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1228 WILLAN -- WILM.

willa, wella; p. wilde, welde, wolde: O. H. Ger. wellan, wollan; p. wolta : Icel. vilja ; p. vilda.]

willan; p. de. I. to boil (trans. ) :-- Wyl (wel, v. l.) on wætere . . . wyl on ealdan w&i-long;ne, Lchdm. i. 72, 7, 23. Wel on buteran, ii. 22, 25. Wæl, i. 374, 8. Wæll, 378, 3. II. fig. to torment, agitate, with violent feelings (cf. figurative uses of weallan and seóþan) :-- H&e-long; wylleþ hine on &d-bar;am w&i-long;te, wunaþ unlustum he gives himself no peace in that pain, lives unpleasingly, Salm. Kmbl. 537 ; Sal. 268. [þe caliz þet was imelt i&d-bar;e fure and stroncliche iwelled, A. R. 284, 20. A chetel of iwelled bras, Jul. 82, 54. Welled led molten lead, H. R. 59, 501. Icel. vella to boil (trans.).] v. a-, be-, ge-, ofer-, on-willan (-wellan, -wyllan).

wille, es; m. A well, spring, fountain :-- Se wylle fluvius, Bd. I. 7 ; S. 478, 29 note. H&e-long; is se libbenda wylle (-a ?) fons vivus, Ps. Th. 41, 2. An tuddeles þorn, and an hr&o-long;ces wylle; . . . þonne an lawernwylle . . . On hr&o-long;ces wylle, þanne up on &d-bar;æne weg . . . ; þanon on oden wielle . . . ; þanon on eabbincgwylle, þanne on riscbróc, Cod. Dip. Kmbl. ii. 54, 6-15. On &d-bar;one f&u-long;lan wylle; of &d-bar;am wylle, vi. 213, 16-23. v. w&i-long;þig-wille; will, and next word.

wille, wielle, welle, wylle, an ; f. A well, spring, stream, fountain (lit. and fig. ) :-- An wielle weól bl&o-long;de flumen sanguine effluxit, Ors. 4, 7 ; Swt. 184, 21. Welle fontana, Wrt. Voc. ii. 149, 79. Ðæ-long;r com upp wærtres welle, Shrn. 93, 36. Seó wylle fluvius, Bd. I. 7 ; S. 478, 29. Is sæ-long;d &d-bar;æt wylle (&a-long;n welle, v. l.) (fons) &a-long;weólle, seó wæter geóteþ, 5, lo ; S. 625, 23. L&i-long;fes wylle (waelle, Ps. Surt.) fons vitae, Ps. Th. 35, 9: Basil admn. 4; Hex. 42, 16. Ealle &d-bar;a n&a-long;mon Ændor wylle and Cisone clæ-long;ne hlimme, Ps. Th. 82, 8. Waelle l&e-long;htes fons luminis, Ps. Surt. ii. p. 200, 35. Uselle fons, Jn. Skt. Lind. 4, 6. On saltere wellan; of saltere wellan, Cod. Dip. Kmbl. iii. 206, 31. In f&u-long;le wellan; of &d-bar;ære wellan, 366, 31, Sw&a-long;culfre &d-bar;onne heó ba&d-bar;aþ h&i-long; on smyltum wætre on hl&u-long;ttere wællan, Shrn. 85, 22. Ða h&a-long;lwendan wellan (fonte) fulwihles bæþes, . Bd. 2, 6; S, 507, 17. Wyllan, 3, 22; S. 552, 35: 4, 13; S. 582, 13. . H&i-long; druncon burnan wæter, calde wellan potum dabat lubricus amnis, Met. 8, 29. Of denum yrnaþ deópe wyllan (wællan fontes, Ps. Surt.), Ps. Th.

3, 10. In st&o-long;wum &d-bar;æ-long;r &d-bar;e hl&u-long;ttre wyllan (lucidi fontes) urnon, Bd. 2, 16; S. 520, 4. T&o-long; wællum wætra ad fontes aquarum, Ps. Surt. 41, 2. On cwicu wæ-long;teres wellan in fontes aquarum, Ps. Th. 113, 8. H&e-long; him forl&e-long;t feówer wellan sceótan (the reference is to the milk from a cow's udder'), Exon. Th. 419, 26; Rä. 39, 3. [Cf. O. H. Ger. wella fluctus, unda: Icel. vella boiling heat.] v. ed-, sealt-wille. [The word is also found in place-names.]

