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a list 'nomina armorum'), Wülck. Gl. 654, 2. Twybyl bisacuta, 568, 21 (both 15th cent. glossaries). Twybyl, wryhtys instrument bisacuta, bi-ceps; twybyl or mattoke marra, ligo. Prompt. Parv. 505. A twybylie biceps, bipennis, bisacuta, Cath. Angl. 398, and see note. The word remains in some dialects, v. E. D. S. Pub. West Somerset Dialect, under two-bill, and Halliwell's Dict. twibil.] v. next word.

twi-bille; adj. Double-edged :-- Bipennis twibille vel st&a-long;næx (the double gloss seems to render the double character of the Latin word as adjective and noun; a little later (see preceding word) in the same glossary bipennis as noun is rendered by twybill), Wrt. Voc. i. 34, 60.

twi-bleó; adj. Double-dyed :-- Of twibleóum derodine bis tincto cocco, Wrt. Voc. ii. 126, 30. Tweobleóm (tw&i-long;blium, Cott. MSS.), Past. 14; Swt. 83, 23. T&o-long;eácan &d-bar;æm twiblión (-bleón, Cott. MSS.) godwebbe, Swt. 87, 18.

twi-b&o-long;t (?) double 'b&o-long;t.' Perhaps in the passages given under twib&o-long;te; adv. the word might be taken as a case of this noun. Cf. twi-gilde. [Cf. the Scandinavian law phrases, liggi i tveböte, tväbötis drap, v. Grmm. R. A. 653. Swed. twe-böte a double fine.]

twi-b&o-long;te ? adj. Needing double compensation, v. twi-b&e-long;te :-- Se &d-bar;e stalaþ on Gehhol oþþe on Eástron oþþe on &d-bar;one H&a-long;lgan Ðunresdæg . . . , &d-bar;ara gehwelc (the offence in each of these cases) w&e-long; willaþ sié twyb&o-long;te, sw&a-long; on Lenctenfæsten, L. Alf. pol. 5 ; Th. i. 64, 25. Gif &d-bar;isses hwæt gelimpe þenden fyrd &u-long;te sié, oþþe in Lenctenfæsten, hit sié twyb&o-long;te, 40; Th. i. 88, 12. v. next word.

twib&o-long;te; adv. With double 'bót' :-- Gif h&e-long; &o-long;&d-bar;swerian nylle, geb&e-long;te &d-bar;one mæ-long;nan &a-long;&d-bar; twib&o-long;te, L. In. 35; Th. i. 124, 13. ii-b&o-long;te geb&e-long;te, L. Ethb. 3; Th. i. 4, 2 : 2 ; Th. i. 2, 9. v. twi-b&o-long;t.

twi-browen; adj. (ptcpl.) Twice-brewed :-- On twybrownum eala&d-bar;. Lchdm. ii. 120, 10.

twi-bytme (?); adj. Double-bottomed :-- On &d-bar;æt twigbutme del; of &d-bar;am delle on beran del, Cod. Dip. Kmbl. v. 28, 19. v. bytm.

twiccere, es; m. One who pulls to pieces :-- Twickere offarius vel particularius (particularius minister in monasteries, qui cibos per partes dissecat singulis monachis, Migne), Wrt. Voc. i. 27, 20. v. next word.

twiccian; p. ode To twitch, pluck :-- Twiccaþ villicat, Wrt. Voc. ii. 97, 14. Sume (ants) hió twiccedan &d-bar;a grasu mid heora m&u-long;&d-bar;e, Shrn. 41, 2. Teóh him &d-bar;a loccas, wringe &d-bar;a eáran and &d-bar;one wangbeard twiccige, Lchdm. ii. 196, 13. Twiccian carpere, arripere. Wrt. Voc. ii. 128, 69. [TwykkyUNCERTAIN, twychyn tractulo, Prompt. Parv. 505. In Mid. E. the past is twighte. Cf. O. H. Ger. zwecch&o-long;n carpere: M. H. Ger. Ger. zwicken.]

twicen, e: twicene, an; f. A place where two roads meet :-- Twicen ambitus. Wrt. Voc. i. 37, 46. On twycenan (-cinan, MS. B.) in biuio. Mk. Skt. 11, 4. Of &d-bar;ære mere on &d-bar;a twycene; of &d-bar;ære twycenan, Cod. Dip. Kmbl. iii. 77, 4. On &d-bar;a smalan twichenan; and sw&a-long; andlang twichenan, 240, 20. T&o-long; &d-bar;ere twichenen ; of &d-bar;ere twichene, 201, 27.

