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þegen-boren; adj. Of gentle birth. v. þegen, VII :-- Sý hé þegen-boren, sý hé ceorlboren, L. O. D. 5; Th. i. 354, 20.

þegen-gilde, es; n. The wergild for a thane :-- Gyf þræ-acute;l þegen fullíce áfylle, licge æ-acute;gylde; and gyf se þegen þæne þræ-acute;l, ðe hé æ-acute;r áhte, fullíce áfylle, gylde þegengylde, Wulfst. 162, 10. [Icel. þegn-gildi the wergild for a þegn.]

þegen-hyse; pl. -hyssas; m. A follower, attendant :-- Ðegnhyssas clientes (the passage in Aldhelm is: Ejusdem nefandae militiae tam calones et clientes ... quam satrapae et proceres), Wrt. Voc. ii. 76, 73: 17, 74.

þegen-lagu, e; f. Thane-law, the legal rights and privileges which attached to the rank of thane :-- Se (the priest) ðe ðæs (concubinage) geswícan wille and clæ-acute;nnesse healdan, hæbbe hé Godes miltse, and tó woruldwurðscipe sí hé þegenlage wyrðe as regards worldly dignity let him rank as a thane, L. C. E. 6; Th. i. 364, 16: Wulfst. 270, 32. v. þegen-riht.

þegen-líc; adj. Manly, brave, manful. v. þegen, VIII :-- Andreas is gereht ðegenlíc, Homl. Th. i. 586, 11. Máran lufe nimþ se heretoga on gefeohte tó ðam cempan, ðe æfter fleáme his wiðerwinnan ðegenlíce oferwinþ, ðonne. tó ðam ðe mid fleáme ne ætwand, ne ðeáh on nánum gecampe náht ðegenlíces ne gefremode, 342, 5.

þegenlíce; adv. Bravely, manfully, like a brave man, gallantly :-- Beó ðú gehyrt and hicg þegenlíce to confortare et viriliter age, Jos. 1, 18: Homl. Skt. ii. 25, 248. Heó tó ðám þegnon cwæð: 'Dóð þegnlíce and wel; ábeódaþ míne æ-acute;rende tó ðam gemóte,' Chart. Th. 337, 36. Gif hé ðegenlíce earfoðnysse forberþ, Homl. Th. i. 586, 19: Homl. Skt. i. 11, 3. Ealle þeóda spræ-acute;con hú ðegenlíce hí fuhton, ii. 25, 324. Hé læg ðegenlíce ðeódne gehende he lay like a warrior close to his lord, Byrht. Th. 140, 26; By. 294. [O. L. Ger. thegenlícho viriliter: O. H. Ger. thegan-, degan-l-icho.] v. preceding word.