-wille (cf. wille a well), v. cwic-, deád-, fisc-, l&i-long;f-wille.

-wille (cf. willa will), v. &a-long;n-, druncen-, on-, self-wille.

-Wille. v. Eást-, West-Wille.

wille-burne, an; f. A bubbling burn, running stream :-- Lago yrn-ende, wylleburne, Cd. Th. 14, I; Gen. 212. Drihten l&e-long;t willeburnan on woruld þringan of æ-long;dra gehwære, 83, I ; Gen. 1373.

wille-cærse, an; f. Well-kerse (v. Jamieson's Dict.), water-cress :-- Wyllecyrse foenum graecum, Wrt. Voc. i. 67, 76. Willecærse britia, 286, 28. Wyllecærse fenegrecio, ii. 38, 77. Seó&d-bar; mid wyllecærsan (-cersan, v. l.), Lchdm. i. 140, 12. Nim wyllecærsan (-en, MS.), iii. 134, 2. [Were me leuere lyue by wellecarses (ete watercrasses, v. l.), Piers P. C. 7, 292.]

-willedness, -willend, -willende. v. wel-willedness; riht-, unriht-willend; un-, wel-, yfel-willende, and willan, IV b, V a.

willendl&i-long;ce; adv. Diligently :-- Willendl&i-long;ce diligenter, Wrt. Voc. ii. 140, 41. [In the fallowing passage the better reading is hw&i-long;lwendl&i-long;ce :-- H&e-long; cwæþ &d-bar;æt h&e-long; gehyhte sw&a-long; sw&a-long; h&e-long; on his &d-bar;eóde willendl&i-long;ce (hwilwend-l&i-long;ce, M. 248, 22) r&i-long;csode, &d-bar;æt h&e-long; sw&a-long; on t&o-long;weardnesse &e-long;cel&i-long;ce mid Criste r&i-long;csian m&o-long;ste sperans ut sicut in sua gente regnat, ita et cum Christo in futuro conregnare, Bd. 3, 29; S. 561, 22.] v. welwillendl&i-long;ce.

-willendness. v. yfel-willendness.

willes; adv. Willingly, voluntarily, of one's own accord :-- Be &d-bar;am men &d-bar;e willes man ofslih&d-bar; de homine qui voluntate aliquem occidit, . L. Ecg. P. ii. I. tit. ; Th. ii. 180, I. Ne scylan hyg æ-long;nig unriht willes geþafian, L. I. P. 6 ; Th. ii. 310, 18. H&e-long; willes deá&d-bar; þrowade, R. Ben. 26, 15. Geneádod t&o-long; &a-long;nre m&i-long;le gange, gang willes tw&a-long;, 28, 3. Hw&i-long;lum willes, hw&i-long;lum geneádode, Homl. Ass. 145, 45. Gif hit geweor&d-bar;eþ &d-bar;æt. man un-willes oþþe ungewealdes æ-long;nig þing misd&e-long;&d-bar;, n&a-long; bi&d-bar; &d-bar;æt n&a-long; gel&i-long;c &d-bar;am &d-bar;e willes and gewealdes sylfwilles misd&e-long;&d-bar;, L. Eth. vi. 52; Th. i. 328, 22 : L. Ed. 7 ; Th. i. 162, 26 : L. O. 1 ; Th. i. 178, 6. [Gif heo hit breke&d-bar; willes and woldes, A. R. 6, 26.] Þu þat forschuppes te self willes and waldes, H. M. 27, 2. v. self-willes, un-wil[l], wil[l].

ville-streám, es; m. A. bubbling, running stream :-- Ðæ-long;r se eádga (the Phenix) m&o-long;t neótan wyllestreáma wuduholtum in, Exon. Th. 223, 19; Ph. 362. Se æþela fugel æt &d-bar;am æ-long;springe wunaþ wyllestreámas, 204, 30 ; Ph. 105. [In ane wallestream, Laym. 2849.]

wille-wæter, es; n. Spring-water :-- Þweah mid wyllewætre, Lchdm. ii. 308, ll. Wyrc &d-bar;æt bæþ of &d-bar;&a-long;m ilcum wyrtum on cealdum wylle wætre, 74, 27. Seó&d-bar;e on yrnendum wyllewætere, i. 330, 14. [Þe ter þet mon wep&d-bar; for la&d-bar;e of þisse liue is inemned wellewater (aqua fontis), for he welle&d-bar; of þe horte swá do&d-bar; water of welle, O. E. Homl. i. 159, 12. Cæld wellewater (welles water, 2nd MS. ), Laym. 19792.]

