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and geond ofer þ-bar; f&y-long;r, Lch. ii. 38, 3. (c) to bind, knot :-- Þ&a-long; br&u-long;don hig r&a-long;pas on hyre hancla and on hyre f&e-long;t. Shrn. 154, 28 : 74, 30. (d) to bring a charge (braid in up-braid) :-- Þe læ-long;s þ&e-long; God up br&e-long;de þone godspellican cwide lest God bring up against you that saying of the gospel, Wlfst. 248, 9. (e) to change :-- Þ&a-long; bræ-long;d se sceocca hine sylfne t&o-long; menn, Hml. S. ii. 222. On manegum &o-long;þrum h&i-long;wum hine bræ-long;d se deófol, 31, 718. H&e-long; bræ-long;d hine on feala bleóna, Bl. H. 175; 5. Se l&i-long;chama ongan swæ-long;tan and mislic h&i-long;w br&e-long;dan, Wlfst. 141, 3. (2) with dat. (cf. Icel. breg&d-bar;a with dat.), to change :-- H&i-long; geh&e-long;ra&d-bar; hleó&d-bar;rum brægdan &o-long;&d-bar;re fugelas they hear other birds varying their notes, Met. 13, 47. II. intrans. (l) to move, be pulled :-- Ne bregden n&o-long; &d-bar;&a-long; stengas of &d-bar;æ-long;m hringum vectes a circuits numquam recedant, Past. 173, 10. (2) of lightning, to flash :-- Swilc leóht swilce þæ-long;r l&i-long;get br&u-long;de, Hml. S. 36, 226. (3) to play atrick, act with guile, v. br&e-long;dende, brægden, brægd. v. mis-, under-bregdan; þurh-brogden.

brego (-a). Add :-- Sum &a-long;rleás cynincg, Cosdrue geh&a-long;ten, wæs sw&a-long; up&a-long;hafen, and sw&a-long; &a-long;rleás brega, þ-bar; h&e-long; wolde beón God, Hml. S. 27, 27.

brego-r&i-long;ce. Add :-- W&e-long; geh&e-long;rdon þ&a-long; on bregor&i-long;ce audivimus eam in Effrata, Ps. L. 131, 6.

brego-r&o-long;f; adj. Very valiant :-- Bold wæs betlic, bregor&o-long;f cyning, heá healle, Hygd sw&i-long;&d-bar;e geong, B. 1925.

brehtnian. v. breahtmian : brehtnung. Dele.

br&e-long;man. Add; :-- Br&e-long;mþ concelebrat, An. Ox. 2612. Br&e-long;maþ cele-brant, 4812. Weorþodan w&e-long; and br&e-long;mdon þone myclan symbeldæg, Bl. H. 131, 9. Eall cynn lofu br&e-long;me (celebret). Hy. S. 48, 9. Bletsien þec fiscas and fuglas, ealle þ&a-long; þe onhr&e-long;ra&d-bar; hreó wæ-long;gas br&e-long;men Dryhten, Az. 142 : 116. Br&e-long;med celebratur, honoratur. Hpt. Gl. 470, 67.

br&e-long;man; p. de To rage; :-- Hine broemende eum fervere, Mt. p. 7, 5. [v. N. E. D. breme, II.]

br&e-long;me. Add :-- Dæg br&y-long;me dies Celebris, Hy. S. 38, 5. Se br&e-long;ma cyng (Cnuf), Chr. 1023 ; P. 156, II. B&e-long;da &d-bar;e bróema bóecere, Jn. L. 10, 37 margin.] Þ&a-long; r&i-long;cu þæs br&e-long;man Fæder Patris regna, Dom. L. 295. Heó æteówde hyre breóst þ&a-long;m br&e-long;man Philippe, Hml. S. 2, 234: 18, 363. Þ&u-long; t&o-long;br&y-long;ttest þone br&e-long;man here, 25, 370, 629, 658. Br&y-long;mest celeberrimus, Wrt. Voc. ii. 150, 64. Seó (Athens) wæs þ&a-long; br&e-long;most (br&y-long;mest, v. l.) on l&a-long;re, Hml. S. 3, II. Se br&e-long;mesta &l-bar; wyr&d-bar;fullesta celeberrimus, i. nobilissimus, An. Ox. 55 : excellentissimus, 2301 : opina-tissimus, 4999. Hié R&o-long;m&a-long;na br&e-long;muste wæ-long;ron t&o-long; &d-bar;æ-long;m cyninge they were most illustrious of the Romans after the king, Ors. 2, 2 ; S. 66, 32. [Is &d-bar;eos burch (Durham) breome geond Breotenrice, C. D. B. ii. 375, 36. Is &d-bar;erinne . . . breoma bocera Beda and Boisil abbot, 376, 13. v. N. E. D. breme.]

