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geap-scipe, es; m. Craft, cunning, deceit, fraud; ast&u-long;tia, fraus :-- Eall heora geapscipe wearþ ameldod Israhéla bearnum all their deceit was made known to the children of Israel, Jos. 9, 16. Þurh his geapscipe he begeat ðone castel through his cunning he obtained the castle, Chr. 1090; Erl. 226, 25.

geápung, e; f. A heaping, heap, pile; c&u-short;m&u-short;lus :-- Fóþ him on, and on geápunga eówre niðerunge gelæ-acute;daþ acc&i-short;p&i-short;te, et in c&u-short;m&u-short;lum damn&a-long;ti&o-long;nis vestræ d&u-long;c&i-short;te, Bd. 5, 13; S. 633, 14, note 13, MS. B. v. heápung.

gear, pl. gurron sounded, creaked; p. of georran.

GEÁR, gér, gæ-acute;r, es; n. A YEAR; annus :-- Óðer com geár another year came, Beo. Th. 2272; B. 1134. Ðis wæs feorþes geáres his ríces this was in the fourth year of his reign, Chr. 47; Th. 10, 13, col. 1. On geáre in the year, Menol. Fox 218; Men. 110. Ðríwa on gére thrice a year, Thw. Exod. 23, 17. Hæfde me éce geár ealle on móde annos æternos in mente h&a-short;bui, Ps. Th. 76, 5 : Lk. Bos. 2, 36. Þreó and þritig geára three and thirty years, Cd. 224; Th. 296, 16; Sat. 503. Geárum fród old in years, l09; Th. 143, 19; Gen. 2381. Men hátaþ ðysne dæg geáres dæg, swylce ðes dæg fyrmest sý on geáres ymbryne men call this day [new] year's day, as if this day were the first in the year's circuit, Homl. Th. i. 98, 16. [Wyc. &yogh;eer, &yogh;er, &yogh;eers, &yogh;erys years : Piers P. yere : Chauc. yer, yere : R. Brun. &yogh;ere : Laym. Orm. &yogh;er : Plat. jaar, jar, n : O. Sax. gér, jár, n : Frs. jier : O. Frs. ier, iar, ger, n : Dut. jaar, n : Ger. jahr, jar, n : M. H. Ger. jár, n : O. H. Ger. jár, n : Goth. yér, n : Dan. aar, n : Swed. år, n : Icel. ár, n : Bohem. gar, m. f. spring : Zend. yáre, n. year.] DER. freóls-geár, fyrn-. v. Grm. D. M. p. 715.

geara; adv. [gearo? ready] Utterly, altogether, well, enough, very much; p&e-short;n&i-short;tus, prorsus, b&e-short;ne, s&a-short;tis, valde :-- He hét geara forbærnan Rómána burig he [Nero] commanded utterly to burn up the city of the Romans, Bt. Met. Fox 9, 18; Met. 9, 9. Ðú geara canst tu b&e-short;ne nosti, Bd. 1, 27; S. 439, 2 : Ps. Th. 75, 1 : 81, 5. Ðonne mon me geofe geara þúsende goldes and seolfres s&u-short;per millia auri et argenti, 118, 72.

geara; gen. pl. of geare, q. v. furniture, gear for horses.

geára; adv. [gen. pl. of geár a year] YORE, formerly, of old, long since, once; &o-long;lim, ant&i-long;qu&i-short;tus, quondam :-- Se geára hider fram ðam eádigan Gregorie sended wæs qui olim huc a beato Gregorio directus fuit, Bd. 2, 3; S. 504, 44. Ic þeódenmádmas geára forgeáfe I princely treasures gave of old, Cd. 22; Th. 26, 21; Gen. 410. Ðú on geóguþfeore geára gecwæ-acute;de thou in youthful life long since didst say, Beo. Th. 5322; B. 2664 : Ps. Th. 73, 12 : 80, 10 : 104, 6 : 118, 152. Geára iú, Exon. 76 b; Th. 287, 30; Wand. 22 : 84 a; Th. 316, 31; Mód. 57 : Bt. Met. Fox 1, 1; Met. 1, 1. [Laym. &yogh;ære, &yogh;are : Chauc. yore.] DER. æ-acute;r-geára, fyrn-, geó-, iú-, un-.

