1843- * RICHARD CLEASBY. xciii

the University Library, one with slips, and the other with some slips and the verb,
preposition, and substantive-books. ' Paid Pjeturson 10 dollars further in addition
to the 50 he received of me as loan, which is considered as payment for his labours
for April, May, and June. I also gave him 20 dollars, which he was to convey to
Gislason, not as payment .for June labours, but, as I told him, together with the
20 dollars he received on the ist instant, he was to apply as he pleased, without regard
to any occupation for me, but for the improvement of his health.' On the evening
of the same day he started for Malmoe and Travemilncle, whence he went to Berlin
via Rostock, delivering his letter to Professor Hegel, whom he describes as ' a very
agreeable and obliging young man,' and admiring the memorial to Marshal Blucher.
At Berlin, which he reached on the 8th of May, he paid the Grimms a visit, and
' was sorry to find Jacob so unwell from the remains of the grippe, as to be forbid
to speak or lecture for the present.' On leaving Berlin he again passed through Halle,
the town of his detestation, at which, as usual, he flings a stone in passing : ' Halic
has always appeared to me the ugliest, least liveable town I know, and appeared so
this time in an almost increased degree.' On the iith of May he reached Marienbad,
and for a month was immersed in Schlammbiider and drenched with Krcutz-Brunn;
but on the 2Oth, after seven glasses of Kreutz-Brunn, comes an ominous entry: ' I
have been plagued with a rather severe catarrh since my arrival, which has prevented
my following up my Schlamm Baths.' On the 28th he had a letter from his father
complaining of illness. On the 8th of June he wrote to him to say he should not
be home before the autumn. On the nth of June he left Marienbad for the North,
taking a round by Coburg and Magdeburg, from which city he descended the Elbe
to Hamburg. There, as usual, he saw Lappenberg, and thence returned to Copenhagen
by way of the west coast of Holstein and Schleswig. On the 20th of June he had
made his way round to Flensburg, where he took steamer for Copenhagen, and arrived
on the morning of the 27th. 'On my arrival,' he says, 'I found Gislason still in
the same state as to his eyes, and that Pjeturson, pressed by office business, had
made much less progress in Sttirlunga than I expected.' In the Danish capital Cleasby
stayed till the 4th of September, superintending the progress of his Dictionary, which
always slackened when he left it to others. As Gislason's eyes were still bad, we
find the following entry on the 3ist of August: ' Paid Gislason 20 dollars for this
month, and paid to a friend of his, B. Thorlacius, who read aloud to him, for the
months of July and August, 40 dollars ; together 60 dollars.' On the 4th of September
he wrote to Anthony, ' and told him I was but poorly, going to Sweden, and should
endeavour when I came home to make some stay.' On the 5th he left for Sweden,
his object being to collate the Icelandic MSS. in that country. On this occasion
he posted up the country, only taking the steamer at Norrköping for Stockholm,
where he arrived on the loth of September. On the nth he went to his friends
Hildebrand and Arfwedson, now chief-librarian, who at once put him in the way to effect
his object. For several days he worked in the Royal Library from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M.,
passing the rest of the day in admiring Stockholm, and, above all, its beautiful Djurgard.