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ge-sceppend, -scyppend, es; m. A creator :-- Fram ðæm heáhsetle úre gescyppendes from the throne of our Creator, Blickl. Homl. 11, 29.

ge-sceran; p. -scer, -scær; pp. -scoren To cut, cleave; secare, dissecare :-- He him on heáfde helm gescer he clave the helmet on his head, Beo. Th. 5939; B. 2973. Helm gescær he cut the helmet, 3057; B. 1526. v. sceran.

ge-scerian, -scyrian, -scyrigan; p. ede; pp. ed. I. to bestow, appoint, provide, ordain, destine; tribuere, providere, ordinare, destinare :-- He sceolde his Drihtne þancian ðæs leánes, ðe he him on ðam leóhte gescerede he should thank his Lord for the reward which he bestowed on him in that light, Cd. 14; Th. 17, 11; Gen. 258. Ic biddan wille ðæt ðú me ne gescyrige mid scyldhetum I will pray that thou appoint me not among the guilty ones, Andr. Kmbl. 169; An. 85 Is se ræ-acute;d gescyred manna cynne this counsel is ordained for mankind, Cd. 22; Th. 27, 28; Gen. 424. II. to number, reckon; numerare :-- Se me beág forgeaf, on ðam siexhund wæs, smæ-acute;tes goldes, gescyred sceatta he gave me a bracelet, on which six hundred sceats of beaten gold were numbered, Exon. 86 a; Th. 324, 9; Wíd. 92. Ic wéne ðæt ðæ-acute;r screoda wæ-acute;re gescyred ríme siexhundreda I believe that there were six hundred chariots reckoned by number, 122 a; Th. 468, 10; Phar. 5. [O. Sax. gi-skerian to ordain, arrange.]

ge-scerpan, -scirpan, -scierpan; p. te To sharpen; acuere :-- Ic gescirpe mín swurd I will sharpen my sword, Deut. 32, 41. Ðære culfran bilwitnesse gescierpan [-scirpan, Hat. MS.] to sharpen the simplicity of the dove, Past. 35, 1; Swt, 236, 23; Cot. MS.

ge-scerpan, -scirpan, -scyrpan; p. te To clothe, furnish, adorn, deck; vestire, ornare :-- Ðeáh Neron hine gescerpte wlitegum wæ-acute;dum though Nero clothed himself in beautiful garments, Bt. Met. Fox 15, 4; Met. 15, 2. Gescyrpte, Bt. 28; Fox 100, 26. Ele andwlitan gescyrpeþ oleum faciem exhilarat, Ps. Th. 103, 15. Ðá ðæt folc hine geseah swá gescyrpedne when the people saw him so furnished [i. e. with sword and spear, and riding on the king's horse], Bd. 2, 13; S. 517, 10: 5, 19; S. 638, 9, 10. Fugla cynn fiðerum gescyrped volucres pennatæ, Ps. Th. 148, 10. Ða ðe gescirped sind qui vestiuntur, Mt. Kmbl. Lind. 11, 8.

ge-sceððan [with the same form in the infinitive are to be found, apparently, two verbs, one belonging to the strong, the other to the weak conjugation. Corresponding to the Gothic verb skaþjan, skóþ is sceððan, scód; [cf. sceppan, scóp.] The infinitive 'sceaðan' also occurs. Corresponding to Icel. skeðja, skaddi is sceððan, sceðede. There is besides the weak verb 'sceaðian,' which corresponds to Icel. skaða, skaðaði, or O. H. Ger. scadón, scadota. With regard to the form 'scód' instead of 'skóþ,' see Grm. And. u. El. 93] To injure, hurt, oppress, be an enemy to; nocere, adversari :-- Gisceðeþ nocebit, Rtl. 8, 29. Ða ðe hríppum usum gesceððaþ and gefrettaþ quæ messibus nostris adversantur et comedunt, 147, 7. Ðæt him bám gescód that injured them both, Exon. 45 b; Th. 154, 14; Gú. 842: 38 b; Th. 127, 35; Gú. 396: 61 b; Th. 226, 4; Ph. 400. He manegum gesceód it proved a foe to many, Cd. 167; Th. 208, 25; Exod. 488: 198; Th. 247, 1; Dan. 490: 209; Th. 258, 20; Dan. 678. Him hettende oft gescódan enemies oft oppressed them, Exon. 62 a; Th. 228, 23; Ph. 442. Him gesceððe scyldignis ei noceat reatus, Rtl. 103, 15. Gáste gesceððan to injure the soul, Andr. Kmbl. 1834; An. 919: Beo. Th. 2899; B. 1447. Gesceððed læsus, Lye.