gearcian, gærcian; p. ode; pp. od [gearo ready] To prepare, make ready, procure, furnish, supply; p&a-short;r&a-long;re, præp&a-short;r&a-long;re, app&a-short;r&a-long;re, exh&i-short;b&e-long;re, præb&e-long;re :-- Ic gearcige exh&i-short;beo, præbeo, Ælfc. Gr. 26, 2; Som. 28, 35, 36 : 47; Som. 48, 43. On láfum ðínum ðú gearcast [MS. gearcost] andwlitan heora in rel&i-long;quiis tuis præp&a-short;r&a-long;bis vultum e&o-long;rum, Ps. Spl. 20, 12. On him gearcode fæt deáþes in eo p&a-short;r&a-long;vit v&a-long;sa mortis, 7, 14 : Gen. 19, 3. [Piers P. yarken to make ready : R. Glouc. yarkede, p. prepared : Laym. &yogh;arkien, &yogh;arekien, &yogh;earkien to get ready : Orm. &yogh;arrkenn to prepare, make ready.] DER. ge-gearcian.

gearcung, e; f. A preparation, preparing; præp&a-short;r&a-long;tio, app&a-short;r&a-long;tus :-- Gearcunge heortan heora gehýrde eáre ðín præp&a-short;r&a-long;ti&o-long;nem cordis e&o-long;rum aud&i-long;vit auris tua, Ps. Spl. second 9, 20 : 32, 14. Gearcung app&a-short;r&a-long;tus, Ælfc. Gl. 87; Som. 74, 44; Wrt. Voc. 50, 26. [Orm. &yogh;arrking.]

gearcung-dæg, es; m. A preparation-day, day before the Sabbath; præp&a-short;r&a-long;tionis dies, parasc&e-long;ve = παρασκευ&eta-tonos;, dies azym&o-long;rum :-- On ðam

forman gearcungdæge pr&i-long;ma die azym&o-long;rum, Mt. Bos. 26, 17.

geár-cyning, es; m. A year-king, consul; consul, Cot. 48. v. consul.

geár-cyningdóm, es; m. A year-kingdom, a consulate; cons&u-short;l&a-long;tus, Som. Ben. Lye.

GEARD, es; m. An inclosure, inclosed place, YARD, GARDEN, court, dwelling, home, region, land; septum, l&o-short;cus septus, hortus, &a-long;rea, hab&i-short;t&a-long;c&u-short;lum, dom&i-short;c&i-short;lium, r&e-short;gio :-- Se Godes cwide is weorþmynda geard the word of God is the garden of worship, Salm. Kmbl. 168; Sal. 83. On gearde deáþes sceade in r&e-short;gi&o-long;ne umbræ mortis, Mt. Bos. 4, 16. Ðæt æ-acute;lc cóme to his ágenum gearde that each should come to his own land, Ors. 5, 14; Bos. 114, 18. On geard at home, Menol. Fox 215; Men. 109. In écne geard into the eternal home, Exon. 44 a; Th. 149, 17; Gú. 763 : 51 a; Th. 178, 8; Gú. 1241. Geard ymbtynde sepem circumdedit, Mt. Kmbl. Rush. 21, 33. Bráde synd on worulde gréne geardas in the world are broad green regions, Cd. 25; Th. 32, 30; Gen. 511. Æ-acute;r he on weg hwurfe of geardum ere he went away from his courts, Beo. Th. 535; B. 265 : Exon. 64 a; Th. 236, 23; Ph. 578. In geardum at home, Exon. 10 b; Th. 13, 11; Cri. 201 : 50 b; Th. 175, 13; Gú. 1194 : 61 a; Th. 223, 5; Ph. 355 : Beo. Th. 25; B. 13. Wit forléton on heofonríce gódlíce geardas we two have lost in the heavenly kingdom goodly courts, Cd. 35; Th. 46, 6; Gen. 740 : Beo. Th. 2272; B. 1134. On Fæder geardas in the dwellings of the Father, Salm. Kmbl. 832; Sal. 415 : Exon. 105 b; Th. 401, 7; Rä. 21, 8. [Wyc. &yogh;erd a field, garden : Piers P. yerd habitation : Chauc. yerde : O. Sax. gard, m : O. Frs. garda, m : Dut. Kil. gærde, gærd hortus : Ger. garten, m : M. H. Ger. garte, m : O. H. Ger. garto, gart, m. hortus, d&o-short;mus : Goth. gards, m. house : Dan. gaard, m. f : Swed. gård, m : Icel. garðr, m : Lat. hortus, m : Grk. χ&omicron-tonos;ρτos, m. an inclosed place, feeding-place : Slav. grad, gorod a fence.] DER. eador-geard, eard-, fæder-, friþ-, leód-, middan-, ort-, wín-, wyrm-, wyrt-.

