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hnippan. v. hn&i-long;pan.

hn&i-long;tan. Add; I. of an animal, to gore; :-- &A-long;n þearle w&o-long;d c&u-long; hn&a-long;t yfele æ-long;lcne þe heó gem&e-long;tte, Hml. S. 31, 1042. II. of things :-- Þonne cumbol hneotan, An. 4.

hnitu. Add; :-- Hnitu lendina, Txts. 74, 590 : Wrt. Voc. ii. 50, 70: ascarida, 8, 56. v. sweór-hnitu.

hnoc. v. gadinca. [Cf. (?) D. D. nocky a simpleton.]

hnol. Add :-- Hnoll cervix, Wrt. Voc. i. 64, 66. Men ges&a-long;won sc&i-long;nan æt his hnolle (cf. bufan his heáfde, Hml. S. 3, 937) swilce f&y-long;ren cl&y-long;wen, Hml. Th. ii. 514, 2. Hnoll gygram, Lch. i. lxix, 9. H&e-long; forcyrf&d-bar; hnollas (ceruices) synfulra, Ps. L. 128, 4.

hnoppa. Add: v. wull-hnoppa, and next word.

hnoppian to pluck :-- Hnoppian vellere (Mt. 12, l), Wrt. Voc. ii. 72, 57. [N. E. D. nap ; vb.]

hnossian. Add: cf. ge-hnyssan.

hnot. Add: I. of animals, without horns, that has lost a horn :-- Hnot mutilun, hnottum mutilatis, Wrt. Voc. ii. 56, 16, 17. [Perhaps hnoc (q. v.) should be read hnot, and taken here.] II. of trees, cropped, pollarded :-- T&o-long; &d-bar;&a-long;m hnottan stocce (cf. Usque la notte stokke, iii. 374, 6), C. D. v. 303, 3. On þone hnottan þom, 289, l. III. cleared of bushes (?) :-- On hnottan ford, C. D. iii. 25, 23. On hnottan mæræ nor&d-bar;æweardna, v. 112, 27. [v. N. E. D. not. D. D. not (of a field) smooth, well-tilled.]

hnut-beám Add :-- Hnutbeám nux, Wrt. Voc. ii. 115, 4. Hnut-beám o&d-bar;&d-bar;e walhhnutu, 60, 23.

hnut-scill(?), e. f. A nut-shell. Perhaps the word may be inferred from the form hnutscyllingas in hnutscyllinga mearc, C. D. iv. 105, 5.

hnutu. Add; gen. dat. hnyte. v. p&i-long;n-hnutu :-- Hnutu avilina, Wrt. Voc. i. 285, 25: abilina, ii. 4, 9. Nyte ficos, Mt. R. 7, 16. ¶ the form hnut- is found in many local names :-- On hnutclyf, C. D. iii. 48, 6. In hnutfen, v. 126, 32. Æt Hnuthyrste, i. 63, 5. On hnutleáge, v. 207, 20. T&o-long; hnutstede, iii. 275, 8. On hnutw&i-long;c, 176, 17. v. eorþ-, wealh-hnutu.

-hnycned. v. ge-hnycned : hnydele. v. hydele.

hnygela. Add; :-- Hniglan putamine (stuppae, Ald. 51, 23), Wrt. Voc. ii. 83, 17: An. Ox. 7, 267. Of hn&i-long;lan, Angl. xiii. 35, 206. Æ-long;cemban hniglan stuparum putamina (Ald. 45, II), Wrt. Voc. ii. 82, 16. Hnyglan, 118, 36. Þ&a-long; hnyglan, 66, 60. Hn&i-long;lan, Hpt. 33, 239, 17.

hn&y-long;lung. v. hlinung: -hnyscan to crush, v. ge-hnyscan: -hnyscan ( = -hyscan). v. &a-long;-, on-hnyscan, -hyscan: -hnyssan, -hnyst. v. ge-hnyssan.

hoc. Add; :-- Hocc, cottuc vel gearwan leáf malva, Wrt. Voc. ii. 113, 62. Hoc, 56, 36.

