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A mountain-stream, the ocean; mont&a-long;num vel saltuense fl&u-long;men, oce&a-short;nus :-- Hió ðæt líe ætbær under firgenstreám she bore the corpse away under the mountain-stream, Beo. Th. 4263; B. 2128. Fugel on firgenstreám lócaþ georne the bird looks earnestly into the mountain-stream, Exon. 57a; Th. 204, 20; Ph. 100. Wæs ic firgenstreámum swíðe besuncen I was deeply sunk in mountain-streams, 103b; Th. 392, 4; Rä. 11, 2. Ymb ealra land gehwilc fiówan firgenstreámas mountain-streams [shall] flow over every land, Menol. Fox 555; Gn. C. 47. Fleów firgendstreám the mountain-stream flowed, Andr. Kmbl. 3144; An. 1575. Ofer firigendstreám over the ocean, Andr. Kmbl. 779; An. 390.

firgin-bucca, an; m. A mountain-buck, wood-buck; mont&a-long;nus vel saltuensis c&a-short;per :-- Firginbucca ðæt ys wudubucca a mountain-buck that is a wood-buck, Med. ex Quadr. 5, 1; Lchdm. i. 348, 2. v. firgen-bucca.

flrgin-gæ-acute;tt mountain-goats, Glos. Epnl. Recd. 158, 31. v. firgen-gát.

firhþ-sefa, an; m. The mind; mens :-- On firhþsefan in his mind, Elen. Kmbl. 425; El. 213. v. ferhþ-sefa.

fírige let him make a fire, L. Pen. 14; Wilk. 95, 30. v. fýrian.

firigend-streám a mountain-stream, the ocean, Andr. Kmbl. 779; An. 390. v. firgen-streám.

firing-gát a mountain-goat, Ælfc. Gl. 20; Som. 59, 39; Wrt. Voc. 23, 2. v. firgen-gát.

firmetan; p. firmette, pl. firmetton; pp. firmeted To request, pray; p&e-short;t&e-short;re, róg&a-long;re :-- Rómáne hí firmetton ðæt hí ðæt gewin forléton the Romans requested them that they would leave off the siege, Ors. 4, 8; Bos. 89, 21.

firna sins, crimes, Cd. 216; Th. 274, 27; Sae. 160; acc. pl. of firen.

firne crime, Cd. 227; Th. 305, 3; Sat. 641; dat. of firen.

firnian to sin, Cd. 227; Th. 303, 29; Sat. 621. v. firenian.

firnum, fyrnum; adv. [dat. or inst. pl. of firen a sin, crime] Fearfully, intensely; form&i-long;d&o-short;l&o-long;se, imm&a-long;n&i-short;ter :-- Næ-acute;re firnum ðæs deóp merestreám the sea-stream would not be so fearfully deep, Cd. 39; Th. 51, 26; Gen. 832.

firra; m: firre; f. n. adj. [comp. of feor, adj. far] Farther; ult&e-short;rior :-- On ðære firran Ispánie in the farther Spain, Ors. 4, 11; Bos. 97, 26. v. fyrra.

firran to remove, take away. DER. a-firran. v. feorran.

fír-scofl a fire-shovel; b&a-short;tillum, Som. Ben. Lye. v. fýr-scofl.

first, es; m. A rafter, beam, perch; t&i-short;gillum, pert&i-short;ca :-- First paratica? [ = pertica], Wrt. Voc. 290, 3. v. fyrst.

first, es; m. A space of time, time; temp&o-short;ris sp&a-short;tium, tempus :-- Ðá wæs first agán then was the time expired, Andr. Kmbl. 393; An. 147. Óþ ðone first ðe hie wurdon swíðe meteleáse until the time that they were very destitute of food, Chr. 918; Erl. 104, 12: Bt. 38, 1; Fox 194, 27. v. fyrst.

first first, Chr. 675; Erl. 39, 28. v. fyrst.

first-mearc an interval of time; interc&a-short;p&e-long;do, Som. Ben. Lye. V. frist-mearc. ERROR

firþriende furthering; prom&o-short;vens, M. A. 1, p. 223, Lye. v. fyrþran.

firwet curiosity. DER. firwet-georn, -geornes. v. fyrwet.

firwet-georn; adj. Very inquisitivè, UNCERTAIN curious; c&u-long;ri&o-long;sus :-- Ða ðe firwet-georne weorþaþ they who are very inquisitive, Bt. 39, 3; Fox 216, 4: Bt. Met. Fox 28, 151; Met. 28, 76. v. fyrwet-georn.

firwet-geornes, -ness, e; f. Curiosity, anxiety; soll&i-short;c&i-short;t&u-long;do, Cot. 60.