geard, e; f. A staff, rod, stake, fagot; b&a-short;c&u-short;lum, virga, p&a-long;lus, fascis :-- He scolde gifan [MS. gife] sex fóður gearda he should give six loads of fagots, Chr. 852; Erl. 67, 38. DER. cyne-geard. v. gyrd.

geár-dagas; pl. m. [geár, dæg] YORE-DAYS, days of yore, days of years, time of life; dies ant&i-long;qui, ann&o-long;rum dies :-- In [on] geardagum in days of yore, Exon. 11 b; Th. 16, 11; Cri. 251 : 77 a; Th. 289, 6; Wand. 44 : Cd. 21; Th. 287, 16; Sat. 368 : Beo. Th. 2; B. 1 : 2712; B. 1354 : 4458; B. 2233. In geárdagan, Menol. Fox 231; Men. 117. Úre geárdaga dies ann&o-long;rum nostr&o-long;rum, Ps. Th. 89, 10. Scyle gumena gehwylc on his geárdagum georne biþencan every man should in the days of his years well consider, Exon.19 b; Th. 51, 26; Cri. 822 : 61 a; Th. 225, 4; Ph. 384 : Elen. Grm. 1267 : L. Eth. vii. 24; Th. i. 334, 21. [Icel. í árdaga in days of yore. Cf. Gen. 47, 9, 'The days of the years of my pilgrimage are an hundred and thirty years.']

geár-dagum; adv. [dat. pl. of geárdæg, nom. pl. -dagas] In days of yore, formerly; &o-long;lim, ant&i-long;qu&i-short;tus :-- Hie gesetton ðá Sennar geárdagum then they occupied Shinar in days of old, Cd. 80; Th. 99, 36; Gen. 1657 : Exon.16 a; Th. 35, 17; Cri. 559 : Andr. Kmbl. 3036; An. 1521 : Elen. Grm. 291 : 834.

geardlíc; adj. Worldly, mundane; mundi&a-long;lis, mund&a-long;nus, Som. Ben. Lye.

geare; pl. f. Furniture, GEAR for horses; app&a-short;r&a-long;tus :-- Geara feng the grasp of the gear, the bit; harpax vel l&u-short;pus, Ælfc. Gl. 3; Som. 55, 69; Wrt. Voc. 16, 42 : 105; Som. 78, 32; Wrt. Voc. 57, 14. v. gearwe; pl. f.

geare, gearwe, gearuwe, gearewe, gere; adv. [gearo? ready] Entirely, clearly, certainly, well, very well, enough; p&e-short;n&i-short;tus, prorsus, pl&a-long;ne, certe, b&e-short;ne, valde, opt&i-short;me, s&a-short;tis :-- Ic wát geare I well know, Beo. Th. 5306; B. 2656 : Bt. Met. Fox 20, 188; Met. 20, 94. Ic cann swá geare I so well know, Cd. 27; Th. 37, 1; Gen. 583. Nú gé geare cunnon now ye well know, Exon. 16 a; Th. 36, 9; Cri. 573. Hí wiston geare certi sunt, Lk. Bos. 20, 6. Swíðe geare, Ps. Th. 101, 5. Gearor, comp. Ors. 5, 14; Bos. 114, 11. [O. Sax. garo quite, entirely : O. H. Ger. garo, garawo penitus, prorsus : Ger. gar : Icel. görva, gerva quite.]

