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be-þrungen encompassed, Elen. Kmbl. 2488; El. 1245; pp. of beþringan.

be-þryccan to press on, impress. v. bi-þryccan.

be-þuncan To consider, look out; consulere, prospicere, Exon. 113 a; Th. 432, 29; Rä. 49, 7.

be-þurfan, bi-þurfan, ic, he -þearf, ðú -þearft, pl. -þurfon; p. -þorfte, pl. -þorfton; subj. -þurfe, pl. -þurfen; p. -þorfte, pl. -þorften; gen. or acc. or v. n. To need, have need, want, to be in want, to require; opus habere, egere, indigere :-- Wísdómes beþearf he requires wisdom, Elen. Kmbl. 1082; El. 543. Ic árna biþearf I need mercy, Exon. 76 a; Th. 285, 17;. Jul. 715 : Ælfc. Gr. 26, 2; Som. 28, 48. Góda mínra ðú ne beþearft bonorum meorum non eges, Ps. Spl. 15, 1. Ge beþurfon indigetis, Mt. Bos. 6, 32. We bicgaþ ða þing ðe we beþurfon ememus necessaria, Gen. 43, 4, 8. Máre ðonne he beþurfe more than he has need of, Bt. 14, 2; Fox 44, 21.

be-þweán, ic -þweá; p. -þwóh, pl. -þwógon; pp. -þwegen To wet, bedew, wash; rigare :-- Mid mínum teárum strecednysse míne oððe míne beddinge ic beþweá oððe ic gelecce lacrimis nleis stratum meum rigabo, Ps. Lamb. 6, 7.

be-þwyr; adj. [be, þwir wicked] Perverse, depraved; depravatus, Cot. 63.

be-þýan; p. -þýde, -þýdde, pl. -þýddon; pp. -þýed, -þýd To thrust; trudere :-- Hí beþýddon they thrust, Ors. 4, 1; Bos. 78, 8.

be-þýddon thrust, Ors. 4, 1; Bos. 78, 8; p. pl. of be-þýan.

be-tiénan to shut, shut up; concludere, Ps. Spl. T. 34, 3 : Cot. 58. v. be-týnan.

betigean to be or make better; meliorare :-- Sóna hý betigeaþ [MS. batigeaþ] they will be better soon, Lchdm. iii. 54, 33. v. beterian, betrian.

be-tíhan; p. -táh, pl. -tigon; pp. -tigen, -tygen [be, tíhan, II. to bring a charge against any one] To accuse, impeach; criminari, accusare :-- Gíf he oft betygen wæ-acute;re if he has often been accused, L. In. 18; Th. i. 114, 6 : 37; Th. i. 124, 21 : 52; Th. i. 134, 12. v. be-teón, III.

be-tíhtlian, -týhtlian; p. ode, ede, ade; pp. od, ed, ad To accuse, charge; accusare, criminari :-- Gif he betíhtlod weorþe if he be accused, L. C. S. 31; Th. i. 396, 1. Ðe oft betíhtlede wæ-acute;ron who have often been accused, L. Ath. i. 7; Th. i. 202, 25. Æ-acute;lc mynetere ðe betíhtlad sí every moneyer who is accused, L. Eth, iii. 8; Th. i. 296, 15. Gif he betýhtlad wurðe if he should be accused, L. Eth. i. 1; Th. i. 280, 8, 16.

be-tilldon, be-teldon, Bd. 4, 26; S. 602, 19, for betæ-acute;ldon deceived. v. tæ-acute;lan.

be-timbran; p. ede; pp. ed To build, construct with timber; ædificare, construere :-- Hí betimbredon bécn they constructed a beacon, Beo. Kmbl. 6312; B. 3160.

béting a cable, Bt. 41, 3; Fox 250, 15. v. bæ-acute;ting.

bétl, es; m. A BEETLE; blatta :-- Ða blacan bétlas blattæ nigro colore, Cot. 141. v. bítel.

bet-líc; adj. sup. bet-lícast Good-like, excellent; eximius :-- Bold wæs betlíc the mansion was excellent, Beo. Th. 3854; B. 1925. Betlícast, Exon. 8 b; Th. 5, 7; Cri. 66.

bet-nes, -ness, e; f. [bet better] Satisfaction, amends, amendment, recompence; satisfactio, compensatio :-- Ðæt ic búton betnesse beó mínra synna that I am, without amendment of my sins, L. De Cf. 10; Th. ii. 264, 16.

