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geárlíc; adj. Yearly, annual; annuus :-- Ðes geárlíca ymryne this yearly course, Homl. Th. ii. 98, 23. Ge ðæs libbendes yrfes, ge ðæs geárlíces westmes both of live stock and of yearly fruit, L. Ath. i. prm; Th. i. 194, 17. Geárlícne tíman annuum tempus, Hymn. Surt. 106, 33. Geárlíc wuldor annuam gl&o-long;riam, 79, 34. Geárlíce tída gesette wæ-acute;ron the yearly seasons were fixed, Bd. de nat. rerum; Wrt. popl. science 7, 25; Lchdm. iii. 246, 23.

geárlíce; adv. Yearly, from year to year; annu&a-long;tim, Cot.

geár-mæ-acute;lum; adv. [mæ-acute;lum, dat. pl. of mæ-acute;l, es; n.] Yearly; quotannis :-- Ríce geármæ-acute;lum weóx the kingdom. increased year by year, Bt. Met. Fox 1, 10; Met. 1, 5.

GEARN, gern; es; n. YARN, spun wool; pensum, l&a-long;na n&e-long;ta :-- Gearn pensum, st&a-long;men, l&a-long;na, Cot. 85. Unwunden gearn unwound yarn, a ball or clew of yarn; gl&o-short;mus, Ælfc. Gl. 111; Som. 79, 67; Wrt. Voc. 59, 36. [Dut. garen, n. thread, yarn : Ger. M. H. Ger. O. H. Ger. garn, n. f&i-long;l&a-long;men : Dan. Swed. garn, n : Icel. garn, n.] DER. nett-gern.

gearnfull; adj. Anxious; soll&i-short;c&i-short;tus :-- Gearnfulle soll&i-short;c&i-short;ti, Lk. Skt. Lind. 12, 11. Gearnfull austerus, 19, 22. v. geornful.

ge-arnian; p. ode; pp. od [earnian to earn] To earn, merit; m&e-short;r&e-long;ri :-- Sceal mon lofes [MS. leofes] gearnian a man shall merit praise, Exon. 91 a; Th. 342, 9; Gn. Ex. 140. v. ge-earnian.

ge-arnung, e; f. [earnung an earning] Merit, reward; m&e-short;r&i-short;tum :-- Næ-acute;nig efenlíc ðam, æ-acute;r ne siððan, in worlde gewearþ, wífes gearnung no woman's reward in the world was equal to that, before nor after, Exon. 8 b; Th. 3, 23; Cri. 40. v. ge-earnung.

gearn-winde, gern-winde, es; m? [windan to wind] A yarn-winder, reel; rhombus = ρ&omicron-tonos;μβos :-- Gearn-winde conductum, Wrt. Voc. 66, 19.

GEARO, gearu; gen. m. n. -wes, -owes; f. -re, -rwe; def. se gearwa; adj. YARE, ready, prepared, equipped, complete; promptus, p&a-short;r&a-long;tus, instructus, perfectus :-- Gearo wyrde on gespræce factus est l&o-short;qu&e-long;la promptus, Bd. 5, 2; S. 615, 29. Gearo is mín heorte p&a-short;r&a-long;tum est cor meum, Ps. Th. 56, 9. Gearo ic eom p&a-short;r&a-long;tus sum, 118, 60 : Ps. Spl. 16, 13 : 107, 1. Wes tú gearo p&a-short;r&a-long;tus esto, Bd. 5, 19; S. 640, 44. He wæs gearo gúþe he was ready for war, Andr. Kmb1. 467; An. 234. Ic beó gearo sóna I shall be ready at once, Beo. Th. 3655; B. 1825 : 6202; B. 3106. Ðá wæs gearo gyrnwræce Grendeles módor then was Grendel's mother ready with vengeance for wrongs, 4242; B. 2118. Swá gearwe swá seó leó s&i-long;cut leo p&a-short;r&a-long;tus, Ps. Th. 16, 11. Óþ-ðæt he Adam gearone funde until he found Adam ready, Cd. 23; Th. 29, 25; Gen. 455 : Bt. Met. Fox 7, 67; Met. 7. 34. Gearwe, acc. s. f. Beo. Th. 2017; B. 1006 : Exon. 45 b; Th. 155, 17; Gú. 861. Ðæt hý grim helle fýr gearo to wite seóþ that they shall see hell's grim fire ready for punishment, 26 b; Th. 78, 7; Cri. 1270. Beornas gearwe on stefn stigon the warriors ready [or equipped] stept on the prow, Beo. Th. 428; B. 211 : Ps. Th. 124, 5 : 141, 4. Ealle þing synt gearwe omuia sunt p&a-short;r&a-long;ta, Mt. Bos. 22, 4. Ða flotan stódon gearowe wícinga fela the pirates stood ready, many Vikings, Byrht. Th. 133, 59; By. 72 : 134, 47; By. 100. Searwum gearwe equipped with arms, Beo. Th. 3631; B. 1813. Geseah Metod geofonúsa mæ-acute;st gearo hlifigean the Creator saw the greatest of sea-houses arise complete, Cd. 66; Th. 79, 35; Gen. 1321. Geofum biþ gearora with gifts is more prepared, Exon. 128 b; Th. 493, 15; Rä. 81, 31. [Chauc. yare : R. Glouc. &yogh;are : Laym. &yogh;aru, &yogh;æru : O. Sax. garu : Ger. gar ready : M. H. Ger. gar, gare : O. H. Ger. garo, garaw.] DER. ánwíg-gearo, eal-, un-.