br&e-long;mel, br&e-long;mer (v. br&e-long;mel-leáh). Add :-- Br&e-long;mel anguens, Wrt. Voc. ii. 7, 20: murus, 55, 82. Ð&a-long; h&e-long; fleáh, &d-bar;&a-long; t&o-long;r&y-long;pte hine &a-long;n br&e-long;[m]ber ofer &d-bar;æt nebb, Cht. Th. 172, 28. H&i-long; hine læ-long;ddon betwux þ&a-long; þiccan gewrido þ&a-long;ra br&e-long;mela, þæt him wæs eall se l&i-long;chama gewundod, Guth. 36, 12. Of þiccum br&e-long;melum senticosis surculis, An. Ox. 1268. Æcer &d-bar;e æfter &d-bar;ornum and br&e-long;melum wæstmas &a-long;gif&d-bar;, Hml. Th. i. 342, 7. Hw&a-long; gadera&d-bar; f&i-long;cæppla of br&e-long;melum (tribulis) ?, ii. 406, 3. S&e-long;cende geond þ&y-long;felas and br&e-long;tnelas (br&e-long;mblas, br&y-long;melas, v. ll.), Hml. S. 32, 143. v. heorot-br&e-long;m(b)el.

br&e-long;mel-leáf. Add :-- Br&e-long;mbelleáf, Lch. ii. 50, l.

br&e-long;mel-leáh (br&e-long;mer-) ; m. A lea covered with brambles :-- On br&e-long;-merleáh; of br&e-long;rnerleá, C. D. iii. 80, 26.

br&e-long;mel-þorn, es; m. A bramble :-- Andlanges furh on br&e-long;melþornan on &d-bar;&a-long; ealdan d&i-long;c, C. D. iii. 10, 22.

br&e-long;mel-þ&y-long;fel, es; m. A bramble-thicket :-- T&o-long; &d-bar;&a-long;m bræ-long;mbeld&y-long;felan, C. D. v. 340, 24.

br&e-long;mel-þyrne. Add :-- Of &d-bar;æ-long;re þyrnan on &d-bar;&a-long; br&e-long;mbelþyrnan, C. D. iii. 419, 13.

br&e-long;mel-wudu (br&e-long;mber-) a bramble-wood :-- &U-long;t þurch br&e-long;mberwudu, C. D. v. 13, 26: 81, l.

br&e-long;men. Dele, and see br&e-long;man.

br&e-long;mend-lic ; adj. Worthy to be celebrated :-- Br&e-long;mendlicum cele-brandis, An. Ox. 7, l. Br&y-long;mlicum ( = br&y-long;mendlicum), 4614.

bremman. For ' bremman . . . 192 ' substitute :-- Bremmendra ru-dentum, Wrt. Voc. ii. 82, 84.

bremung, e; f. Roaring :-- Grymettung vel bremung fremitus, i. mugitus, Wrt. Voc. ii. 150, 61.

breneþ. Substitute = (?) berneþ, bærneþ. v. bærnan, and add :-- Eolxsecg wunda&d-bar; grimme, bl&o-long;de brene&d-bar; (brings hot blood upon ?) beorna gehwylcne þe him æ-long;nigne onfeng ged&e-long;&d-bar;.

breng(e)an. Add :-- Ic for&d-bar; brenge proferam, Kent. Gl. 9. Ic brengo (adduco) hine &u-long;t. Jn. L. R. 19, 4. H&u-long; micelne unweorþscipe se anwald brengþ þ&a-long;m unmedeman, Bt. 27, 2; F. 96, 10 : 16, 3 ; F. 54, 25. S&e-long; þe m&e-long; breng&d-bar; (bring(&d-bar;), v. l.) l&a-long;c. Past. 342, 8. Hié Gode forhæfd-nesse brenga&d-bar; (brienga&d-bar;, v. l.), 314, 21. Brienga&d-bar;, 395, 36. Bre(n)ga&d-bar; conferunt, Kent. Gl. 889. Bren, bryn affer, affer, 1086. Breng (bring, W. S.) þ-bar; l&a-long;c offer munus, Mt. R. L. 8, 4: Lk. L. 5, 14. Brencgas (bringa&d-bar;, W. S.) hine, Mk. L. 9, 19. Brenges, 12, 15. Ne brengende uæstem . . . s&e-long; de brenge&d-bar; þ-bar; uæstm . . . þ-bar;te þ-bar; uæstem brenge, Jn. L. 15, 2. Him swelcra m&a-long; brengan, Past. 9, 14. T&o-long; brenganne. Mt. p. 14, 13. For&d-bar; brengende, Kent. Gl. 152. Hit bi&d-bar; br&o-long;ht (beorht, v. l.) t&o-long; l&a-long;cum, Past. 216, 24. Br&o-long;ht beforan &u-long;res m&o-long;des eágan, 259, 20. T&o-long; R&o-long;me br&o-long;ht, Ors. 4, II ; S. 208, 19. Him þ-bar; sæ-long;d br&o-long;ht wæs. Bd. 4, 28; S. 605, 39. v. þurh-brengan, stenc-brengende, and see bringan.