betoce the herb betony, L. M. 1, 39; Lchdm. ii. 104, 4. v. betonice.

be-togen. I. drawn over, covered, inclosed, Ors. 5, 7; Bos. 107, 8. II. accused, L. In. 54; Th. i. 136, 10; pp. of be-teón.

betogenes, -ness, -niss, e; f. An accusation; accusatio :-- Be cierlisces monnes betogenesse [MS. H. betogenisse] of a churlish man's accusation, L. In. 37, titl; Th. i. 124, note 50.

be-tolden surrounded, Andr. Kmbl. 1976; An. 990; pp. of beteldan.

betonice, an; f : also Lat. beton&i-short;ca, æ; f. The herb BETONY; beton&i-short;ca officin&a-long;lis. This species is the common wood-betony, the beton&i-short;ca officin&a-long;lis of Linnæus. It is a species of the genus Stachys, but it was formerly a species of the genus Betonica. It is very plentiful in Great Britain, and formerly much used in medicine. The leaves have a rough bitter taste, and are slightly aromatic. The roots are nauseous and very bitter, and when taken act as purgatives and emetics :-- Genim betonican gódne dæ-acute;l take a good deal of betony, Lchdm. iii. 22, 16. Nim betonican sæ-acute;d take seed of betony, iii. 72, 6. Wyl on ealaþ betonican boil betony in ale, L. M. 1, 16; Lchdm. ii. 58, 24. Wyrc betonican and pipores seofon and xx corna tosomne getrifulad work betony and twenty-seven corns of pepper triturated together, 1, 21; Lchdm. ii. 64, 6 : 1, 22; Lchdm. ii. 64, 16. Latin, Beton&i-short;ca, æ; f :-- Ðis is seó gréne sealf, - beton&i-short;ca, rude, etc. this is the green salve, - betony, rue, etc. Lchdm. iii. 6, 8. Genim ðás ylcan wyrte and beton&i-short;cam take this same wort and betony, Herb. 135, 3; Lchdm. i. 252, 4. [Beton&i-short;ca, quæ et Vetton&i-short;ca dicitur, quod eam Vettones = O&upsilon-tonos;&epsilon-tonos;ττoνεs, in Hispania invenerunt, Plin. 25, 8 : Prior 20.]

betost; adj. Best; optimus :-- Nú is ófost betost, ðæt we þeódcyning ðæ-acute;r sceáwian now is speed best, that we may see there the great king, Beo. Th. 6007; B. 3007. v. betst.

be-træppan, -treppan [be, treppan to trap] To BETRAP, to entrap; circumvallare :-- Meahton hí ðone here betræppan [betreppan, col. 1] they might entrap the army, Chr. 992; Th. 238, 40, col. 2.

betre better :-- Hit is betre it is better, Bt. 38, 7; Fox 210, 5. v. betera.

be-tredan; p. -træd, pl. -træ-acute;don; pp. -treden To tread upon, cover; conculcare :-- Þýstru betredaþ me tenebræ conculcabunt me, Ps. Spl. C. 138, 10.

be-treppan to entrap, Chr. 992; Th. 238, 40, col. 1. v. be-treppan.

betrian, betrigan; p. ode; pp. od [bet well, betra better] To be better, to excel, to make better, to grow better; meliorari, emendare :-- Ic betrige melioror, Ælfc. Gr. 25; Som. 27, 13. v. beterian, gebeterian.

betrung, bettrung, e; f. [betrian to be better] A BETTERING, amending; emendatio :-- Ðæt hit wæ-acute;re heora betrung that it was their amendment, Bt. 38, 7; Fox 210, 13.

be-trymian; p. ede; pp. ed [be, trymian to fortify] To besiege, environ; circumdare vallo :-- Ðíne fýnd ðé betrymiaþ circumdabunt te inimici tui vallo, Lk. Bos. 19, 43. Ge geseóþ Hierusalem mid here betrymede ye shall see Jerusalem besieged with an army, 21, 20.

