn. Bos. 3, 7: 3, 3.

ed-niwe, ed-neowe; adj. New, again new, renewed; ren&o-short;v&a-long;tus :-- Eft cymeþ feorh edniwe renewed life returns, Exon. 59 a; Th. 213, 12; Ph. 223: 61 a; Th. 224, 4; Ph. 370: Bt. Met. Fox 11, 77; Met. 11. 39.

ed-niwe; adv. Anew, again; d&e-long;nuo :-- Swá se fugel weorþeþ gomel æfter geárum geong edniwe thus the bird becomes old after years and young again, Exon. 59 b; Th. 215, 25; Ph. 258.

ed-niwian; part. igende; p. ode, ede; pp. od, ed To make new, to renew; ren&o-short;v&a-long;re :-- Ðú edniwast ansíne eorþan ren&o-short;v&a-long;bis f&a-short;ciem terræ, Ps. Spl. 103, 31. Hý fæ-acute;ringa eald æfþoncan edniwedon [MS. edniwedan] they suddenly renewed the old grudge, Exon. 72 b; Th. 271, 21; Jul. 485. DER. ge-ed-niwian.

ed-niwinga; adv. Anew; d&e-long;nuo :-- Se fugel líf eft onféhþ edniwinga the bird receives again life anew, Exon. 63 b; Th. 234, 2; Ph. 534: Andr. Recd. 1569; An. 784.

ed-niwung. e; f. A renewing, reparation, renovation; rep&a-short;r&a-long;tio :-- Seó feórþe dæ-acute;l sceal beón to edniwunge Godes cyricean the fourth part shall be to a renewing of God's church. Bd. 1, 27; S. 489, 9.

édo a flock; grex :-- Ge-eode [MS. ge-eáde] all suner vel édo in sæ-acute; &a-short;biit t&o-long;tus grex in m&a-short;re, Mt. Kmbl. Lind. 8, 32. v. eówde.

edor, eder, es; m. A hedge, fence, place inclosed by a hedge, fold, dwelling, house; s&e-long;pes, d&o-short;mus, tectum :-- Gif fríman edor gegangeþ if a freeman forcibly enter a dwelling, L. Ethb. 29: Th. i. 10, 3. Under edoras under dwellings. Cd. 112; Th. 147, 25; Gen. 2445: 114; Th. 150, 5; Gen. 2487. Ederas houses, Exon. 77 b; Th. 291, 5; Wand. 77. v. eodor.

edor-brecþ, e; f. [edor, brecþ fractio] A fence-breaking, house-breaking; s&e-long;pis fractio, d&o-short;mus fractio :-- Gif fríman edorbrecþe gedéþ if a freeman commit house-breaking, L. Ethb. 27; Th. i. 8, 15. v. eodor-brice.

edor-brice, -bryce a fence-breaking, L. Alf. pol. 40; Th. i. 88, 10, note 25. v. eodor-brice.

edre; adv. Immediately, at once, forthwith; st&a-short;tim, pr&o-long;t&i-short;nus, ill&i-short;co :-- Edre him ða eorlas agéfon ondsware the earls gave answer to him immediately, Andr. Kmbl. 801; An. 401: 1285; An. 643: 1900; An. 952: Invent. Crs. Recd. 1300; El. 649. v. ædre.

édre an artery, vein; art&e-long;ria, v&e-long;na. Som. Ben. Lye. v. æ-acute;dre.

ed-recan; p. te; pp. ed To ruminate; rum&i-short;n&a-long;re, Som. Ben. Lye. v. eodorcan.

ed-recedroc, -rocc, es; m. The belching thing; r&u-long;men, Cot. 169, Som. Ben. Lye.

ed-rine, es; m. A meeting; occursus, Ps. Spl. T. 18, 7.

edring, e; f. A refuge, return; ref&u-short;gium :-- Dust ne mæg him edringe æ-acute;nge gehátan the dust may not promise any refuge to him, Exon. 99 b; Th. 373, 11; Seel. 107. v. edor.

ed-roc, es; m. A chewing again, chewing the cud, considering; r&u-long;men, rum&i-short;n&a-long;tio :-- Wasend vel edroc r&u-long;men, Ælfc. Gl. 72; Som. 70, 116; Wrt. Voc. 43, 43. Cíwung vel edroc, vel aceócung rum&i-short;n&a-long;tio, Ælfc. Gl. 99; Som. 76, 121, 122; Wrt. Voc. 54, 62.

ed-sceaft, æd-sceaft, e; f. A new creation, new birth; reg&e-short;n&e-short;r&a-long;tio :-- Com swefnes wóma, hú woruld wæ-acute;re wundrum geteód ungelíc yldum óþ edsceafte the terror of a dream came, how the world was wondrously framed unlike to men until regeneration, Cd. 177; Th. 222, 30; Dan. 112: Bt. 34, 10; Fox 150, 14, 16.