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ge-stapan; p. -stóp, pl. -stópon; pp. -stapen To step, go; gradi, ire, ingredi :-- Ðá gestóp he to ánes wealles býge then he stepped to a bend of a wall, Ors. 3, 9; Bos. 68, 22: Andr. Knbl. 3163; An. 1584. DER. stapan.

ge-starian; p. ode; pp. od [starian to stare] To stare; rectis &o-short;c&u-short;lis intu&e-long;ri :-- He gestarode ðæ-acute;r gestaðelad wæs æðelíc ingong he gazed where a noble entrance was placed, Exon. 12 a; Th. 19, 27; Cri. 307.

gestaðel-fæstan; p. -fæste; pp. -fæsted [staðel a foundation, fæstan to make fast] To found, establish; st&a-short;bil&i-long;re :-- Ic gestaðelfæste st&a-short;b&i-short;lio, Ælfc. Gr. 30, 5; Som. 34, 54.

ge-staðelian, -staðolian; p. ode, ade; pp. od, ad [staðelian to found, establish] To found, establish, build, erect, place, settle, strengthen, confirm, fortify, repair, restore; fund&a-long;re, st&a-short;b&i-short;l&i-long;re, æd&i-short;f&i-short;c&a-long;re, coll&o-short;c&a-long;re, l&o-short;care, confort&a-long;re, confirm&a-long;re, restaur&a-long;re :-- Ðe Eádgár cyng hét Aðelwold gestaðelian which king Edgar commanded Æthelwold to found, Chr. 975; Erl. 127, 7: Shrn. 138, 1. Ðæt hí woldan his bán on ðære ylcan stówe búfan eorþan mid gedafenlícre árwurþnesse gesettan and gestaðolian ut ossa ill&i-long;us in eodem qu&i-short;dem l&o-short;co, sed supra p&a-short;v&i-long;meutum dignæ v&e-short;n&e-short;r&a-long;ti&o-long;nis gr&a-long;tia l&o-short;c&a-long;rent; Bd. 4, 30; S. 608, 32. Ðú ná gestaðolast hí non æd&i-short;f&i-short;c&a-long;bis eos, Ps. Lamb. 27, 5: Mt. Bos. 18, 15. Meotud him ðæt mód gestaðelaþ the Creator strengthens his mind, Exon. 83 a; Th. 312, 11; Seef. 108. He gestaðolaþ and gemetgaþ ealle gesceafta he establishes and regulates all creatures, Bt. 25; Fox. 88, 4. Gestrangaþ hý and gestaðeliaþ staðolfæstne geþoht they strengthen and confirm the steadfast thought, Salm. Kmbl. 477; Sal. 239. Ic geseó mónan and steorran, ða ðú gestaðelodest v&i-short;d&e-long;bo lunam et stellas, quæ tu fundasti, Ps. Spl. 8, 4: Ps. Th. 89, 8. Se þe middangeard gestaðelode he who established the earth, Andr. Kmbl. 323; An. 162: Cd. 6; Th. 7, 32; Gen. 115: Bd. 3, 23; S. 555, 4: Chr. 920; Ed. 104, 33. Ðæ-acute;r me he gestaðelode ibi me coll&o-short;c&a-long;vit, Ps. Spl. 22, 1: Bd. 4, 4; S. 570, 42. Þe wuldres blæ-acute;ð gestaðolade who established the increase of glory, Andr. Kmbl. 1071; An. 536: Exon. 83 a; Th. 312, 3; Seef. 104. Ðe hit gestaðelod wæs qua fund&a-long;ta est, Ex. 9, 18: Ps. Th. 121, 5. Ðæ-acute;r gestaðelad wæs æðelíc ingong where a noble entrance was placed, Exon. 12 a; Th. 19, 28; Cri. 307: 67 a; Th. 249, 6; Jul. 507. Ðú wæ-acute;re gestaðolod þurh me thou wast confirmed through me, Soul Kmbl. 90; Seel. 45. Hí ðæ-acute;r gestaðelode wæ-acute;ron they were settled there, Bd. 4, 4; S. 571, 1: Ps. Th. 138, 20.

ge-staðolfæstnian to make firm; solidare, Rtl. 22, 5.

ge-staðolian to found, establish, strengthen, confirm, Bd. 4, 30; S. 608, 32: Ps. Lamb. 27, 5: Bt. 25; Fox 88, 4: Andr. Kmbl. 1071; An. 536: Soul Kmbl. 90; Seel. 45. v. ge-staðelian.