h&o-long;c. Add: I. a hook at the end of a pole, chain, &c. for catching hold, dragging, &c. (lit. or fig.) :-- Manna heortan þe beó&d-bar; &d-bar;urh un-rihtw&i-long;snysse h&o-long;cas &a-long;wegde, Hml. Th. i. 362, 27. v. tyge-, web-, w&i-long;ngeard-h&o-long;c. II. a fish-hook :-- H&o-long;c hamus, Wrt. Voc. ii. 43, 36. Sende ongul &l-bar; h&o-long;c (h&o-long;c &d-bar;&i-long;n, R.) mitte chamum, Mt. L. 17, 27. III. a curved implement :-- H&o-long;ce cauterio (torrido dogmatum cauterio, Ald. 26, 34), Wrt. Voc. ii. 78, 54: 18, 13. v. we&o-long;d-h&o-long;c; h&o-long;c-&i-long;sern. IV. bent timber used in shipbuilding (?) [v. N. E. D. hook; 8] :-- H&o-long;cas uncini, spreotas trudes, Wrt. Voc. i. 57, 15. Þoll scalmus, bord tabule, h&o-long;cas uncinos (v. Wülck. Gl. 289, II), 63, 81 (both glosses occur in lists of words connected with ships). V. a sharp bend or angle in the length of anything, v. h&o-long;ced :-- T&o-long; ginum h&o-long;cum, C. D. iii. 413, 10. Sw&a-long; t&o-long; weáwan h&o-long;can, v. 207, 26.

h&o-long;ced. Add :-- On &d-bar;&a-long; h&o-long;cedan d&i-long;c; of þæ-long;re h&o-long;cedan d&i-long;c, C. D. B. ii. 260, 36 : C. D. vi. 30, 5. v. h&o-long;c; V.

hocg. v. hogg.

hociht full of mallows, l. h&o-long;ciht(e) having many bends, and add :-- On &d-bar;&a-long; olde lake t&o-long; h&o-long;ctan &y-long;&d-bar;e, C. D. vi. 227, 9. v. h&o-long;ced. [For ii in l. 3 read iii.]

h&o-long;c-&i-long;sern, es; n. A reaping-hook, sickle :-- H&o-long;c&i-long;sern falcicula, Wrt. Voc. ii. 146, 78. v. h&o-long;c; III.

hoc-leáf. Add :-- Hocleáf malva, Wrt. Voc. ii. 56, 35. Hocleáfa maluarum, An. Ox. 97.

h&o-long;cor. l. (?) hocor. [v. N. E. D. hoker.]

h&o-long;d. For ' Cot. 31, Lye' substitute :-- Hood capitium, Wrt. Voc. ii. 102, 65. H&o-long;d, 128, 49: 13, 22. Ðonne þ&u-long; cuglan habban wylle, þonne wege þ&u-long; þ&i-long;nne earmellan and f&o-long;h t&o-long; þ&i-long;num h&o-long;de, Tech. ii. 127, 17. Nim þ&u-long; þ&e-long; be þ&i-long;num bode, 129, 4. Gif h&e-long; godspel ræ-long;de lecge him þæne h&o-long;d ofer þ&a-long; sculdra si evangelium legit, cucullum vel cappam super humeros dejiciat, Ll. Th. ii. 140, 25.

hof. Add: a temple :-- Hof sacellum, templum, Germ. 391, 21. On h&a-long;ligum hofe þ&i-long;num in sanctuario tuo, Ang. . xi. 118, 50. Hofa edes, i. templum, Wrt. Voc. ii. 142, 32. v. cyne-, dim-hof.

h&o-long;f. Add :-- Befealdende h&o-long;fringas (= h&o-long;f-hringas) h&o-long;fum inplicans orbes orbibus (Ald. 2, 36), An. Ox. 19.