brenning. Dele: breósa. v. briósa.

breodwian. Add: to trample ? :-- Ofer &d-bar;&y-long; (=&d-bar;&e-long;) cw&e-long;ne reodan ofer &d-bar;&y-long; ( = &d-bar;&e-long;?) br&y-long;de bryodedon (or from breodian?), Lch, iii. 32, II.

breóst. Add; [The word occurs of all three genders, and can be used in the plural (dual) when a single person is referred to.] I. the front of the chest :-- Mid gildenum girdle his breóst wæs befangen . . . h&e-long; silf wæs begird æt his h&a-long;lgum breóste (praecinctus ad mamillas zona aurea, Rev. l, 13), Ll. Th. ii. 370, 4-7. Oþ mannes breóst (cf. swyran, Shrn. 81, 13) heah, Bl. H. 127, 6. Cuma&d-bar; deór . . . , and heora breósta beó&d-bar; mid byrnum befangene (habebant loricas, Rev. 9, 9), Wlfst. 200, 12. H&e-long; hlinode ofer &d-bar;æs Hæ-long;lendes breóstum (onufa breóst supra pectus, L. R.), Jn. 13, 25. Þæs l&a-long;reówes sc&o-long;h h&e-long; &a-long;sette on &d-bar;&a-long; breóst (pectus) þæs deádan l&i-long;chama. . . Gr. D. 19, 12. II. the chest, thorax :-- Breóst thorax, Wrt. Voc. i. 65, 6 ; 283, 27 : pectus, 28. On iugo&d-bar;e bi&d-bar; se l&i-long;chama þeónde on strangum breóste, Hml. Th. i. 614, 11. III. the stomach, womb :-- Breóst crassum (ventrem, v. l.), Lch. i. lxx, i. Wiþ innoþes s&a-long;re and þæ-long;ra breósta (or under IV?), Lch. i. 182, 21. Þis ofet is sw&a-long; sw&e-long;te, bl&i-long;&d-bar; on breóstum (bonum ad vescendum), Gen. 656. On þ&a-long;m h&a-long;lgan breóstum h&e-long; eardode nigon m&o-long;naþ, Bl. H. 105, 16. IV. a breast; mamma, mamilla :-- H&e-long; h&e-long;t h&i-long; gewr&i-long;&d-bar;an on &d-bar;&a-long;m breóste, and h&e-long;t si&d-bar;&d-bar;an of &a-long;ceorfan. Heó him cwæ&d-bar; t&o-long;: ' Ne sceamode þ&e-long; t&o-long; ceorfanne þ-bar; þ-bar; &d-bar;&u-long; sylf suce, ac ic habbe m&i-long;ne breóst on m&i-long;nre s&a-long;wle ansunde '. . . Heó beseah t&o-long; hyre breóste and wæs þ-bar; corfene breóst geedsta&d-bar;elod, Hml. S. 8, 122, 146. Þurh þæt sw&i-long;&d-bar;re breóst, Sal. K. 204, 25. Underneo&d-bar;an oþer breóst sub mamma. Ors. 3, 9 ; S. 134, 23. Sceal mon þis wr&i-long;tan and d&o-long;n þ&a-long;s word on þ&a-long; winstran breóst, Lch. ii. 140, 27. Breóstum pipillis, papillis, Wrt. Voc. ii. 94, 54. Brióst mamillas, Lch. i. lxxii, 2. V. breast as seat of feeling, &c. :-- H&u-long; mycel se camp wæs in þæs mannes breóste . . . Seó &a-long;rfæstnys ofersw&y-long;&d-bar;de þone strangan breóst, for&d-bar;on næ-long;re se breóst oferfunden, gif hine seó &a-long;rfæstnes ne ofersw&y-long;&d-bar;de, Gr. D. 18, 2-22. Þurh þone h&a-long;legan breós&d-bar; &u-long;res fæder, 2, 19. His breós&d-bar; sién simle onhielde for &a-long;rfæstnesse t&o-long; forgiefnesse per pietatis viscera citius ad ignoscendum flectitur, Past. 61, 12. v. ang-breóst.