twidæg-l&i-long;c. v. tw&a-long;dæg-l&i-long;c.

twi-dæ-long;l a double portion, two parts out of three :-- D&o-long; gegrundenne pipor on, and cropleác, hwæ-long;tenes melwes twidæ-long;l swilce &d-bar;æs pipores twice as much wheaten meal as pepper, two parts of meal to one of pepper, Lchdm. ii. 52, 22. Genim heorotcrop and saluian, bewyl twydæ-long;l on wætre boil away two parts out of three, 50, 12. Cf. twæ-long;de.

twi-dæ-long;lan; p. de. I. to divide in two :-- Twidæ-long;ledre bifori, twidæ-long;ledu (v. Wülck. Gl. 194, 24) bifida, bis divisa, Wrt. Voc. ii. 126, 13, 16. Ðone twydæ-long;ledan w&i-long;sd&o-long;m, &d-bar;æt is andweardra þinga and g&a-long;stlicra w&i-long;sd&o-long;m, Lchdm. iii. 440, 29. Ð&a-long;s twidæ-long;ledan hanc bi-partitam, divisam in duas paries, Hpt. Gl. 434, 32. II. to differ :-- Twydæ-long;lþ discrepat, Scint. 125, 6. H&i-long; cristenre l&a-long;re twydæ-long;laþ christianae doctrinae dissentient, 129, 10.

Twide, Tweode, an; or indecl. (cf. Humbre for declension) ; f. The Tweed :-- In &o-long;fre Tweode (Tuidon, Bd. M. 360, 29) streámes in ripa Tuidi fluminis, Bd. 4, 27 ; S. 603, 34.

twidig. v. lang-twidig.

twi-ecge; adj. Two-edged :-- Twiicce biceps (gladius, Prov. 5, 4), Kent. Gl. 87. Mid twyecgum bipenne, Ps. Th. 73, 6. Hæfde h&e-long; twiecge handseax habebat sicam bicipitem, Bd. 2, 9; M. 122, 12. Genim &d-bar;æt micle greáte windelstreáw twyecge, Lchdm. ii. 44, 5. Sweord twiecge gladii ancipites, Ps. Surt. 149, 6. [O. H. Ger. zwi-ekki.]

twi-ecgede; adj. Two-edged :-- Twyecgede anceps, biceps, Ælfc. Gr. 9, 55; Zup. 67, 9, 10. Sworde twyecgedes gladii ancipites. Ps. Spl. 149, 6. Hæfde h&e-long; twigecgede (twyecge, MS. B.) handseax habebat secam bicipitem, Bd. 2, 9 ; S. 511, 15. [Icel. tv&i-long;-eggjaðr.]

tw&i-long;endl&i-long;ce. v. tweógendlíce.