-h&o-long;f. v. be-h&o-long;f.

hofer. Dele '[?]', and add; :-- Hofr gibbus, Txts. 64, 459. Horer, ofer tuber, 103, 2074. Wæs sum earm ceorl egesl&i-long;ce gehoferod and &d-bar;earle geb&i-long;ged þurh &d-bar;one br&a-long;dan hofor . . . H&e-long; wear&d-bar; gehæ-long;led . . . sw&a-long; þ-bar; næs ges&y-long;ne on his hricge hwæ-long;r se hofor st&o-long;de, Hml. S. 21, 95-106.

hoferede. Add :-- Hoferede gibbus, Wrt. Voc. ii. 41, 12. See next word.

hoferian to be humpbacked :-- Houeriendne (hoferiiendne, An. Ox. 3662) gibbum, Hpt. Gl. 492, 40. Hoferedne cyppum (= gibbum, Ald. 50, 21, the passage to which this and the preceding gloss belong), Wrt. Voc. ii. 82, 78. v. ge-hoferod, hoferede.

hoffingas. Substitute: h&o-long;f-hring, es; m. The circle described by the horse's feet. v. h&o-long;f, h&o-long;h-hwirfing.

h&o-long;fian (?) to need :-- S&e-long; &d-bar;e læ-long;s h&o-long;fad (beh&o-long;fa&d-bar; ?) dui minus indiget, R. Ben. I. 64, 14. v. be-h&o-long;fian.

hof-lic; adj. Pertaining to a court or palace :-- T&o-long; hoflican geseton ad palatinas zetas, An. Ox. 2996.

-h&o-long;flic. v. be-h&o-long;flic: -h&o-long;fod. v. ge-h&o-long;fod : hofoton ? :-- T&o-long; cwenn hofoton ; of cwenn hofofon, Cht. E. 248, 17 : h&o-long;f-ring. v. hoffingas : hof-þela. Dele, and see þyle: hoga. Add: v. ofer-, un-, wan-hoga.

hoga care. Substitute: effort :-- Hogan conamine. An. Ox. 8, 283. v. ymb-hoga.

hogcende. v. hogian: -hogd, -hogdl&i-long;ce, -hogdnes. v. for-hogd, for-hogdl&i-long;ce, for-hogdness.

hogg, hocg, es; m. A hog :-- .xx. sugena . . . swyn, and .xl. hogga. . .xliiij hogga, Cam. Phil. Soc. 1902, p. 15. Cf. Ðæs landes æt Hocgest&u-long;ne, C. D. iii. 294, 22. Ð&a-long;s dæn wæs Hocgetwisla, Lindhyrst, vi. 243, 16.