FISC, es; pl. nom. acc. fiscas, fixas, fisceas; gen. fisca, fixa; dat. fiscum, fixum; m. A FISH; piscis :-- Fisc piscis, Wrt. Voc. 65, 60: 77, 57: 281, 54. Fisc sceal on wætere cynren cennan [MS. cynran cennen] the fish shall propagate his kind in the water, Menol. Fox 514; Gn. C. 27: Salm. Kmbl. 841; Sal. 420. Híg brohton him dæ-acute;l gebræ-acute;ddes fisces, and beóbreád illi obt&u-short;l&e-long;runt ei partem piscis assi, et f&a-short;vum mellis, Lk. Bos. 24, 42: Mt. Bos. 7, 10: Deut. 4, 18. We ðé willaþ ferigan freólíce ofer fisces bæþ we will freely convey thee over the fish's bath, Andr. Kmbl. 586; An. 293: Exon. 116b; Th. 447, 14; Dóm. 39. Nim ðone æ-acute;restan fisc take the first fish, Mt. Bos. 17, 27: Jn. Bos. 21, 13. Bletsien ðec fiscas and fuglas may fishes and birds bless thee, Exon. 55a; Th. 194, 16; Az. 140: 97b; Th. 364, 33; Wal. 80. Ða fixas, ðe wæ-acute;ron on ðam flóde, wurdon deáde pisces qu&i-short; UNCERTAIN &e-short;rant in fl&u-long;m&i-short;ne, mortui sunt, Ex. 7, 21: Ors. 5, 4; Bos. 105, 15. Earmra fisca of poor fishes, Salm. Kmbl. 164; Sal. 81: Bt. Met. Fox 11, 133; Met. 11, 67. Híg betugon mycele menigeo fixa concl&u-long;s&e-long;runt piscium mult&i-short;t&u-long;d&i-short;nem c&o-long;pi&o-long;sam, Lk. Bos. 5, 6: Mt. Bos. 15, 34: Mk. Bos. 6, 43: 8, 7. Hí geféngon þreó hund fixa missenlícra cynna they caught three hundred fishes of diverse kinds, Bd. 4, 13; S. 583, 1. Mid fiscum with fishes, Exon. 22a; Th. 60, 10; Cri. 967: 126b; Th. 487, 19; Rä. 73, 4. He afédde of fixum twám and of fíf hláfum fíf þúsendo he fed five thousand from two fishes and from five loaves, Andr. Kmbl. 1178; An. 589: Mk. Bos. 6, 41. We nabbaþ hér, búton fíf hláfas and twegen fixas non h&a-short;b&e-long;mus hic, nisi quinque p&a-long;nes, et duos pisces, Mt. Bos. 14, 17: Lk. Bos. 9, 13: Jn. Bos. 6, 9: 21, 10: Gen. 1, 26. Heora fisceas forwurdan occ&i-long;dit pisces e&o-long;rum, Ps. Th. 104, 25. [Wyc. fische: Chauc. fissch, fissche: Laym. fisc, uisc, m: Orm. fisskess fishes, pl: Plat. fisk, m: O. Sax. fisc, visc, m: Frs. fisck: O. Frs. fisk: Dut. visch, m: Ger. fisch, m: M. H. Ger. visch, m: O. H. Ger. fisc, m: Goth. fisks, m: Dan. fisk, m. f: Swed. fisk, m: Icel. fiskr, m: Lat. piscis, m: Wel. pysg, m: Corn. pesc, pysc, pise, m: Armor. pesc: Ir. iasg, iasc, m: Gael, iasg, éisg, m.] DER. eá-fisc, horn-, hran-, hron-, mere-, sæ-acute;-.