will-fl&o-long;d, es; n. m. The waters of the deluge :-- Willfl&o-long;d ongan lytli-gan, Cd. Th. 85, lo; Gen. 1412. Cf. wille-burnc.

will-gespryng, es; n. A spring :-- Ðeós eorþe is berende missenl&i-long;cra fugela and sæ-long;wihta and fiscwyllum wæterum and wyllgespryngum avium ferax terra marique generis diversi, fluviis quoque multum piscosis, ac fontibus praeclara copiosis, Bd. l, I; S. 473, 16. Of dam wilsuman wyllgespryngum beorgeþ e vivo gurgite libat aquam, Exon. Th. 205, 8 ; Ph. 109.

willian; p. ode. I. to will : -- Gode willigende Deo volente, Guthl. 20 ; Gdwin. 78, 20. II. to desire, (a) with a genitive :-- Mæg snottor guma his gæ-long;ste for&d-bar; weges willian. Exon. Th. 104, 15; G&u-long;. 8. Ne sceolde nan wis man willian (wilnian, v. l.) s&e-long;ftes l&i-long;fes, Bt. 40, 3; Fox 238, 13. (b) with infinitive :-- Hwelc is mon se wile l&i-long;f and willaþ gesián dægas g&o-long;de? quis est homo qui vult vitam et cupit videre dies bonos? Ps. Surt. 33, 13. G&e-long; wylladon (wilniaþ, v. l.) &u-long;s &d-bar;a &d-bar;ing gemæ-long;nsuman ea nobis communicare desiderastis, Bd. 1, 25; S. 487, 13. (c) with gerundial infin. :-- Ongit h&u-long; unmihtige &d-bar;a yfelan men beóþ, n&u-long; h&i-long; ne magon cuman þider &d-bar;ider &d-bar;a ungewittigan gesceafta williaþ (wilniaþ, v. l.) t&o-long; t&o-long; cumenne vide quanta vitiosorum hominum pateat infrmitas, qui ne ad hoc quidem pervenire queunt, ad quod eos naturalis ducit, ac pene compellit intentio, Bt. 36, 5 ; Fox 180, 4. (d) with a clause :-- Ic willio and wille &d-bar;æt hió sión getrymed, Cod. Dip. Kmbl. ii. 121, 23. (e) absolute :-- Wer se &d-bar;e in bibodum his willaþ (cupiet), Ps. Surt. II, i. [He wyllede mest of alle þynge to hym enlyance, R. Glouc. 12, 18. Na&yogh;t ne willieþ more þanne uor to by uorlore to þe wordle. Ayenb. 142, 15. Þu willest of briddes to knowe. Piers P. 12, 221. O. H. Ger. wil-l&o-long;n desiderare.] v. ge-willian ; willung.

wil-l&i-long;c; adj. From a fountain or well; :-- Will&i-long;can fontona (fontana flumina, Ald. 161), Wrt. Voc. ii. 92, 10. Wyll&i-long;can, 37, 30: 149, 79.

will&i-long;ce; adv. Willingly, voluntarily :-- &O-long;þre gehwylce &d-bar;a wyll&i-long;ce w&e-long; onf&e-long;ngon cetera queque quao uoluntarie suscepimus, Anglia xiii. 375, 138. [O. L. Ger. willico voluntarie.]

willnian. willnung. v. wilnian, wilnung.

will-spryng and -sprynge, es; m. A well-spring, fountain, source (lit. and fig.) :-- Welspreng latex, Wrt. Voc. i. 54, 30. Seó s&o-long;&d-bar;e lufu is wylspring and ordfruma ealra g&o-long;dnyssa, Homl. Th. 1. 52, 12. Ðæs wæter-scipes welsprynge is on hefonr&i-long;ce, Past. Swt. 467, 31. Welsprinces fontis, Hpt. Gl. 418, 43. Mid dæ-long;wigun wylsprince roscidis fontibus, 421, 67. Ð&a-long;s synd &d-bar;a feówer eán of &a-long;num wyllspringe, Ælfc. T. Grn. 13, 3. Wyllspringas &d-bar;ære micelan niwelnisse fontes abyssi magnae, Gen. 7, II. Wilspringas, 8, 2. Wæs &d-bar;æt wæter and ealle wyllspringas geh&a-long;lgode þurh Cristes l&i-long;chaman. Homl. Th. ii. 40, 28. Wilspringum fontibus, Hpt. Gl. 509, 18. T&o-long; wyllsprangum wætra ad fontes aquarum, Ps. Lamb. 41, 2. [An angel tagte hire (Hagar) &d-bar;or a wellespring. Gen. and Ex. 1243.]