gearo, gearu; adv. Promptly, readily, entirely, altogether; prompte, omn&i-long;no, prorsus :-- Ðæt ic goldæ-acute;ht gearo sceáwige that I may promptly behold the gold-treasure, Beo. Th. 5490; B. 2748. Gé ða fægran gesceaft gearo forségon ye utterly despised the fair creation, Exon. 41 b; Th. 139, 33; Gú. 602 : 9 b; Th. 7, 31; Cri. 109. Se mec gearo [or geáro; see next word] on bende legde he who altogether laid me in bonds, 105 b; Th. 402, 14; Rä. 21, 29. v. geare; adv.

geáro; adv. Of yore, formerly, of old; &o-long;lim :-- Be ðam wealle, ðe geáro Rómáne Breotone eálond begyrdon juxta m&u-long;rum, quo &o-long;lim R&o-long;m&a-long;ni Brittaniam ins&u-short;lam præcinx&e-long;re, Bd. 3, 22; S. 552, 30. v. geára.

gearo-brygd, e; f. [bregdan to vibrate] A prompt vibration; prompta puls&a-long;tio :-- Áh he gleóbeámes gearobrygda list he has skill in prompt vibrations of the harp, Exon. 79 a; Th. 296, 13; Crä. 50.

gearod clothed, endowed, Bt. 14, 3; Fox 46, note 7, MS. Cott. = gear-wod; pp. of gearwian.

gearo-folm; adj. [folm a hand] Ready-handed; promptus m&a-short;nu :-- He grápode gearofolm he ready-handed grasped [me], Beo. Th. 4176; B. 2085.

gearo-gongende going quickly or swiftly. v. gearu-gongende.

gearolíce; adv. Readily, clearly; prompte, pl&a-long;ne :-- Ic ðæt gearolíce ongiten hæbbe I have clearly understood that, Elen. Kmbl. 575; El. 288 : Exon. 100 a; Th. 378, 2; Deór. 10. [O. Sax. garolíko : O. H. Ger. garalíhho.]

gearo-snotor, -snottor, gearu-snottor; adj. Very wise; valde s&a-short;piens :-- Gidda gearosnotor very wise in songs, Elen. Kmbl. 835; El. 418. Giedda gearosnottor, Exon. 18 a; Th. 45, 2; Cri. 713.

gearo-þoncol; adj. Very considerate or prudent; valde consid&e-short;r&a-long;tus vel prov&i-short;dus :-- Hí ðæt idese ageáfon gearoþoncolre they gave it to the very prudent woman, Judth. 12; Thw. 26, 23; Jud. 342.

gearowe prepared, ready, Jud. 4, 13; dat. s. f. of gearo.

gearo-wita, an; m. Intellect, understanding; intelligentia, intellectus :-- Ðeáh we fela smeán, we habbaþ litellne gearowitan búton tweón though we contemplate many things, we have little understanding free from doubt, Bt. 41, 5; Fox 254, 10 : 39, 8; Fox 224, 4.

gearo-wyrdig, gearu-wyrdig; adj. Ready in words, speaking with ease or fluency, eloquent; verbis promptus, f&a-long;cundus :-- Se wítga song, gearo-wyrdig guma ðæt gyd awræc the prophet sang, the eloquent man recited the lay, Exon. 84 a; Th. 316, 19; Mód. 51.

geár-rím, es; n. A year-number, a year [?], number of years; ann&o-long;rum n&u-short;m&e-short;rus :-- Seó tíd gegæ-acute;þ, geár-rímum, ðæt ða geongan leomu geloden weorþaþ the time passes, in a number of years [or by years], that the young limbs be grown, Exon. 87 a; Th. 327, 17; Vy. 5. [Cf. O. Sax. gér-tal a year.]

geár-þénung, e; f. A yearly service, annual service; annuum minist&e-short;rium :-- Gif preóst misendebirde ciriclíce geárþénunga, dæges oððe nihtes, gebéte ðæt if a priest misorder the annual services of the church, by day or by night, let him make amends for it, L. N. P. L. 38; Th. ii. 296, 7.

geár-torht; adj. Yearly bright, every year glorious; quotannis splend&i-short;dus :-- Ðá him wæstmas brohte, geártorhte gife, gréne folde when the green earth should bring fruits to him, yearly-bright gifts, Cd. 76; Th. 94, 13; Gen. 1561.