fiscaþ, es; m. A fishing; pisc&a-long;tus :-- Ðæ-acute;r biþ swýðe mycel fiscaþ there is very much fishing, Ors. 1, 1; Bos. 22, 14. v. fiscoþ.

fisc-bryne fish-brine; piscium sals&u-long;go :-- Fiscbryne liguamen? vel g&a-short;rum, Ælfc. Gl. 32; Som. 62, 13; Wrt. Voc. 27, 66.

fisc-cynn, -cinn, es; n. The fish kind, kind of fishes; piscium g&e-short;nus :-- Is heofena ríce gelíc asendum nette on ða sæ-acute;, and of æ-acute;lcum fisccynne gadrigendum s&i-short;m&i-short;le est regnum cæl&o-long;rum s&a-short;g&e-long;næ missæ in m&a-short;re, et ex omni g&e-short;n&e-short;re piscium congr&e-short;ganti, Mt. Bos. 13, 47. God gesceóp ðá ða micelan hwalas and eall libbende fisccinn on heora hiwum then God created the great whales and every living kind of fishes after their kinds, Gen. 1, 21: Ælfc. T. 8, 25.

fisceran = fiscerum with fishers, Ors. 1, 1; Bos. 20, 5; dat. pl. of fiscere. v. fugeleran, drían.

fiscere, es; m. I. A FISHER; pisc&a-long;tor :-- Ic eom fiscere &e-short;go sum pisc&a-long;tor, Coll. Monast. Th. 23, 1: Wrt. Voc. 73, 40. Hí wæ-acute;ron fisceras &e-short;rant pisc&a-long;tores, Mt. Bos. 4, 18: Mk. Bos. 1, 16. Ðæra Terfinna land wæs eall wéste, bútan ðæ-acute;r huntan gewícodon, oððe fisceras, oððe fugeleras the land of the Terfinns was all waste, save where the hunters, fishers or fowlers encamped, Ors. 1, 1; Bos. 20, 9. Ða fisceras eódon, and wóxon heora nett pisc&a-long;t&o-long;res descend&e-short;rant et l&a-short;v&a-long;bant r&e-long;tia, Lk. Bos. 5, 2. Fiscerum [MS. fisceran] with fishers, Ors. 1, 1; Bos. 20, 5. II. the bird king-fisher; alc&e-long;do :-- Fiscere rapariolus? [ = r&i-long;p&a-long;riolus?] Ælfc. Gl. 38; Som. 63, 44; Wrt. Voc. 29, 62.

fise-hús, es; n. A fishing-house; pisc&i-long;n&a-long;le, Ælfc. Gl. 108; Som. 78, 105; Wrt. Voc. 58, 20.

fiscian, fixian; p. ode; pp. od To fish; pisc&a-long;ri :-- Ðonne gé fiscian willaþ when ye wish to fish, Bt. 32, 3; Fox 118, 12.

fisc-mere, es; m. A fish-pond; pisc&i-long;na, v&i-long;v&a-long;rium, Som. Ben. Lye.

fisc-naþ, es; m? A fishing; pisc&a-long;tus :-- On fiscnaþe by fishing, Bd. 4, 13; S. 582, 41. v. fisc-nóþ.

fisc-net, -nett, es; n. A net of fishes, fishing net; piscium r&e-long;te, pisc&a-long;torium r&e-long;te :-- Hí tugon hyra fiscnett tr&a-short;hentes r&e-long;te piscium, Jn. Bos. 21, 8. Hwý gé ne settan on sume dúne fiscnet eówru why do ye not set your fishing nets on some hill? Bt. Met. Fox 19, 21; Met. 19, 11.

flsc-noþ, -naþ, es; m? A fishing; pisc&a-long;tus :-- Seó þeód ðone cræft ne cúðe ðæs fiscnoþes the people knew not the art of fishing, Bd. 4, 13; S. 582, 43.

