kastar, kesti, from kstr, pile.

katli, from ketill, kettle.

kattar, ketti, from kttr, cat.

kili, from kjlr, keel.

klj, from kl, weaver's weight.

knarrar, knerri, from knorr, ship.

knj, knjm, from kn, knee.

kramar, from krom, wasting sick-

k, from kyr, cow.

kvalar, from kvl, torment.

kvenna, from kona, woman.

kku, from kaka, cake.

kola, from kaldr, cold.

kll, from kail, call.

ktllu, from kallar, called.

laar, from l, bidding.

laga, from log, law.

lagar, legi, from logr, water.

lanz, from land, land.

lasta, lesti, from lostr, fault.

ltum, from laeti, manners.

leitt, from leir, loathed.

lti, from litill, little.

Ija, from le, scythe.

lukli, from lykill, key.

ly'ss, from ls, louse.

lgri, lgstr, from lgr, low.

leer, from lo, lark.

lmb, from lamb, lamb.

Kind, from land, land.

long, from langr, long.

magar, megi, from mogr, son.

malar, from ml, gravel.

manar, from mn, mane.

manna, manni, mannr, from mar,

marar, meri.from mrr, marten.

markar, from mrk, mark, march.

mart, from margr, many.

mttkan, from mttigr, mighty.

megri, from magr, meager.

menn, mer, from mar, man.

merkr, from mrk, mark.

mey, meyjar, from maer, maid.

mii, from mjr, mead.

mikit, from mikill, mickle.

mitt, from minn, mine.

mitt, from mir, middle.

mjaar, from mjr, mead.

mjallar, from mjll, snow.

mjtt, from mjr, slim.

morni, from morginn, morning.

mimor = mnur, month.

niur = munnr, mouth.

mykill = mikill, mickle.

myss, from ms, mouse.

moer, from mir, mother.

maetti, from mttr, might.

mru, from mara, madder.

mgn, from magn, might.

mgr, from magr, meagre.

mrg, from margr, many.

mrk, from mark, march, border.

maol, from ml, speech.

nasar, from ns, nostril.

nnari, from ninn, near.

nttar, from ntt, night.

negl, from nagl, nail.

Niri, Njarar, from Njrr.

ntt, from nyY, new.

ntr, from ntt, night.

ncetr, from not, net.

nfn, nmn, from nafn, namn,


nrri, nerri, = nyrri,more north.
orz, from or, word.
tt, from r, enraged.
raar, from r, row, series.
raddar, from rdd, voice.
randar, from rnd, stripe.
rastar, from rost, mile.
rtt, from ror, resting.
rcer, from ro, nail.
roetr, from rot, root.
rm, from ramnu, strong, bitter.
rng, from rangr, wrong.
ronn, from rann, house.
Ida =
r, nook, yard.
sar = sannr, sooth.
sagar, from sg, saw, (to saw.)
sagnar, from sgn, saw, (to say.)
sakar, from sk, sake.
sannz, from sandr, sand.
salt, from sannr, sooth.
sitt, from sinn, suus.
sitt, from sr, long.
sktt, from skr, open.
skemri, skemstr, from skammr,


skildi, from skjldr, shield.
skar, from skr, shoe.
skOmm, from skammr, short.
skpt, from skapt, shaft, handle.
skpu, from skapar, shaped.
skr, from skar, cleft.
slsett, from slr, blunt.
slsetti, from slttr, smiting.
smaeri, smaestr, from smar, small.
snr = snjor, snow.
spalar, speli, from spolr, rail.
spjld, from spjald, tablet.
spjll, from spjall, spell.
spni, from spnn, chip.
spk, from spakr, wise.
stangar, stengr, from stoug, pole.
steja, from stei, stithy.
strandar, strendr, from strOnd,


styttri, styztr, from stuttr, short.
stoeri, stcerstr, from strr, great.
str, ster, from sto, pillar.
sumur, from sumar, summer.
s, from s, that.

s, from sr, sow.

svarar, svcri, from svrr, sword.

sveppi, from svppr, mushroom.

svir = svinnr, wise.

svor, from svar, answer.

syni, s^ini, from sonr, son.

ssett, from saer, seeing.

svar, from'sr, sea.

sgu, from saga, story.

slt, from saltr, salt.

slu, from sala, sale.

sm, from samr, same.

snn, from sannr, true.

sx, from sax, sword.