geáre; adv. Formerly, of old; &o-long;lim :-- Geáre ic ðæt ongeat jam &o-long;lim intellex&e-short;ram, Bd. 2, 13; S. 516, 29. DER. geó-geáre. v. geára; adv.

gearewe; adv. Entirely, well, very well; p&e-short;n&i-short;tus, prorsus, b&e-short;ne, opt&i-short;me, Ps. Th. 55, 4, 11 : 68, 3 : 118, 118. v. geare; adv.

gearewe, an; f. Yarrow; millef&o-short;lium, Glos. Brux. Recd. 41, 45; Wrt. Voc. 67, 60. [O. Sax. gare : O. H. Ger. garawa millefolium : Ger. schaf-garbe common yarrow; &yogh;arow, Wrt. Voc.] v. gearwe.

ge-arfoþ, es; n. Trouble; molestia :-- He sceal geþolian manige gearfoðu he shall suffer many troubles, Bt. 31, 1; Fox 110, 26. DER. earfoþ, es; n.

ge-arfoðe; adj. Difficult; diff&i-short;c&i-short;lis, molestus :-- Hú gearfoðe ðis is to gereccanne! how difficult this is to explain! Bt. 39, 4; Fox 216, 33. DER. earfeðe; adj.

geár-gemearc, es; n. A year's limit or space; anni def&i-long;n&i-long;tio vel sp&a-short;tium :-- Siððan ic ongon on ðone ánseld búgan geárgemearces after I had dwelt in the hermitage for a year's space, Exon. 50 b; Th. 176, 24; Gú. 1215.

geár-geriht, es; n. A yearly due; annuum d&e-long;b&i-short;tum :-- Gif preóst geárgerihta unmynegode læ-acute;te, gebéte ðæt if a priest let the yearly dues pass unreminded, let him make amends for it, L. N. P. L. 43; Th. ii. 296, 15.

geár-gerím, es; n. A year-nurnber, number of years, numbering by years; ann&o-long;rum n&u-short;m&e-short;rus :-- Ymb þritig geárgerímes after thirty, numbering by years, i. e. after thirty years, Bt. Met. Fox 28, 59; Met. 28, 30. v. geár-rím.

geár-getal a tale of years, number of years. [Cf. O. Sax. gér-tal : O. H. Ger. jár-zala a full year.] v. gæ-acute;r-getal.

ge-árian; p; ode; pp. od; v. trans. with the dat. I. [ár I. honour] To give honour, to honour; hon&o-long;r&a-long;re, honor&i-short;f&i-short;c&a-long;re :-- Onsegdnis lofes geáraþ mec sacr&i-short;f&i-short;cium laudis honor&i-short;f&i-short;c&a-long;bit me, Ps. Surt. 49, 23. Hý beóþ geárode and uppahefene hon&o-long;r&a-long;ti et exalt&a-long;ti fu&e-short;rint, Ps. Th. 36, 19. II. [ár II. kindness, favour, mercy] To have mercy or compassion upon any one, be merciful to, pity, pardon; prop&i-short;tium esse, mis&e-short;r&e-long;ri, parc&e-short;re :-- Þolige he landes and lífes, búton him se cyning geárian wylle let him forfeit land and life, unless the king will be merciful to him, L. C. E. 2; Th. i. 318, 21 : L. C. L. 60; Th. i. 408, 15 : L. Eth. vii. 16; Th. i. 332, 18. Geára me, éce Waldend! have compassion upon me, eternal Ruler! Hy. 1, 2; Hy. Grn. ii. 280, 2. Ðæt se Déma us geárige that the Judge may have compassion on us, Homl. Th. ii. 126, 13. Wæs Abrahame leófre ðæt he Godes hæ-acute;se gefylde, ðonne he his leófan bearne geárode it was dearer to Abraham to fulfil God's command, than to have compassion on his beloved son, Boutr. Scrd. 23, 5 : Ps. Th. arg. 34. III. [ár III. property] To endow :-- Ðurh ðone tocyme we wæ-acute;ron geweorðode and gewelgade and geárode through that advent we were honoured and enriched and endowed, Blickl. Homl. 105, 24.