breóst-b&a-long;n. Add :-- Brióstb&a-long;n pectusculum, Lch. i. lxii, I.

breóst-bedern. Substitute: breóst-byden, e; f. The breast, chese :-- Breóstbydyn thorax, Germ. 393, 89. Foranbodig vel breóstbeden torax, Wrt. Voc. i. 44, 12.

breóst-beorh, -beorg, es; m. A breast-plate. Substitute, e; f. A breast-work :-- Brióstbiorg propugnaculum, Wrt. Voc. ii. 118, 30. v. breóst-gebeorh.

breóst-cearu. Add; [O. Sax. brióst-kara.] : breóst-c&o-long;fa. l. -cofa.

breóst-gebeorh. Add :-- Breóstgebeorh propugnaculum, Wrt. Voc. ii. 66, 65. v. breóst-beorh.

breóst-gehygd (-h&y-long;d) thought, mind. Add :-- Þoncsnottor guma breóstgehygdum (prudently) his bearn læ-long;rde, Fä. 22 : Gen. 1289. Gif g&e-long; h&y-long;ra&d-bar; m&e-long; breóstgehygdum (with purpose of heart), 2316. W&e-long; þ&e-long; bidda&d-bar; geornl&i-long;ce breóstgehygdum, Cri. 262. H&e-long; his b&e-long;na bebeád breóst-gehigdum verba precantia clamat, D&o-long;m. L. 60. Ealle þurhyrn&d-bar; &o-long;ga breóstgeh&y-long;da singula percurrit pectora terror, 172.

breóst-gird, e ; f. A sceptre ? :-- Tæ-long;nene breóstgyrde sceptrinae virgae, An. Ox. 3303: 2, 188.

breóst-l&i-long;n. Add :-- Breóstl&i-long;nes fasciae, Wrt. Voc. ii. 37, 42.

breóst-nirwett, es; n. Oppression of the chest, angina pectoris :-- Wiþ breóstnyrwette, Lch. iii. 76, 3.

breóst-rocc. Add: [O. H. Ger. brust-roch thorax.

breóst-þing, es; n. A part of the breast :-- On þ&a-long;m eahtoþan m&o-long;nþe him beó&d-bar; þ&a-long; breóstþing wexende (the organs of the breast are develop-ing), Lch. iii. 146, 18.

breóst-wærc, es; n. Substitute: ; m. Pain in the chest :-- Wiþ breóst-wærce, Lch. ii. 58, 20, 25 : 316, 5.

breóst-weall. Add :-- Breóstweal propugnacula, Wrt. Voc. ii. 76, 71.

Breoten(-on). Add :-- Albanum seó wæstmberende Bryton (-en, v. l.) for&d-bar;bere&d-bar;, Bd. l, 7 ; Sch. 19, 18. Micelne dæ-long;l Breotone (Brytene, v. l.), 1, 5; Sch. 17, 3. H&i-long; f&e-long;rdon of &d-bar;isse Brytene, Shrn. 137, 3. S&e-long; wæs on &d-bar;isse Brytene, 134, 12. Breotone, 93, 28. Ongla &d-bar;eód com on þ&a-long;s Breotone, 78, 1: 87, 3. Bretene, 111, 33. Ofer ealle Brytene, 149, 2. Eádwine hæfde r&i-long;ce ofer eall þ&a-long; Brytene (eal(le) Brytene, Breotone. v. ll.) b&u-long;ton Cantwarum &a-long;num, Bd. 2, 5; Sch. 130, 21. v. Breten, Briteu, Broten in Dict. , and next word.

Breoten-r&i-long;ce, es; n. The kingdom of Britain :-- Basianus f&e-long;ng t&o-long; Breotenr&i-long;ce (Brytene rice, v. l.) Bassianus regno potitus est. Bd. l, 5 ; Sch. 17, 25.

Breoten-wealda, an; m. The ruler of Britain :-- Ic Æ&d-bar;elst&a-long;n Ongol-Saxna cyning and Brytænwalda eallæs &d-bar;yses &i-long;glandæs ego Æ&d-bar;elstanus rex et rector totius hujus Britanniae insulae, C. D. v. 218, 17. Ongol-