betst, betest; adj. sup. def. se betsta, betesta; seó, ðæt beteste; pos. gód [bet good; v. bet-líc good-like] Best, the best, first; optimus, primus :-- Ða þing ðe ge betstan gelífaþ [MS. betst ongelifaþ] ea quæ vos optima credebatis, Bd. 1, 25; S. 487, note 12. Scipio, se besta [Laud MS. betsta] Rómana witena Scipio, the best of the Roman senators, Ors. 5, 4; Bos. 104, 38; Cot. MS. Tib. B. I. fol. 85 b. Se betesta the best, Cot. 153. He sealde ðæt betste hors he gave the best horse, Bd. 3, 14; S. 540, 16. Ðara betstena sumes of some one of the best, Bt. 30, 1; Fox 110, 5. [Goth. bats? good; comp. batiza better; sup. batists best : O. Nrs. comp. betri better; sup. beztr best.]

betst; adv. sup. of wel [?bet well, q. v.] Best, most; optime :-- Ðæt betst lícaþ that, Bt. 18, 2; Fox 64, 23. Ic him betst truwode I most trusted them, Bt. 2; Fox 4, 12. Albínus wæs betst gelæ-acute;red Albinus was most learned, Bd. pref; S. 471, 23.

betst-boren; pp. Best-born, eldest; major natu :-- Moises clipode ða betstborenan Moyses vocavit majores natu, Lev. 9, 1 : Gen. 50, 7 : Deut. 5. 23.

bett better, Bd. 3, 9; S. 533, 34. v. bet.

bétte corrected, Bd. 4, 25; S. 599, 25; p. of bétan.

bettonice, an; f. The herb betony; beton&i-short;ca officin&a-long;lis :-- Genim bettonican and pipor take betony and pepper, Lchdm. i. 380, 24. v. betonice.

bettrung, e; f. A bettering, ameliorating; emendatio :-- To his bettrunge [Cot. betrunge] to his amelioration, Past. 31, 1; Hat. MS. 39 b, 8. v. betrung.

be-tugon shut in, inclosed; concluserunt, Lk. Bos. 5, 6; p. pl. of be-teón.

be-tuh; prep. dat. acc. Between; inter :-- He bewícode betuh ðám twám hergum he encamped between the two armies, Chr. 894; Ing. 115, 4; Th. 164, 23, col. 2; 165, 22, col. 1; 23, col. 2. Betuh Arabia and Palestína between Arabia and Palestine, Ors. 1, 3; Bos. 27, 20 : Cd. 37; Th. 47, 26; Gen. 766. v. be-tweoh.

be-tux between. v. betux-sittan, be-tweoh.

betux-sittan to insert, interpose, to set, put or bring in; interserere. v. betux, sittan.

be-tweoh, be-tweohs, be-tweox, be-twih, be-twyh, be-twyx, be-twyxt, be-twuh, be-twuht, be-twux, be-twuxt, be-tuh, be-tux; prep. dat. acc. [be by, with; twi, twihs, tweox, twux duo] Between, BETWIXT, among, amid, in the midst; inter, in medio. I. dat :-- Men and nétenu habbaþ andan betweoh him men and beasts have enmity between them, Bt. Met. Fox 28, 104; Met. 28, 52. Betweohs him among them; in cujus medio, Ex. 34, 10. Betwyh him among them, Bt. 39, 12; Fox 230, 27. Betwuh ðám wæs seó Magdalenisce Maria, and Maria Iacobes móder inter quas erat Maria Magdalene, et Maria Iacobi mater, Mt. Bos. 27, 56. Betwuht him between them, Bt. 39, 13; Fox 234. 5. Betwux wífa bearnum inter natos mulierum, Lk. Bos. 7, 28. Betwuxt ðám warum among their wares [merchandise], Nat. S. Greg. Els. 11, 14. Hæ-acute;ðe stent betuh Winedum and Seaxum and Angle Haddeby stands in the midst of the Winedi, Saxons and Angles, Ors. 1, 19; Bos. 21, 30. II. acc :-- Swá lamb betweox wulfas sicut agnos inter lupos, Lk. Bos. 10, 3. Betwih ða mægen inter virtutes, Bd. 4. 9; S. 576, 28. Ne byþ swá betweox eów non ita erit inter vos, Mt. Bos. 20, 26. III. the case sometimes precedes the prep. or is separated from it :-- Hí him healdaþ betwuh sibbe they keep peace between themselves, Bt. Met. Fox 29, 8; Met. 29, 4. Him betuh between them, Cd. 37; Th. 47, 26; Gen. 766.

be-tweohs among :-- Betweohs him among them, Ex. 34, 10. v. be-tweoh.