ge-sceððendlíc; adj. Hurtful :-- Alle gesceððendlíca omnia nociva, Rtl. 118, 33.

ge-scierpan to sharpen. v. ge-scerpan.

ge-scild, es; n. A refuge; refugium, Ps. Spl. T. 70, 4.

ge-scildan, -scyldan; p. de; pp. ed To shield, cover, protect, defend; protegere, tueri :-- Ic gescilde ðé mínre swýðran handan I will cover thee with my right hand, Ex. 33, 22. Ic ðé gescilde on drihtenes name I will protect thee in the name of the Lord, Shrn 15, 19. Gif ðé man scotaþ to ðú gescylst ðé if you are shot at you shield yourself, Homl. Th. ii. 538, 10. Giscildes protegis, Rtl. 62, 54. Us gescyldeþ scyppend engla the Creator of angels protects us, Andr. Kmbl. 867; An. 434: Exon. 68 b; Th. 255, 14; Jul. 214. He us gesceldeþ wiþ eallum feóndum he will shield us from all enemies, Blickl. Homl. 51, 14. Siððan hie heofonríces weard wið ðone hearm gescylde after heaven's guardian had protected them against that hurt, Cd. 196; Th. 245, 6; Dan. 458: Shrn. 90, 7: Mt. Kmbl. p. 7, 9. Giscilde protegat, Rtl. 49, 34. Wiþ egesan yfeles feóndes míne sáwle gescyld a timore inimici eripe animam meam, Ps. Th. 63, 1. Gescildan wið to protect against, Exon. 40 b; Th. 135, 23; Gú. 528. Heó is gescyld she is protected, Ors. 2, 4; Bos. 45, 3. Gescylded protected, Exon. 58 b; Th. 210, 4; Ph. 180: Bd. 3, 23; S. 555, 35.

ge-scildend, -scyldend, es; m. A protector :-- Mín gescyldend protector meus, Ps. Th. 27, 8: Andr. Kmbl. 2583; An. 1293.

ge-scildnes, -scyldnes, -scildness, e; f. Protection, defence, shielding; tuitio, tutamen, tutela, defensio :-- Þurh his gescildnisse synd ða fýnd on ðínum handum oferwunnene through his protection are the enemies overcome in thy hands, Gen. 14, 20: Homl. Th. ii. 140, 27. For heora gescyldnysse ob eorum defensionem, Bd. 1, 12; S. 481, 4: 2, 5; S. 506, 30. Gescyldnysse protectionem, Ps, Spl. 17, 37. Giscildniss protectio, tuitio, defensio, Rtl. 17, 9: 62, 8: 145, 30.

ge-scínan; p. -scán; pp. -scinen To shine, shine upon, illuminate; fulgere, collustrare, illuminare :-- Ne mæg heó ealle gesceafta gescínan, ne ða gesceafta ðe heó gescínan mæg, ne mæg hió ealle endemest gescínan she cannot shine upon all creatures, nor those creatures which she may shine upon can she shine upon all equally, Bt. 41, 1; Fox 244, 7-9: Bt. Met. Fox 30, 17; Met. 30, 9: 30, 22; Met. 30, 11. Wuldres gim grund gescíneþ the gem of glory illuminates the ground, Exon. 57 b; Th. 205, 26; Ph. 118. Swá sió sunne hine gescínþ as the sun shines upon him, Bt. 34, 5; Fox 140, 8. Gescíneþ lucet, Jn. Skt. Lind. 1, 5. Giscína fulgere, Rtl. 67, 10: 86, 34. Gisceán innituit [ = enituit], 45, 16.

ge-scincio; pl. n. The fat about the kidneys. v. Lchdm. iii. 361.

ge-scindan. v. ge-scendan.

ge-scipian; p. ode; pp. od To provide with ships :-- Se micla here wurdon gescipode the great army got ships, Chr. 893; Erl. 88, 23.

ge-scippan. v. ge-sceppan.

ge-sciran to act as a steward; vilicare, Lk. Skt. Lind. 16, 2.

ge-scirpan. v. ge-scerpan.

ge-scirpla, -scyrpla, an; m. Clothing, clothes; vestitus :-- Wæ-acute;ron hie on gescirplan scipférendum onlíce they were in clothing like seafarers, Andr. Kmbl. 499; An. 250. Hwæ-acute;r beóþ ðonne his ídlan gescyrplan where shall his vain garments be then? Blickl. Homl. 111, 35.

ge-scítt shoots forward, falls to, is allotted to, Ex. 29, 26; pres. of ge-sceótan.