will-sum, v. wil-sum.

willung, e ; f. Desire :-- Ðurh unrihte willunge per ambitionem, Bd. 4, 5; S. 573) II. [My willing is as ye wole. Chauc. Cl. T. 319.] v. ge-willung; willian.

willung, e ; f Boiling, heat :-- Wyl[l]inc fervor (autumni), Hpt. Gl. 419, 77. v. samod-willung.

will-weorþung, e; f. Worship paid to springs :-- W&e-long; læ-long;raþ &d-bar;æt preósta gehwilc æ-long;lcne hæ-long;&d-bar;end&o-long;m &a-long;dwæsce, and forbeóde wilweor&d-bar;unga (cf. Hæ-long;&d-bar;enscipe biþ . . . &d-bar;æt man weor&d-bar;ige hæ-long;iene godas, and sunnan oþþe m&o-long;nan, f&y-long;r oþþe fl&o-long;d, wæterwyllas oþþe st&a-long;nas, L. C. S. 5 ; Th. i. 378, 20. See also will), L. Edg. C. 16; Th. ii. 248, 3. See Gnnm. D. M. c. 20.

wilm, wielm, welm, wælm, wylm, es; m. I. that which wells, v. weallan. (I) of fluid, a fount, stream, water that surges or boils, that moves in waves :-- Wæs &d-bar;ære burnan wælm hea&d-bar;of&y-long;rum h&a-long;t the burn's surging stream was hot with fierce fires, Beo. Th. 5086; B. 2546. Fisca welm, wildeóra holt the fishes' flood, the wild beasts' wood, Salm. Kmbl. 165 ; Sal. 82. Ne foldan st&a-long;n, ne wæteres wylm, ne wudutelga, 843; Sal. 421. Geofon &y-long;þum weól, wintres wylm (the boiling flood of winter), Beo. Th. 1036; B. 516. Ic &d-bar;æs wælmes grundhyrde fond, 4276; B. 2135. H&e-long; drinc&d-bar; of item wielme his &a-long;gnes pyttes bibit sui fluenta putei, Past. 48 ; Swt. 373, 10. Of sw&e-long;ttestum wylne (wylme?) de dulcissimo fonte, Scint. 18, 3. G&a-long;n ofer fl&o-long;des wylm to go over the tossing waves of the sea, Andr. Kmbl. 734 ; An. 367. Ofer &y-long;&d-bar;a wylm, 1726; An. 865. H&i-long; stæ&d-bar;e w&i-long;cedon ymb &d-bar;æs wæteres wylm (by the surge of the sea), Elen. Kmbl. 77; El. 39. In &d-bar;æs leádes wylm sc&u-long;fan to thrust into the boiling font of lead, Exon. Th. 277, 20; Jul. 583. Heortan wylmas veins, blood-vessels (?), Beo. Th. 5008 ; B. 2507. (2) of fire, surging, fire, flames :-- Won f&y-long;res wælm, se swearta l&i-long;g, Exon. Th. 60, 7 ; Cri. 966. His b&a-long;n brondes wylm forþylmde, 217, 2l ; Ph. 283. In &d-bar;æs wylmes grund befæsted, Elen. Kmbl. 2596; El. 1299. Gold &d-bar;æt in wylme bi&d-bar; geclæ-long;nsod, 2617; El. 1310: 1527; El. 765. Wunian in wylme, Salm. Kmbl. 933; Sal. 466. God wylme gesealde Sodoman, sweartan l&i-long;ge, Cd. Th. 115, 26 ; Gen. 1925. Ged&u-long;fan in &d-bar;one deópan wælm, 266, 31; Sat. 30. Helle, grundleásne wylm, Exon. Th. 362, 34; Wal. 46 : Salm. Kmbl. 149; Sal. 74. H&a-long;tan ofnes wylm