hogian. Add: I. to think, have such and such thoughts :-- Gif ne eá&d-bar;m&o-long;dl&i-long;ce ic hogade si non humiliter sentiebam, Ps. Srt. 130, 2. I a. with an object, to hove as an object of thought :-- G&e-long; on heortan hogedon inwit, Ps. Th. 57, 2. II. to be wise, prudent, &c. :-- Ne hogedon ongeatan noa sapuerunt intellegere, Ps. Srt. ii. p. 195, 1. Dysge hw&i-long;lum hogia&d-bar; stulti aliquando sapite, 93, 8. III. to think about, employ thought about a matter :-- Þ&u-long; t&o-long; lyt hogedest ymbe þone ende þ&i-long;nes l&i-long;fes, Wlfst. 260, 20. H&e-long; lihthw&o-long;n hogode embe his s&a-long;wle þearfe, Hml. S. 26, 243. Seó burhwaru orsorhl&i-long;ce wæs under&d-bar;eódd flæ-long;sclicum lustum, and hw&o-long;nl&i-long;ce hogode ymbe &d-bar;&a-long; t&o-long;weardan yrm&d-bar;a, Hml. Th. i. 404, 32. Hwilce m&e-long;de hæfde h&e-long; for þ&a-long;m þ-bar; h&e-long; sw&a-long; holdl&i-long;ce hogode embe m&e-long; ? quid pro hac fide praemii consecutus est? Hml. A. 98, 218. IV. to take thought in order to do something, busy oneself :-- Reádre deáge ceácan on heore w&i-long;san deágian hogaþ rubro stibio mandibulos suatim fucare satagit, An. Ox. 1209. Hogiaþ satagunt (ornamentis vestium decor art), 5121. Mid &d-bar;&a-long;m þe ic hogode helpan þ&i-long;num w&i-long;fe while I was busy trying to help your wife, Hml. S. 36, 363. Hogede satageret, An. Ox. 4218. V. to take heed, take care to secure a result :-- Hogode curauit (pastor et foeminas prohibere), An. Ox. 5160. N&u-long; sceole w&e-long; hogian mid mycelre g&y-long;mene þ-bar; &u-long;re l&i-long;f beó sw&a-long; gel&o-long;god þ-bar; &u-long;re ende endige on God, Hml. S. 16, 5. W&e-long; sceolon carfull&i-long;ce hogian þæt w&e-long; t&o-long; &d-bar;æ-long;re &e-long;can freólst&i-long;de becumon, Hml. Th. i. 548, 4. VI. to have anxious thought, be anxious, troubled :-- H&e-long; sw&i-long;&d-bar;e hoga&d-bar; and geómera&d-bar; hine sw&a-long; gebundenne ligatum se uehementer ingemiscat, Bd. I. 27 ; Sch. 97, 21. H&i-long; ne hogodon n&a-long; þeáh h&i-long; eallunga hyre s&a-long;wle &a-long;dwæ-long;scton, Gr. D. 73, 18. Se apostol hogiende and geómriende cwæ&d-bar; gemebat dicens, Bd. l, 27 ; Sch. 98, 4. VII. where thought implies intention, purpose, endeavour, v. hogung :-- Hogiende (? printed hogcende) im-minens, Germ. 392, 41. (l) with acc. :-- Gif þæt m&o-long;d mid &d-bar;wyrlicum ge&d-bar;&o-long;htum hoga&d-bar; &o-long;&d-bar;rum dara, Hml. Th. i. 412, 28. Hogiende, serwiende molientes (aliud argumenti genus). An. Ox. 2939. (2) with infin. :-- þ-bar; þ-bar; ofer by&d-bar; ic hohgie ged&e-long;lan, Solil. H. 35, 19. Snytrian hog[ia&d-bar;], menegiaþ philosophari decreuimus, An. Ox. 5393. Hogode molirelur (euertere), 3446. Wæccum hoga geþeódan fæstenu uigiliis stude copu-lare ieiunia, Scint. 55, 10. Hogige ælmyssan syllan studeat eleemosynam dare, 110, I. Hogede leoþewæ-long;can mitigare nileretur, An. Ox. 3803 : moliretur, 4230. (3) with clause :-- Gefirn ic hyt hohgode þ-bar; ic hine sceolde forseón, Solil. H. 35, 12. Ic hohggode þ-bar; ic scolde n&a-long;n habban, 36, 10. Ic on m&o-long;de m&i-long;num hogade þæt ic wolde t&o-long;worpan bearn H&e-long;lendes, Sat. 84. Hogien[dum] nitentibus (ut . . . ), An. Ox. 4374. (4) with preposition :-- H&i-long; on heortan hogedon t&o-long; n&i-long;&d-bar;e, Ps. Th. 77, 20. H&i-long; t&o-long; swice hogedon, 82, 3. [v. N. E. D. how, howe.]

-hogiend. v. for-, ofer-hogiend : -hogiendlic. v. for-hogiendlic : -hogness. v. for-hogness : -hogod. v. &a-long;-, for-hogod : -hogodlic. v. for-hogodlic : -hogodneas. v. for-, ofer-hogodness.

hogu. Add :-- Studium vel medecina, curatio vel l&a-long;cnung vel gymen vel hogu, Wrt. Voc. ii. 137, 59. Gif h&e-long; ongyt þæt eal his hogu and gleáwscipe n&a-long;ht frama&d-bar; si viderit nihil suam prevalere industriam, R. Ben. 52, 14. S&y-long; seó mæ-long;ste hogu þæ-long;m abbode þæt h&y-long; forg&y-long;meleásede ne s&y-long;n cura maxima sit abbati ne aliquam negligentiam patiantur, 60, 18. Beó &d-bar;&a-long;m abbode seó mæ-long;ste hogu (cura) þæs andfencges þearfena, 84, l. Þæt h&y-long; b&u-long;tan hoge and care s&y-long;n ealra þinga þe t&o-long; heora l&i-long;choman belimpe&d-bar; ut neminem illorum cura sui corporis tangat, 137, 18.