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micel-æ-acute;te; adj. Eating much, gluttonous :-- Ic geseó dæighwamlíce ðæt ðú mycelæ-acute;te eart, Shrn. 16, 20. Cf. ofer-æ-acute;te.

micel-dóend; adj. Doing great things; magnificus, Rtl. 45, 14.

micel-heáfded; adj. Having a great head :-- Mycelheáfdode capitosus, Wrt. Voc. i. 45, 34. Micelheáfdede, ii. 22, 69.

micelian, miclian, micclian; p. ode. I. to become great, to increase in size or in quantity :-- Micelaþ grandescit, crescit, Wrt. Voc. ii. 42, 42. Rím miclade, Cd. 63; Th. 75, 21; Gen. 1243: Andr. Kmbl. 3050; An. 1528. Wæter micladon the waters waxed, 3105; An. 1555. Ðæt folc ongan weaxan and myclian (grandescere), Bd. 1, 15; S. 483, 33. On ðæ-acute;m dagum wæs ðæt norþmeste (ríce) micliende, Ors. 6, 1; Swt. 252, 12. II. to make great, to increase the size or quantity of a thing :-- Man myclade ðæt ordálýsen the ordeal-iron should be increased in weight, L. Æðelst. iv. 6; Th. i. 224, 13. Ðæt ic mæ-acute;gburge móste ðínre rím miclian, Cd. 101; Th. 134, 7; Gen. 2221. III. metaphorically, to extol, magnify :-- Miclaþ sáwel mín drihten magnificat anima mea dominum, Lk. Skt. Rush. 1, 46. Mycclaþ, Blickl. Homl. 7, 2. Ic micliu magnificabo, Ps. Surt. 68, 31. Wé micliaþ magnificabimus, 11, 5. Eal ðæt folc his noman myccledon, Blickl. Homl. 15, 29. Mycclian wé his roman, 13, 7. [Jul. muchelin, mucli: A. R. muchelen: Ps. mikel: Goth. mikiljan: Icel. mikla: O. H. Ger. michilén.] v. ge-miclian.

micel-líc; adj. Great, grand, magnificent, splendid, illustrious :-- Micellíc magnificum, Wrt. Voc. ii. 54, 64. Wæs se wer for Gode and for mannum micellíc (magnificus), Bd. 5, 20; S. 641, 38. Hú his mægenþrymnes mycellíc standeþ, Ps. Th. 110, 2. Hwæt ðæt síe mæ-acute;rlíces and micellíces ðæt git mec gehátaþ quid sit illud quod mihi tam illustre et tam magnificum pollicemini, Nar. 25, 12: Bt. 18, 1; Fox 62, 21. Hú micellíce (magnificata) sind werc ðín, Ps. Surt. 91, 6. [Icel. mikilligr: O. H. Ger. michil-líh illustris, magnificus.]

micel-líce; adv. I. greatly, grandly, splendidly :-- Singaþ dryhtne forðon micellíce (magnifice) dyde, Ps. Surt. p. 184, 15. II. greatly, exceedingly :-- Micellíce intimbred multipliciter instructus, Bd. 5, 8; S. 622, 2. Micellíce gelæ-acute;red doctissimus, 5, 23; S. 645, 13. [Icel. mikilliga: O. H. Ger. michil-lího magnifice, magnopere, exaggerative.]

micel-mód; adj. Having a great mind, magnanimous :-- Nis his micelmódes mægenes ende magnitudinis ejus non est finis, Ps. Th. 144, 3. [O. H. Ger. michil-muot magnanimus, animosus.]

micel-ness, e; f. I. greatness, bigness, size :-- Stánas on pysna mycelnysse stones the size of peas, Herb. 180, 1; Lchdm. i. 314, 22: Blickl. Homl. 181, 21. Se cláð wæs swíðe gemæ-acute;te hire micelnysse the garment was exactly adapted to her size, Homl. Skt. 7, 157. His micel-nesse ne mæg nán man ámetan, Bt. 42; Fox 258, 12. II. greatness (of quantity), multitude, abundance :-- Ðá wæs geworden mid ðam engle mycelnes (multitudo) heofonlíces werydes, Lk. Skt. 2, 13. Ne meahton ásecgan for ðæs leóhtes mycelnesse, Blickl. Homl. 145, 14. Æfter micelnisse ðínre mildheortnisse, Num. 14, 19. III. greatness, magnificence :-- Micylnys magnificentia, Ps. Spl. C. 8, 2. In micelnisse in magnificentia; in mikelnes, Ps. Surt. 28, 4. On mycelnysse earmes ðínes in magnitudine brachii tui, Cant. Moys. 16: Ps. Spl. 78, 12. Ús weorþ þuruh ðíne mycelnesse milde and blíðe, Ps. Th. 66, 1. Sancte Johannes mycelnesse se Hæ-acute;lend sylfa tácn sægde, Blickl. Homl. 167, 17. [Wick. michelnes: O. H. Ger. michil-nessi majestas.]

micel-sprecende; adj. Talking big, boasting :-- Tungan micelsprec-ende linguam magniloquam, Ps. Lamb. 11, 4.

micelu, e; f. Size :-- On ðære mycele ðe leáces of the size of a leek, Herb. 49, 1; Lchdm. i. 152, 16. [Goth. mikilei greatness: O. H. Ger. michilí magnitudo, quantitas.]

micelung, miclung, e; f. A doing of great things; magnificentia :-- Miclung &l-bar; mæ-acute;rsung weorc his magnificentia opus ejus, Ps. Lamb. 110, 3. v. ge-miclung.

micga, an; m. Urine :-- Hlond vel micga lotium, Wrt. Voc. i. 21, 63: urina, 46, 8. Drince buccan micgan ... sélost ys se micga ðæt hé sý oftost mid féded, L. Med. ex Quad. 6, 16; Lchdm. i. 354, 12, 15. Fúles hlondes, miggan foetentis lotii, Hpt. Gl. 483, 19. Stingendum miggan putenti lotio (urina), 487, 65. [A. R. migge.] v. micge.

micge, an; f. Urine :-- Gesceáwa æ-acute;lce dæge ðæt ðín útgong and micge síe gesundlíc. Gif sió micge síe lytelu..., L. M. 2, 30; Lchdm. ii. 226, 20. Ðonne onginþ ðære hæ-acute;to welm wanian þurh ða micgean, 2, 23; Lchdm. ii. 212, 7: 1, 37; Lchdm. ii. 88, 20.

micgern. v. mycgern.

micgþa. v. migþa.

micgung, e; f. Making water :-- Miggung minctio, Wrt. Voc. i. 46, 9.

micle, micles, miclum; miclung. v. micel; micelung.