ge-staðolung, e; f. Firmness, stability; st&a-short;b&i-short;l&i-short;tas :-- Ðú ðe staðelodest eorþan ofer gestaðolung his qui fundasti terram s&u-short;per st&a-short;b&i-short;l&i-short;t&a-long;tem suam, Ps. Spl. T. 103, 6.

ge-steal, -steall, es; n, Constitution, frame :-- Eal ðis eorþan gesteal all this earth's frame, Exon. 78 a; Th. 293, 2; Wand. 110. [Cf. O. H. Ger. gistelli: Ger. gestell.]

ge-stealla, an; m. A companion; socius. DER. eaxl-, folc-, fyrd-, hand-, lind-, nýd-, will-gestealla. v. steal, steallian.

ge-steald, es; n. A settled place, a station, dwelling-place, an abode; st&a-short;tio, d&o-short;m&i-short;cilium :-- He lífes gesteald sceáwode he beheld life's dwelling-place, Exon. 12 a; Th. 19, 22; Cri. 304, Ðæt he walde wídanferhþ écra gestealda that he shall rule for ever the eternal abodes, Elen. Kmbl. 1601; El. 802.

gestéd-hors, es; n. [stéda a steed] A stallion; &e-short;quus admiss&a-long;rius vel &e-long;miss&a-long;rius :-- He ðone cyng bæd ðæt he him wæ-acute;pen sealde and gestédhors r&o-short;g&a-long;vit sibi r&e-short;gem arma d&a-short;re et &e-short;quum &e-long;miss&a-long;rum, Bd. 2, 14; S. 517, 5.

ge-stefnan; p. de; pp. ed [stefnian to institute] To institute, place, fix; inst&i-short;tu&e-short;re :-- Freá engla héht wesan wæter gemæ-acute;ne, stówe gestefnde the lord of angels bade the waters to be common, and their places fixed, Cd. 8; Th. 10, 21; Gen. 160.

ge-stelan to steal; furari, Jn. Skt. Lind. 10, 10.

ge-stenc, es; n. Odour, smell; odor :-- Svoetnisse gistencs suavitatem odoris, Rtl. 3, 20: 12, 15.

ge-stence, -stænce; adj. Fragrant, odorous :-- He hafaþ hwítne wyrtruman and swýðe gestencne [-stæncne, MS. B.] it has a white and very fragrant root, Herb. 156, 1; Lchdm. i. 282, 19.

ge-stencniss, e; f. Odour; odor, Rtl. 3, 22.

ge-steóran; p. de; pp. ed To steer, direct, control, correct; cont&i-short;n&e-long;re, corr&i-short;g&e-short;re :-- Híg wistan ðæt híg ne mihton manegum gesteóran they knew that they might not control many, L. E. G. prm; Th. i. 116, 14. Ðú his ýþum miht ána gesteóran m&o-long;tum fluctuum ejus tu m&i-long;t&i-short;gas, Ps. Th. 88, 8: Bt. 16, 4; Fox 58, 15. v. ge-stýran.

ge-stépan; p. -stépte; pp. -stépt [stapan to raise]. I. to set erect, raise; &e-long;r&i-short;g&e-short;re :-- Syndon ða fóreweallas fægre gestépte the forewalls are fairly raised, Cd. 158; Th. 196, 26; Exod. 297. II. to assist, sustain, support, help; subl&e-short;v&a-long;re, sustent&a-long;re, fulc&i-short;re, aux&i-short;li&a-long;ri :-- He gestépte sunu Ohtheres he supported Ohthere's son, Beo. Th. 4766; B. 2393.

ge-steped stepped, introduced; initiatus, Cot. 108; pp. of ge-steppan. v. steppan.

ge-steppan, -stæppan; p. -stepede = -stepte? pp. -steped = -stept? To step, go; gradi, ire, incedere :-- Ðæ-acute;r næ-acute;nig fira ne mæg fótum gestæppan where no man may step with feet, Salm. Kmbl. 420; Sal. 210: Bt. Met. Fox 20, 279; Met. 20, 140. For hwí geunrótsod gesteppe ic oððe gá ic quare contristatus incedo, Ps. Lamb. 42, 10. Gistepe ue gradiamur, Rtl. 51, 9. Gesteped initiatus, Cot. 108.