twi-feald; adj. Twofold, double :-- Twyfeald duplex, Ælfc. Gr. 9, 61; Zup. 70, 2 : geminus, Wrt. Voc. ii. 42, l : 44, 21: 41, 58. I. as a multiplicative, twice as much, of twice the amount :-- Gyt synd manega getel on misl&i-long;cum get&a-long;cnungum . . . duplex twyfeald, Ælfc. Gr. 49; Zup. 287, 2. Ic &a-long;dreáh mycel broc mid Petre; n&u-long; is m&i-long;n yfel twyfeald, n&u-long; Paulus &d-bar;æt ilce læ-long;reþ, Blickl. Homl. 175, 13. Twifealdum g&a-long;ste (Helisaeus Helia) duplo (dilatuj) spiritu, Hpt. Gl 440, 47. Twi-fealdre gife bino munere, Wrt. Voc. ii. 126, 26: Blickl. Homl. 101, 23. Be twyfealdum ic forgylde duplum, Ælfc. Gr. 49; Zup. 286, 17 : L. Alf. 25 ; Th. i. 50, 23 : Homl. Th. ii. 562, l. H&e-long; him sylþ twifealdne mete (cibos duplices), Ex. 16, 29. 'Nymaþ tw&a-long; sw&a-long; micel fe&c-acute;s sw&a-long; g&e-long; æ-long;er hæfdon'. . . Ð&a-long; n&a-long;mon hig twigfeald feoh 'pecuniam duplicem ferte'. . . Tulerunt ergo pecuniam duplicem, Gen. 43, 12-15. II. consisting of two items :-- Twyfealdre heolra bilance, Wrt. Voc. ii. 12, i. Næbbe g&e-long; mid eów twyfeald hrægl (næbbe g&e-long; tw&a-long; tunecan, Mt. Kmbl. 10, 10), Blickl. Homl. 233, 18. II a. consisting of two parts, containing two elements :-- Ðæt twiefalde (twyfealde, Cott. MSS.) gesuinc. . . &d-bar;æt is &d-bar;æt hié ondræ-long;daþ &d-bar;æt h&i-long; mon tæ-long;lan wille . . . ; &o-long;&d-bar;er is &d-bar;ara gesuinca &d-bar;æt h&i-long; s&e-long;ceaþ endeleáse l&a-long;dunga. Past. 35; Swt. 239, 4-8. Twufald intinge duplex causa. Mt. Kmbl. p. I. 10. IIb. that belongs to one or other of two kinds :-- Ege is twyfeald, and &d-bar;eówd&o-long;m is twyfeald. &A-long;n ege is b&u-long;tan lufe, &o-long;&d-bar;er is mid lufe. . . Sw&a-long; is eác &o-long;&d-bar;er &d-bar;eówt neádunge b&u-long;ton lufe, &o-long;&d-bar;er is sylfwilles mid lufe, Homl. Th. ii. 524, 3-6. W&e-long; tweofealdne deáþ &d-bar;rowiaþ, oþþe sticode beóþ, oþþe on sæ-long; &a-long;druncene oriuntur duo genera funerum, aut jugulamur, aut mergimur. Bd. l, 13; 8. 482, l. III. doubtful, irresolute: v. twifealdness, II :-- H&e-long; &d-bar;a yfelan and &d-bar;a twyfealdan geþ&o-long;htas forl&e-long;t (cf. h&e-long; hine hider and þyder gel&o-long;ml&i-long;ce on his m&o-long;de cyrde, 28, 8; h&e-long; &d-bar;&a-long;m tweógendum geþ&o-long;htum wi&d-bar;st&o-long;d, 18), and hine SUNCERTAIN Bartholomeus fr&e-long;frode, and hine h&e-long;t &d-bar;æt h&e-long; ne tweóde, ac &d-bar;æt h&e-long; wæ-long;re &a-long;nræ-long;d, Guthl. 4; Gdwin. 30, 3-7. IV. double (as in double dealing), not straightforward, deceitful, v. twifealdness, III :-- D&o-long;mes dæg &a-long;r&a-long;faþ &d-bar;æt cliwen &d-bar;ære twifaldan (twy-fealdan, Cott. MSS.) heortan corda duplicitatibus involuta dissolvit, Past. 35 ; Swt. 245, 22. Se &d-bar;e mid twyfealdum ge&d-bar;ance t&o-long; mynsterl&i-long;cre drohtnunge gecyrþ, and sumne dæ-long;l his æ-long;hta dæ-long;lþ, sumne him sylfum gehylt, . . . h&e-long; underf&e-long;hþ &d-bar;one &a-long;wyrgedan cwyde mid Annanian and Saphiran, &d-bar;e swicedon on heora &a-long;genum æ-long;htum, Homl. Th. i. 398, 28-33 : ii. 410, 32. Ðæt is syndrig yfel twiefealdra (twy-, Cott. MSS.) monna est speciale duplicium malum, Past. 35 ; Swt. 243, 24. Unclæ-long;nu and twiefeald m&o-long;d impura corda, Swt. 245, 12. V. double (as in bent double), placed together :-- Æ-long;lc w&a-long;g biþ gebiéged twiefeald on &d-bar;æm heale duplex semper est in angulis paries, Past. 35; Swt. 245, 13. Ðæt yfelwillende m&o-long;d gefielt hit self twyfeald oninnan him selfum, and sió twyfealdnes &d-bar;æs yflan willan hiene selfne twyfealdne gefielt ouinnan him selfum malitiosae mentis duplicitas sese infra se colligit, 242, 6-9. [O. Frs. twi-fald : O. L. Ger. twi-veld, -fold: O. H. Ger. zwi-falt: Icel. tv&i-long;-faldr.] v. un-twifeald.

twifealdan. v. twifildan.