gearu; adj. Yare, ready, prepared; promptus, p&a-short;r&a-long;tus, Beo. Th. 2223; B. 1109 : Cd. 178; Th. 223, 32; Dan. 128 : Ps. Th. 61, 2, 7 : Andr. Kmbl. 2716; An. 1360 : 3157; An. 1581: Jn. Bos. 7, 6 : Ps. Th. 107, 1 : Elen. Grm. 604. v. gearo; adj.

gearu-gongende; part. Going quickly or swiftly; exp&e-short;d&i-long;te inc&e-long;dens :-- Ic eom to ðon bleáþ, ðæt mec mæg gearugongende gríma abrégan I am so timid, that a phantom going swiftly may frighten me, Exon. 110 b; Th. 423, 6; Rä. 41, 17.

gearu-snottor; adj. Very wise; valde s&a-short;piens :-- Hie æ-acute;nne betæ-acute;hton giddum gearusnottorne they gave up one very skilled in songs, Elen. Kmbl. 1168; El. 586. v. gearo-snotor.

gearuwe prepared, ready, Bd. 4, 2; S. 565, 34; acc. pl. of gearu. v. gearo; adj.

gearuwe, an; f. Yarrow; millef&o-short;lium :-- Seó reáde gearuwe the red yarrow, Lchdm. iii. 24, 2. v. gearwe.

gearuwe; adv. Entirely, well, very well; p&e-short;n&i-short;tus, prorsus, b&e-short;ne, opt&i-short;me, Ps. Th. 53, 2 : 61; 11 : 62, 1 : 70, 1 : 118, 21 : 138, 11 : 139, 12. v. geare; adv.

gearu-wyrdig; adj. Ready in words, eloquent; verbis promptus :-- Sum biþ gearu-wyrdig one is eloquent, Exon. 78 b; Th. 295, 21; Crä. 36. v. gearo-wyrdig.

gearwa prepared; p&a-short;r&a-long;tus; nom. m. def. of gearo; adj.

gearwe; comp. gearwor; sup. gearwost, gearwast; adv. Entirely, well, very well, enough; p&e-short;n&i-short;tus, prorsus, b&e-short;ne, opt&i-short;me, s&a-short;tis, Cd. 52; Th. 67, 10; Gen. 1098 : 107; Th. 141, 10; Gen. 2342 : Beo. Th. 536; B. 265 : Exon. 48 a; Th. 164, 28; Gú. 1018 : Bd. 5, 6; S. 618, 30 : Ps. Th. 142, 9. Gearwor, Andr. Kmbl. 1864; An. 934 : Exon. 73 b; Th. 275, 27; Jul. 556 : Beo. Th. 6141; B. 3074 : Elen. Grm. 945. Gearwost, Beo. Th. 1435; B. 715. Gearwast, Elen. Grm. 329. v. geare.

gearwe prepared; p&a-short;r&a-long;ta :-- Ealle míne þing synt gearwe omnia p&a-short;r&a-long;ta sunt, Mt. Bos. 22, 4; nom. pl. n. of gearo; adj.

gearwe, an; f. Clothing, attire; vest&i-long;tus, h&a-short;b&i-short;tus :-- Ic on his gearwan geseó ðæt he is æ-acute;rendsecge uncres Hearran I see by his attire that he is the messenger of our Lord, Cd. 30; Th. 41, 16; Gen. 657. v. gearwe; pl. f.

gearwe; pl. f. Clothing, attire, GEAR, adornment, arms, armour; vest&i-long;tus, h&a-short;b&i-short;tus, arma :-- Enoch cwic gewát mid Cyning engla of ðyssum læ-acute;nan lífe, on ðám gearwum ðe his gást onféng, æ-acute;r hine to monnum módor brohte Enoch alive departed with the King of angels from this frail life, in the vestment which his soul received, ere his mother brought him amongst men, Cd. 60; Th. 73, 29; Gen. 1212 : Menol. Fox 150; Men. 76. Óþ-ðæt hie on Gúþmyrce gearwe bæ-acute;ron till they bore their arms against the Æthiopians, 145; Th. 181, 11; Exod. 59 : 151; Th. 190, 3; Exod. 193. [O. Sax. garuwi, f : O. H. Ger. garawi, f.] DER. feðer-gearwe.

gearwe, gearuwe, gearewe, gæruwe, garuwe, an; f. YARROW; millef&o-short;lium, achillæa millef&o-short;lium, Lin :-- Ðas wyrte man millef&o-short;lium and on úre geþeóde gearwe nemneþ this plant is named millef&o-short;lium and in our language yarrow, Herb. 90, 1; Lchdm. i. 194, 6 : Wrt. Voc. 79, 23. Wylle gearwan on buteran boil yarrow in butter, L. M. 1, 60; Lchdm. ii. 130, 22; 2, 56; Lchm. ii. 276, 19 : 3, 30; Lchdm. ii. 324, 25. Wyl on meolcum ða reádan gearwan boil in milk the red yarrow, L. M. 3, 65; Lchm. ii. 354, 9. v. gearewe.