ge-scód, -scóed. v. ge-sceód.

ge-scóe, Mk. Skt. Rush. 1, 7: Lk. Skt. Rush. 10, 4: Jn. Skt. Rush. 1, 27. v. ge-scý.

ge-scola, an; m. A fellow-debtor; condebitor, Cot. 208. [M. H. Ger. geschol.] v. sculan.

ge-scomian. v. ge-sceamian.

ge-scot. v. ge-sceot.

ge-scotfeoht, es; n. A fight with arrows or darts :-- Eft gewurdon on gescotfeohta scearpe gáras ipsi sunt jacula, Ps. Th. 54, 21: 75, 3.

ge-scræpe, -screope, -scroepe; adj. Convenient, meet, fit for, accommodated; aptus :-- Breoton is gescræpe on læswe sceápa and neáta Brittannia est apta alendis pecoribus ac jumentis, Bd. 1, 1; S. 473, 13, 22. Giscroepo aptas, Rtl. 117, 14: Bd. 5, 6; S. 618, 41. DER. un-ge-scræpe. v. ge-screpelíce, ge-scropenys, ge-screope.

ge-screádian; p. ode, ede; pp. od, ed To cut off trim, prune; sarpere :-- Gif se wíngeard ne biþ onriht gescreádod if the vineyard be not rightly pruned, Homl. Th. ii. 74, 14. Gescreáded wíngeard sarpta vinea, Ælfc. Gl. 99; Som. 76, 125; Wrt. Voc. 54, 65. DER. screádian.

ge-screncan; p. te To cause to shrink, to destroy, supplant :-- Wéron gescrencde aruerunt, Mt. Kmbl. Lind. 13. 6. Ðú gescrenctyst on-arísende on me supplantasti insurgentes in me, Ps. Spl. C. 17, 41.

ge-screncednes, -ness, e; f. A supplanting, an overturning; supplantatio, Ps. Spl. C. 40, 10.

ge-screngce; adj. Withered, shrunken, dry; aridus, Lk. Skt. Lind. 6, 8.

ge-screope; adj. Fit for, apt; aptus :-- Fela óðera gescreopa and gesynto he oncneów heofonlíce him forgifen beón alia commoda et prospera cælitus sibi fuisse data intellexit, Bd. 4, 22; S. 592, 20: Bd. 4, 19; S. 589, 42, note. v. ge-scræpe.

ge-screpelíce; adv. Aptly, conveniently, fitly; apte :-- Gescrepelíce gehiwad aptissime figuratus, Bd. 4, 19; S. 590, 1. v. ge-scræpe.

ge-scrif, es; n. A judgment, command, ceremony; censura, edictum, ceremonia, Cot. 59: 79: 56. [Cf. O. H. Ger. gi-scrip scriptura, forma.] v. ge-scrífan.

ge-serífan; p. -scráf, -screáf; pp. -scrifen. I. to judge, deem, assign, impose, appoint; judicare, assignare, imponere, designare :-- Se ðe him gescráf weán who to him had assigned misery, Cd. 148; Th. 186, 16; Exod. 139. Swá him wyrd gescráf so fate assigned to him, Beo. Th. 5142; B. 2574: Elen. Grm. 1047: Bt. Met. Fox 1, 58; Met. 1, 29. Hió me lytle læs láðe woldan ðisses eorþweges ende gescrífan paulo minus consummaverunt me in terra, Ps. Th. 118, 87. Siððan gé agifen habbaþ sceattas gescrifene when you have given the appointed sum, Andr. Kmbl. 593; An. 297. II. to shrive, impose penance, censure; pœnitentiam imponere, reprehendere :-- Manna sáwla læ-acute;ce sceal geþencan, hú he mannum heora dæ-acute;da gescrífe and hí þeáh-hwæðere ne fordéme the physician of men's souls must consider how he shall shrive their deeds and yet not condemn them, L. de. Cf. 1; Th. ii. 260, 14.

ge-scrincan; p. -scranc; pp. -scruncen To shrink, dry up :-- Giscrinca hia arrescunt, Rt1. 125, 35. For ðæm ciéle him gescruncan ealle ða æ-acute;dra ðæt him mon ðæs lífes ne wénde [cum in præfrigidum amnem descendisset] obriguit, contractuque nervorum proximus morti fuit, Ors. 3, 9; Bos. 64, 38. Gescriungon aruerunt, Mt. Kmbl. Lind. 13, 6. Mengo giscrungenra multitudo aridorum, Jn. Skt. Rush. 5, 3. Ða gescruncenan marcida, Cot. 133.