fiscoþ, fiscaþ, fixoþ, es; m? A fishing; pisc&a-long;tus :-- On fiscoþe, Ors. 1, 1; Bos. 19, 30: on fixoþ afysshynge (Tyndale) Jn. Bos. 21, 3.

fisc-pól, es; m? A fish-pool, fish-pond; pisc&i-long;na, v&i-long;v&a-long;rium :-- Fiscpól v&i-long;v&a-long;rium, Ælfc. Gl. 98; Som. 76, 94; Wrt. Voc. 54, 38: 80, 66: pisc&i-long;na, Som. 76, 95; Wrt. Voc. 54, 39. On fiscpóle in a fish-pool, Lchdm. iii. 212, 15.

fisc-wér, es; m. [wér II. a draught of fishes] A draught of fishes; piscium captúra :-- Læ-acute;taþ eówre nett on ðone fiscwér laxáte rétia vestra in captúram [piscium], Lk. Bos. 5, 4.

fisc-wylle, -welle; adj. [cf. weallan to swarm] Full of fish, abounding in fish; piscíbus abundans, pisc&o-long;sus :-- Ðæt eálond is fiscwylle the island is abounding in fish, Bd. 1, 1; S. 474, 41. Fiscwyllum wæterum fl&u-short;viis pisc&o-long;sis, 1, 1; S. 473, 15. Fiscwelle bisarius? [= pisc&a-long;rius], Wrt. Voc. 66, 8.

fisting, e; f. Fesciculatio? forte fistul&a-long;tio, Som. 72, 65; Ælfc. Gl. 79; Wrt. Voc. 46, 23.

fit, fitt, es; n? Strife, a fight, contest; rixa, pugna, cert&a-long;men :-- He slóh and fylde feónd on fitte he struck and felled the enemy in fight, Cd. 95; Th. 124, 33; Gen. 2072. v. fettian, fitung.

fit, fitt, e; f. A song, poem; cant&i-short;l&e-long;na, carmen :-- Ðá se Wísdóm ðas fitte asungen hæfde when Wisdom had sung this song, Bt. 30, 1; Fox 106, 29. On fitte in song, verse, Bt. Met. Fox introduc. 17; Met. Einl. 9.

fiter-sticca, an; m. A tent-nail; cl&a-long;vus tent&o-long;rii :-- Fitersticca cl&a-long;vus tent&o-long;rii, Ælfc. Gl. 110; Som. 79, 42; Wrt. Voc. 59, 14.

FIÐELE, an; f. A fiddle; f&i-short;d&i-short;c&u-short;la, Som. Ben. Lye. [Piers P. fithele: Chauc. fithul: Laym. fiðele: Plat. fidel, f; Dut. vedel, veel, f: Ger. fiedel, fidel, f: M. H. Ger. videle, videl, f: O. H. Ger. fidula, f: Dan. fiddel, m. f: Icel. fiðla, f: M. Lat. fidula, vidula: Lat. f&i-short;des, f. a string, guitar.]

fiðelere, es; m. A fiddler; f&i-short;d&i-short;cen :-- Fiðelere f&i-short;d&i-short;cen, Ælfc. Gr. 9, 12; Som. 9, 25: Wrt. Voc. 73, 61.

flðelestre, an; f. [fiðele a fiddle, -estre a female termination, q. v.] A female fiddler; f&i-short;d&i-short;c&i-short;na, Wrt. Voc. 73, 62.

fiðer- four- in the compounds fiðer-féte, -scýte. v. fyðer-, feówer.

fiðer-berende; part. Bearing wings, winged; &a-long;l&i-short;ger, Cot. 9: 170.

fiðere, es; n. A wing; &a-long;la: more often found in the pl. nom. acc. fiðera, fiðeru, fiðru, fyðera, fyðeru, fyðru; gen. fiðera, fyðera, fyðerena; dat. inst. fiðerum, fidrum, fyðerum; n: also the forms are sometimes found pl. nom. acc. fiðeras, fyðeras; m. Wings; &a-long;læ, pennæ :-- Gif his óðer fiðere forod biþ if one of its wings [lit. one wing of it] is broken,