twifeald-l&i-long;c; adj. Double :-- Twyfealdl&i-long;c onbryrdnes eges and lufe, Homl. Th. i. 140, 16. Tuifall&i-long;co glædniso geminata laetitia, Rtl. 57, 2. Tuufall&i-long;ce g&a-long;st utrimque spiritus, Mt. Kmbl. p. 14, 5. [Ðysra deá&d-bar; wæs heora freóndan twyfealol&i-long;c s&a-long;r; &a-long;n, &d-bar;et h&i-long; sw&a-long; feárl&i-long;ce &d-bar;ises l&i-long;fes losedan; &o-long;&d-bar;er, þ-bar; feáwa heora l&i-long;chaman sy&d-bar;&d-bar;an fundena wæ-long;ron, Chr. 1120; Erl. 248, 12.] [O. H. Ger. zwifalt-l&i-long;h: Icel. tv&i-long;fald-ligr.]

twifealdl&i-long;ce; adv. Doubly, (I) to twice the amount :-- On &d-bar;am sixtan dæge hig gaderodon twyfealdl&i-long;ce -in die sexta collegerunt cibos duplices, Ex. 16, 22: L. Alf. pol. 39; Th. i. 88, 4. G&e-long; ged&o-long;þ hyne helle beam twyfealdl&i-long;cor &d-bar;onne eów (duplo quam vos), Mt. Kmbl. 23, 15. (2) in two ways :-- Ðis godspel mæg beón twyfealdl&i-long;ce getrahtnod, æ-long;rest be Iud&e-long;iscum folce . . . , eft si&d-bar;&d-bar;an be æ-long;lcum menu, Homl. Th. ii. 428, 5. Se biþ twyfealdl&i-long;ce deád, se &d-bar;e on g&o-long;dnysse unwæstmbæ-long;re biþ, and on yfelnysse wæstmbæ-long;re, 406, 18.

twifealdness, e; f. I. doubleness, doubling, v. twi-feald, I :-- Geedlæ-long;cend twyfealdnys iterata dupplicatio, Anglia viii. 331, 23, II. irresolution, v. twi-ftald, III :-- Of &d-bar;ære leóhtm&o-long;dnesse cymþ sió twiefealdnes and sió unbieldo inconstantia ex levitate generatur, Past. 42 ; Swt. 307, 3. III. duplicity, deceitfulness. v. twi-feald, IV :-- Sió twyfealdness &d-bar;æs yflan willan malitiosae mentis duplicitas. Fast. 35 ; Swt. 242, 8. Ða &d-bar;e n&a-long;n sceadu ue ge&d-bar;iéstraþ &d-bar;ære twiefaldnesse quos nulla umbra duplicitatis obscurat. Swt. 243, 23. Se iil get&a-long;cnaþ &d-bar;a twiefealdnesse &d-bar;æs unclæ-long;nan m&o-long;des &d-bar;e hit symle lytigl&i-long;ce l&a-long;daþ ericii nomine impurae mentis seseque callide defendentis duplicitas designatur, Swt. 241, 8.

twi-ferclede. v. twi-fyrclede.

twi-f&e-long;re; adj. Having two ways, accessible by two ways :-- Twif&e-long;rum bilustris (cf. færeltu lustra, 53, 21, geondf&e-long;rende lustraturus, 53, 54; and see un-f&e-long;re invius), Wrt. Voc. ii. 126, 22.

twi-f&e-long;rlæ-long;can; p. -læ-long;hte To dissociate :-- Ða &d-bar;e h&i-long; sylfe fram s&o-long;&d-bar;re lufe twyf&e-long;rlæ-long;caþ (-eþ, MS.) qui semetipsos a caritate dissociant, Scint. 6, 8.

twi-f&e-long;te; adj. Two-footed :-- Twyf&e-long;te bipes, Ælfc. Gr. 9, 26; Zup. 51, ii: 49 ; Zup. 287, 20. Sume b&i-long;þ twiof&e-long;te, Bt. 41, 6; Fox 254, 27. [Icel. tv&i-long;-fættr.]

twiflldan; p. de To double :-- Ic twyfylde (-fealde, MSS. J. O. T. : -felde, MS. D.) duplico, Ælfc. Gr. 24; Zup. 138, 12: 49; Zup. 287, 4. Twyfeldende mæssehacelan duplicans casulam, Anglia xiii. 406, 587. [Cf. O. H. Ger. zwifalt&o-long;n geminare: Icel. tv&i-long;falda.]

twi-fingre ; adj. Two fingers thick, term applied to the fat on swine :-- Æt twyfingrum (spic), L. In. 49; Th. i. 132, 19.

twi-fi&d-bar;erede; adj. Double-winged, shaped as if with two wings (?),