gest-ern, es; n. A guest-place, guest-chamber :-- Ðæt gestern divers&o-long;rium, Lk. Skt. Lind. Rush. 22, 11. v. gest-ærn.

gest-hús, es; n. A guest-house, guest-chamber; hosp&i-short;tium :-- Gán we sécan úre gesthús let us go and seek our hostel, Th. Apol. 18, 16. In gest-húsum in hospitiis, Ps. Surt. 54, 16. v. gæst-hús.

ge-stieian, -sticcian; p. ode, ede; pp. od, ed [stician to stick] To stick, pierce, transfix :-- Hét mon me ðæt ic ðone swile gesticode juss&e-long;runt me inc&i-long;d&e-short;re t&u-short;m&o-long;rem illum, Bd. 4, 19; S. 589, 1. Gebýreþ ðæt ðæt mód wierþ gesticced mid ðære scylde gielpes it happens that the mind is pierced by the sin of boasting, Past. 33, 2; Swt. 217, 6; Hat. MS. 41 b, 1.

ge-stiéran; p. de; pp. ed To correct; corr&i-short;g&e-short;re :-- He him nolde gestiéran he would not correct him, L. In. 50; Th. i. 134, 5. v. gestýran.

gestig; adj. Strange :-- Huonne ðec we ségon gestig quando te vidimus hospitem, Mt. Kmbl. Lind. 25, 38.

ge-stígan; p. -stág, -stáh, pl. -stigon; pp. -stigen To mount, ascend, descend :-- He me wolde on gestígan he would mount upon me [the cross], Rood Kmbl. 68; Kr. 34. In écne geard up gestígan to mount up to the eternal abode, Exon. 44 a; Th. 149, 18; Gú. 763. Ðonne gestíge ic ofer ðone then will I ascend upon it, Blickl. Homl. 183, 4. Ðætte gestíge ut descendat, Rtl. 98, 10. Of dúne gestígdes ðú descendes, Mt. Kmbl. Lind. 11, 23. Ðæt we to ðam hýhstan hrófe gestígan that we may mount to the highest roof, Exon. 18 b; Th. 47, 3; Cri. 749. Ðá ic on holm gestáh when I went on the main, Beo. Th. 1269; B. 632: Cd. 69; Th. 82, 29; Gen. 1369. Mihtig god on hira ánne gestág the mighty God mounted on to one of them [trees], Exon. 25 a; Th. 72, 13; Cri. 1172. Siððan ðú gestígest steápe dúne after thou dost mount the lofty hills, Cd. 137; Th. 172, 32; Gen. 2853: 227; Th. 303, 14; Sal. 612. Beddreste gestáh mounted the couch, 102; Th. 135, 25; Gen. 2248. Ród ðe ic æ-acute;r gestág the cross which I mounted before, Exon. 29 b; Th. 91, 15; Cri. 1492. Ic ðis lond gestág I have reached this land, 37 a; Th. 120, 28; Gú. 278: 15 a; Th. 32, 18; Cri. 514. [Goth. ga-steigan to ascend, descend: O. Sax. gi-stígan with acc. and with prepositions.]

ge-stihtian, -stihtan, -stitian; p. ode, ade, ede; pp. od, ad, ed [stihtian to dispose] To dispose, order, determine; disp&o-long;n&e-short;re, app&o-long;n&e-short;re :-- Sunu unrihtwísnesse ne geýcþ oððe ne gestihteþ derian hine f&i-long;lius in&i-long;quit&a-long;tis non app&o-long;net n&o-short;c&e-long;re eum, Ps. Lamb. 88, 23. Ic gestihtode disp&o-short;sui, Ps. Vos. 72, 25. Gestihtade he and funde ðæt he wolde land-fyrde ðider gelæ-acute;dan terrestri qu&i-short;dem &i-short;t&i-short;n&e-short;re illo v&e-short;n&i-long;re disp&o-long;n&e-long;bat, Bd. 3, 15; S. 541, 26. Mellitus and Justus gestihtedon ðæt heó ðæ-acute;r wolden ðære wísan ende gebídan Mellitus ac Justus ibi r&e-long;rum f&i-short;nem expect&a-long;re disp&o-long;nentes, 2, 5; S. 507, 35, Ðæt cúþ is ðæt ðæt mid Drihtnes mihte gestihtad wæs quod D&o-short;m&i-short;ni n&u-long;tu disp&o-short;s&i-short;tum esse constat, 1, 14; S. 482, 41: Ors. 6, 21; Bos. 123, 31.