Sor = sr, sore, wound.

tafar, from tf, delay.

tangar, from tng, tongs.

tennr, ter, tanna, from tnn,


tjarnar. from tjrn, tarn.
traar, from tr, enclosure.
trj, trjm, from tr, tree.
trutt, from trr, true.
tugli, from tygill, strap.
tveggja, from tveir, two.
tvr, tv, tvau, from tveir, two.
taer, from t, toe.
tu, from taa, bay.
tfl, from tafl, same.
tlu, from tala, speech, tale.
tlu, from talar, told, spoken.
torn, from tamr, tame.
tpu, from tapar, lost.
tOsku, from taska, bag.
tor = tr, tears.
vakar, from vok, hole.
valar, veli, from vlr, stick.
vallar, velli, from v'o\\r, field.
vambar, from vmb, womb.
vamma, from vomm,/au//.
vandar, vendi, from vondr, wand.
vant, from vandr, difficult.
varar, veri, from vrr, ward.
varnar, from vorn, defence.
varrar, from vorr, lip.
varrar, verri, from vrr, pull.
vattar, vetti, from vottr, glove.
vatz, from vatn, water.
vaxtar, vexti, from vOxtr, growth.
vnd, from vndr, bad.
veraldar, from verld, world.
vesl, from vesall, wretched.
vilja, from vili, will.
vinz, from vindr, wind.
vitt, from vr, wide.
v, from va,/orrf.
vknu, from vaknar, awake.
vku, from vaka, waking.
void, from vald, power.
vlu, from vala, knuckle.
vn, from vanr, want.
vond, from vandr, difficult.

vr, from varr, ware.
vru, from vara, beacon.
vOrm, from varmr, warm.
vrtu, from varta, wart.
vru, from vara, wares.
vosk, from vaskr, valiant.
vtn, from vatn, water.
van = vn, hope.
Vdpn = vpn, weapon.
| yngri, yngstr, from ungr, young.
yxn, from uxi, o*.
pagnar, from gn, silence.
akkar, from kk, thanks.
au, paer, from eir, they.
elli, from ollr, youngfr.
itt, from inn, thine.
ramar, remi, from rmr, rim,


rastar, resti, from rstr, thrush.
riggja, from rr, three.
rjr, rj, from rr, three.
ri, from rr, thread.
vtti, from vttr, wash.
yngri.yngstr, from ungr, heavy.
ynnri, ynnstr, from unnr, thin.
tti, from ttr, strand.
k, from ak, thatch.
rir, from rr, messenger.
sir, from ass, god.
li, from al, property.
Orum, from annarr, other.
u, from aa, shell.
fl, from afl, strength.
gn, from agn, bait.
krum, from akr, acre.
ldru, from aldrar, aged.
Oldrum, from aldr, eld, age.
ldur, from alda, wave.
mmu, from amma, grandmother.
Ondu, from andar, dear.
Ondurr = ndverr, opposed.
Ongan, Ongir, from einginn, none.
nnur, from annarr, other.
pnum, from aptan, evening.
orla, rlum, from bal,property.
rg, from argr, mean.
rm, from armr, poor.
rmum, from arrnr, arm.
Ornum, from arinn, hearth.
Orvar, from Or, arrow.
Osku, from aska, ashes.
Osnu, from asna, she-ass.
tul, from atall, dire.
Ox, from ax, ear of corn.
ao = , river.
a = , from r, ewe.
el = l, strap.
0or = ur, oar.
dr = r, years.
orr = rr, messenger.
oss = ss, god.
dst = st, love.